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Malegaon victims

A plot to target Vice-President Hamid Ansari.

An RSS functionary mentoring the Ajmer Sharif and Mecca Masjid bomber. And a BJP leader planning an underground outfit to kill Muslims. The saffron brigade's terror agenda against minorities has been exposed.

Headlines Today has exclusively accessed material - in the form of video tapes and witness accounts available with investigators - that puts elements within the Sangh Parivar under the scanner.

Among those in the dock are RSS leader Indresh Kumar, BJP leader B.L. Sharma, Delhi-based endocrinologist Dr R.P. Singh and Dr Sharad Kunthe, head of the chemistry department at Pune's Wadia College.

My take:

While Aryans' communal Vedic Culture provided shelter to every faith, secular Christianity and Islam have annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation might take centuries, but once Christianity and Islam are ascendant they never fail. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct. They are after the last partially survived Vedic culture. Generosity of Aryans has become their vice! Salvage Vedic culture. The Indian Constitution has been compiled by the Britons' Congress Party in retaliation and to settle vendetta for opposing British rule.

You, media persons, are cheating human race. You are protecting mosques, wherefrom Muslims abuse non Muslim faiths, their deities and their Gods. All the 4 pillars of Democracy are our first enemy. Teaching of Koran from mosques by Imaams is crime u/s 153 and 295 of the Indian Penal Code. Why are Christianity and Islam in India? We, accused of Malegaon, won't allow mosques to survive. President and Governors are defending Imaams u/s 196 of the Criminal Procedure Code and victimizing us. Therefore, you and your government are real culprits for casualties.

Any one, who has seen vultures, might have knowledge that perching of a single vulture upon a green tree is more than enough to annihilate the tree. One Columbus reached America and annihilated the entire 100 million Red Indians and their Maya culture. One Muhammad eradicated all the three his host tribes of Madina viz. Banu Qainuka, Banu Nazir and Banu Quraiza. One Max Muller annihilated Aryans' Veds and one Macaulay annihilated Aryans Gurukul system and Sanskrit language. What these millions of vulture Christians and Muslims, detained by criminal Congress Party of Jesus and imposter M.K. Gandhi, the father of Pakistan, would do with Aryans is any body's guess. UOI is in league with these vultures and is hell bent to eradicate Vedic culture.

We, Vedic Panthies, are victims of our own Vedic Culture. Our Ishwar provides one and all, including Muslims and Christians, liberty of faith (Gita 7:21) and Right to Property (Manusmriti 8:308).

How can one accept Allah of Vice President Hamid Ansari god, who murders, (Koran 8:17) plunders (Koran 8:1), distributes booty (Koran 8:41), permits incest (Koran 33:37-38) and condones rape of women captured in war? (Koran 23:6). How can such Allah be worshipped? If property belongs to society, why is such society not corrupt and usurper? How can one accept Jesus of Antonia Maino, the son of god, who permits incest (Bible, 1 Corinthians 7:36) commands Christians the slaughter of those, who do not accept him his ruler (Bible, Luke 19:27)?

There are worse terror agenda of Sonia and Hamid Ansari against us. Still, we Vedic Panthies hold that killing Hamid Ansari or demolishing any mosque is no solution. Aryavrt Government and Abhinav Bharat are fighting war against immoral usurper and lethal cultures. Our Bharat had several warriors, social reformers, saints and even kings. None of them fought against the root cause of human miseries viz. Christianity, Islam, Socialism, and Democracy. They had been fighting wars against the symptoms, not the sources. These cultures are fabricated to rob and enslave one and all. These cultures must go else human race won't survive. Since 300 B.C. we are the first to fight against real enemies.

The sorry state of affair is that you do not feel horrified that you have been reduced to sheep of such a blatant criminal cow and man eater Jesuit Sonia and Zimmi of Mujahid Hamid Ansari. Both have divine command {(Bible, Luke 19:27) (Azaan, Namaaz and Koran 2:191 and 21:98)} as well as unfettered fundamental right [Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution] to slay you, steal your possessions {(Koran, 8:1, 69 and 41) and (Bible Deut. 20:14)} and rape any woman on the earth? (Koran 23:6) and (Bible, Isaiah 13:16). You have been compelled to accept Jehovah and Allah Gods, Bible and Koran religious books, mosques and churches worship places and Azaan call for prayer. (AIR 1985 CALCUTTA HIGH COURT104). For your sustenance, power and pelf, your rulers have no choice than upholding their (Muslims' and Christians' fundamental rights mentioned above. (Article 60 of the Indian Constitution, Article 159 of the Indian Constitution and Schedule III of the Indian Constitution.) You are celebrating the doomsday viz. Jan. 26 since 1950, the day on which you lost your right to property, [Article 39(c) of the Indian Constitution and omitted Article 31], right of your life, faith, culture and nation. Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution. Have you courage to protest the presence of such violent and murderous rulers in Bharat?

We are fighting so that your infants be not dashed to pieces before your own eyes; your houses be not looted and your wives be not ravished. Headlines today is so helpless that she can't say spade a spade. Help us, else get ready for doom.

Christianity and Islam have divine command as well as unfettered fundamental right to slay us. [Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution] and shielded vide Sections 196 and 197 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Azaan, shouted from pulpits of mosques, is insult to gods of non-Muslims and incite communal hatred. (Sections 153 and 295 of the Indian Penal Code) Koran is nothing but a political manual for enslaving humanity with terror. (Koran 8:39; 9:5; 33:61 etc). The perpetrators of Islamic terror and Christianity's Mission are inflamed by violent and racist doctrines. The doctrines are, 'Fight them (non-muslims) until persecution is no more and the Religion of Allah reigns supreme.' (Koran 8:39) and "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them bring them here and kill them in front of me." Bible, Luke, Chapter 19 Verse 27. Both have agenda, and Union of India is suppressing the facts. If we do not retaliate, humanity would finish.

Notorious criminal prophets fabricated criminal religions and dogmas, which allowed them to subjugate one and all - even their own followers. Look at the dogmas! Allah alone can be worshipped, Muhammad is broker of Allah; (Namaaz and Koran 2:191 and 21:98). Jealous Jehovah alone can be worshipped (Bible Exodus/ Chapter 20 / the Ten Commandments/ Verses 3 and 5) or religion is opium. Moses or Jesus is the brokers of Jehovah. Thus, these dogmas subjugate one and usurp the belongings of the haves ('KORAN', Chapter 8 (The Spoils) Verse 1 and 41) and rape alien women of their choice (Bible, Isaiah 13:15and16) (See Koran, 4:24; 23:6 and; 33:50 and 70:30) and remain scot-free. These brokers alone can meet Jehovah or Allah. Look! Even the believers of Allah cannot meet Allah. Thus, monotheism is a tool to enslave the world. Those, who do not accept their faiths, are being slain by their followers since their inception. Those, who become followers, are corrupted and enslaved. The dogmas of Christianity and Islam stipulate rape of women towards incentive. Thus these criminal cultures corrupt and enslave else slay the humanity and rape women. These cultures have no moral and must be eradicated.

In contrast followers of Ishwar can meet Ishwar direct. No broker is required. Nay! Ishwar permits you to worship a god of your choice. Gita 7:21. Ishwar does not slay one for not worshipping Ishwar or worshipping other gods. Religions are opium as per Marx. Prophets and Marx died, but left their legacies for rulers. Thus, the rulers enslave one, usurp the belongings of the haves ('KORAN', Chapter 8 (The Spoils) Verse 1 and 41) and rape alien women of their choice (Bible, Isaiah 13:15and16), (See Koran, 4:24; 23:6 and; 33:50 and 70:30) and remain scot-free.

No sooner, one accepts Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Socialism, these criminal activities of murder, plunder, incest, rape of women ceased to be considered crimes, instead these crimes turn into the source of sustenance and heaven after death for the criminal Democrats, Communists, Muslims and Christians.

One, who worships other gods than Allah, that one must be slain, that one's lands, properties must be looted and that one's women must be raped. (Koran 8:69 and 23:6). These are divine commands as well as secularism. One, who opposes secularism, Azaan and Koran goes to jail u/s 153 or 295 of the Indian Penal Code with the sanction of either President, or Governor or District Collector u/s 196 of the Criminal Procedure Code. I had been in lockups and jail for 42 times since 1993 for opposing Azaan, Koran and Bible. The conservation of Koran and Bible culture has to be defended by the President of India as well as all the State Governors by oath. [Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution] and [(Articles 60 and 159 of the Indian Constitution) as well as to be upheld by the judges. (The Indian Constitution as per Schedule III forms IV and VIII). Thus Sonia Government is sponsoring criminal cultures.

Secular Allah of Hamid Ansari boasts for being a terrorist {(Koran 8:12) and killer (Koran 8:17)} and permits incest (Koran 33:37-38). Secular Allah claims that he deceives humanity, (Koran 9:3) assassinates humanity, (Koran 9:5) slays humanity, (Koran 8:17) dupes humanity, ambushes humanity, (Koran 9:3) robs humanity, (Koran 8:1) condones rape of women, (Koran 23:6) enslaves women, Children, and even his own worshippers, commits murder, (Koran 8:17) genocide, (Koran 8:39) sadistic tortures, terrorism, warmongering, (Koran 2:216; 8:65 and 67) etc. on the pretext that one does not worship Allah alone. We, the activists of Abhinav Bharat and Aryavrt Government, who are otherwise Vedic Panthies, have right of Private Defense provided by Section 102 of the Indian Penal Code. Hamid Ansari is killer as such he must resign.

Christianity and Islam are cults. It is time to wake up and realize that these cults are threat to humankind and there can be no co-existence with Muslims and Christians. As long as Muslims and Christians believe in Muhammad and Jesus, they are a threat to others and even to themselves. Secularism and Multiculturalism is bankrupt against Judaism's, Christianity's & Islam's demand for every civilization to submit. {Azaan, (Koran, 2:191-194 and 8:39) and (Bible, Exodus/ Chapter 20 / The Ten Commandments/ Verses 3 and 5 and Luke 19:27)}. The culture of tolerance collapses in the face of the sacred intolerance of dualistic ethics. Intellectuals respond by ignoring the failure. Muslims and Christians must leave their Christianity and Islam, discard their cultures of hate and join the rest of humankind as fellow humans, or non-Muslims and non-Christians must separate themselves from them, ban Christianity and Islam, end the immigration of Muslims and Christians and slay those, who plot against humanity and refuse to integrate. Christianity and Islam are incompatible with humanity and morality. These are warring creeds {(Koran 2:216 and 8:65) and (Bible, Matt 10:34 and Luke 12:49)} that use democracy to destroy humanity and to establish itself as a worldwide dictatorship. The only way to avert the clash between this barbarity and civilization and a world disaster, is to expose the fallacies of Christianity and Islam and demystify them. Muslims and Christians must be weaned from Christianity and Islam for humanity to live in peace. Sonia and Hamid Ansari can't do. Aryavrt Government is here to do it. Support us.

Under 50th criminal case I am accused in Malegaon mosque blast conspiracy. I had got demolished Babri structure. Nay! I had submitted affidavit in the hand of thief Manmohan Singh Librhan on Jan 15, 2001. The affidavit was stolen by M.S. Librhan and is not on record. I filed writ petition for ban of Koran in apex court and got replaced statue of Gandhi with revered Pandit Nathuram Godse on 30-01-1997. I had published and distributed two handbills 'MUSALMANON BHARAT CHHODO' and 'ISHWAR ALLAH KAISE BNA'. 2 cases FIRs 78/1993 and 137/1993 were registered against me in Roop Nagar Police Station in North Delhi. I was discharged in both cases on 3rd July, 1997. I have been discharged in criminal cases registered in Narela Police Station, Delhi, for opposing Azaan vides FIR No. 110/2001 on 26-02-2005 and for opposing Islam vides FIR No. 10/2001 on 04-02-2010. For details you can read my following blogs,

Now I am seriously ill after poisoning by Tihar Jail doctors. If you wish to survive, may join Vedic Panth.

Our saints hold responsibility to protect Vedic Dharm to which Sonia, exploiting Muslims' Islam, wants to annihilate and kill us (Bible, Luke 19:27) and (Koran 8:39). With the blessings of Jagatguru Swami Shri Amritanand Devtirth of JandK, who is in jail now in Malegaon blast conspiracy, I am Press Secretary of Aryavrt Government. I need persons, who are determined to drive Christianity and Islam out of the face of the world. Come on and join Vedic Panth else get ready for your eradication. We, Vedic Panthies, have legal right of private defence under sec. 102 and 105 of the Indian Penal Code. Anything done in the exercise of Private Defense is no crime as per Section 96 of the Indian Penal Code.

How the Muslims and Christians are minorities?

Both Christians and Muslims are criminals and their religions are bigger criminals. There is one and alone Vedic culture in the world which gives one liberty of the right to property and liberty of selection of God. In contrast, booty belongs to Christians (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) and Allah (Koran, 8:1, 69 and 41) and property belongs to the society and democracy [39 . Still Aryans neither dare tell Allah a criminal dacoit nor are socialists considered dacoits. Dacoits persists unabated. So, who would bear the wrath of these criminals? Again, worship of any God save ALLAH is crime named persecution as per the dogmas of Islam and religion is opium as per the dogmas of Socialism of Carl Marx. Not accepting Jesus one's ruler is crime as per Bible, Luke 19:27. The Governments of the World needs slaves and spoils. Any culture, which opposes servility and right of usurpation, must be eradicated. Islam can do it. That is because the dogmas of Islam stipulate the murder of every non-Muslim by Muslims. Nay! Murder, plunder, and rape of women are the surest way to secure title of Ghazi and berth in heaven.

In fact we, Vedic Panthies, are minority among the minorities of the world. We deserve all facilities given to minorities of India. Instead, we have been framed in Malegaon mosque bomb conspiracy. We are labeled as Hindu terrorists. We have following submissions in our defence:-

There is one education system only on the earth. Brahmgyan. It can be achieved by protection of semen the root source of Oj (Force), Tej (divine lusture), Smriti (Memory) and Moksha (salvation). It was taught in Gurukuls for free. It was destroyed by Macaulay. Therefore, we demand revival of Gurukul system of education.

Now let Vedic Panthies tell what are the cultures, which are the religions and religious books, who are prophets and their chosen gods? Nay! Who are the planted minorities? World's largest populations, Christians, who devoured Maya culture and 100 million red Indians, are minorities! World's and India's second largest populations Muslims are again minorities of India! The Indian Constitution does not say so! Humanity is being cheated. The police and judiciary of India are ever ready to torture, send in judicial custody and ultimately convict one who dares to oppose this fraud. This status is in spite of Sections 96 to 105 of the Indian Penal Code providing one legal right of private defence!

Jehovah and Allah commanded their follower Christians, Muslims and Jews to conquer aliens' mother land, slay their male members, drink their blood and eat their flesh, usurp their women, animals and properties towards booty, enslave their children, desecrate their worship places and rule upon them. To achieve their mission, they fabricated imposter gods who have salient common features viz. every god is domestic servant of the prophet who fabricated it. Every god pardons criminals and thus multiplies criminals on the behest of his prophet. Every god is jealous to other gods. Every god is owner of the universe, women and properties of others. Muhammad put seal on prophet hood. If the financial racketeer Allah (Koran 8:1, 41 and 69) of Muhammad is so powerful, why are Muslims reduced to second largest population of the world? So far, it is not clear as to which one is the correct god while everyone is claiming supremacy over other gods. Under the prevailing circumstances, even humanity would become extinct.

We are not Hindus. We relinquished Hinduism, no sooner we knew that there is deep rooted conspiracy by the Christianity and Islam to enslave human race, without any consideration that ultimately this war of supremacy would eradicate human race like dinosaurs. I am elaborating the conspiracy below,

While humanity is fighting relentless war for liberty, public servants, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and most human races have voluntarily relinquished their liberty, wisdom and manhood in lieu of booty and sex. (Koran, 8:1, 69 and 41), (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) and (Bible, Genesis 2:17). They have no shame that they are fighting to retain their servilities of Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, rulers, clerics, dead Socialists, Communists and Democrats. Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, rulers, clerics, dead Socialists, Communists and Democrats have snatched the very instinct for liberty from their followers. Look! Still Jews, Christians and Muslims do not feel sorry that they are getting cheated, corrupted and humiliated by their so called merciful Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, clerics and rulers. They are happily defending their servilities in lieu of booty and sex. Both, Muslims and Christians, are being rewarded by clerics and rulers for relinquishing their liberty.

Muslims and Jews must thank Vedic culture for their survival. They are alive, because Vedic culture could not be eradicated. No sooner, Vedic culture would be eradicated; Jews and Muslims would be eradicated within short time. This is because of the fact that with all his might the so-called supreme Allah could not supersede Muslims over Christians' population. Even in Science, technology, arms and deception, Muslims are far behind than Christians. 27 Islamic countries could not defeat small Israel. How would they protect themselves from Christians? Now Muslims are scared for the US occupation upon Iraq and Afghanistan. How would they protect their Islamic countries on the face of the commands of Jesus to slay those, who do not accept Jesus their king? (Bible, Luke 19:27). Muslim historians proudly tell us as to how many women were sold in Baghdad market and how many women were raped by Muhammad, after robbing and killing their near and dear. However, no sooner Serbs raped Muslim women and returned pregnant Muslims' women to Muslims and when Israel killed civilians in Lebanon, Muslims cried for violation of human rights. Do non-Muslims have no human rights? The worst threat is to the women of Aryans and those dictator proletariats, who are neither Muslims nor Christians. It goes to reflect another important stupidity of Muslim (Koran 23:6) and Christian (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) women, who are breeding their own enemies as well as enemies of human race. When would Sonia Government protect citizens' women on the face of the command of Bible to ravish non-christian women before the eyes of non-christian? (Bible, Isaiah 13:16).

We must learn the doctrine of Christianity and Islam to survive. The doctrine is very clear that all forms of force and persuasion may and must be used to conquer aliens. Christianity or Islam is self-proclaimed enemy of non Christian nations and unbelievers. {Azaan, (Koran, 2:191-194 and 8:39) and (Bible, Exodus/ Chapter 20 / The Ten Commandments/ Verses 3 and 5 and Luke 19:27)}. Governments are taxing Citizens to save their life and properties. When would they perform their duties?

The dualism of Democracy, Christianity and Islam are more deceitful and offers two choices on how to treat the people of alien faiths. The people of alien faiths may be treated nicely, in the same way a farmer treats his cattle well after enslaving his cattle. So Democracy, Christianity and Islam can be "nice", but in no case is the person of alien faith a "brother" or a friend. When would you help get citizens rid of Christianity and Islam?

Secular Allah's good Muslim as well as Hamid Ansari are Jihadist i.e. crusader of Islam, a man who leaves his home, sacrificing his wealth and life, fighting in Allah's Cause. (Koran, 8:72). That cause is destroying all faiths save Islam. (Koran 8:39). Allah says they (Muslims) will be rewarded with stolen booty (Koran, 8:1, 69 and 41) and women to rape (Koran, 23:6) of the victim/s, if they survive or with a heavenly BROTHEL (Koran, 37:47-49 and 76:19-21) if they die. Bad Muslims, on the other hand, are peaceful. Allah calls them "hypocrites", because they are unwilling to fight. (Koran, 3:167). He even says that peaceful Muslims are "the vilest of creatures" and that hell's hottest fires await them. [Koran 16:70] If you are a peace-loving Muslim, may note, your Allah hates you. You Muslims have no shame that you submit to dreaded incest monger, (Koran 33:37-38) assassin and robber Allah. (Koran, 8:1 and 17). Look! This is secularism. Democrats say, "This is peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance!"

Islam is submission to Allah; hence there is no liberty in Islam. Qaba is booty. (Koran, Bani Israel, 17:81) Why the media is concealing the facts?

If one must be slain for worshipping false gods, why should one not be slain for worshipping butcher, incest monger, robber gods, who instigate and support murder, plunder, incest and rape of women? Aryavrt Government seeks answer.

The Islamic prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan clearly and loudly said "The Mosques are (not worship places) our barracks, the Domes are helmets, the Minarets are Bayonets and the faithful are soldiers." Erdogan's vision of Islam is the same as that of Bin-Laden, Colonel Khadafy, Mullah Omar, Imam Yavalaki, Al-Zwahiri, Ayatollah Khomeini, and the Saudi King which awarded the Islamic Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan "The King Faisal International prize for service to Islam."

Some questions!

The Imaams of Hamid Ansari, from the pulpits of their mosques, preach Hamid Ansari to slay us. Why should we spare our killers?

Whoever takes oath of the dreaded predator and pirate Indian Constitution, literally accepts that Aryans, nick named as Hindus by Muslims, meaning as the resident of Hindustan, thief, robber, slave, black and by Christians as barbaric invaders, who came from middle Asia, cannot have any nation. Aryans' civilisation is savage. Vedic culture must be replaced either with Islamic or Christian culture. Aryans' Vedic culture is caste based barbaric culture that exploits poor and low caste persons on the ground of caste. They label Krishna among Aryans' Gods killers, thieves, assassins and cheats. However, Jesus, who snatches manhood from his followers to reduce sheep, whose father Jehovah commands Christians to dash infants to pieces, rape women of non Christians before the eyes of the men of victim women, (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) commands Christians to slay those, who do not accept Jesus their king, (Bible, Luke 19:27), who supports marriage with daughter (Bible, 1 Corinthians 7:36), who came on the earth to bring fire (Bible, Luke 12:49) and sword (Bible, Matt 10:34) and who came on the earth to divide every Christian family (Bible, Matt 10:35) and (Bible, Luke 12:51-53), is kind and peace loving God. Similarly, Allah, who slays (Koran 8:17), supports incest (Koran 33:37-38), owns and distributes booty (Koran, 8:1, 69 and 41) and condones rape of women (Koran 23:6) is merciful god.

Do the above facts need any sting operation? Why media is suppressing the facts? How would the members of media survive?


A Headlines Today investigation has found that RSS leader Indresh Kumar shared close links with Sunil Joshi, who had planted bombs in 2007 at the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad and the Ajmer Sharif dargah.

As per a written statement of the witness recorded by the Rajasthan ATS and CBI, Indresh was aware of the terror plot and even approved of it.

Indresh is a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal, the central decision-making body of the RSS. He is a close aide of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and also wields immense clout in the BJP.

Headlines Today tracked down the witness, and his revelations are damning.

Reporter: So Indresh was the driving force behind Sunil Joshi's activities?

Witness: If you mentor someone and are his godfather, it cannot be possible that you aren't aware of his activities.

Reporter: And Joshi was very close to Indresh?

Witness: Yes he used to claim so.

Reporter: He said he was always with him?

Witness: He would say that he was in constant communication with Indreshji.

The witness, who is from Gujarat, was closely associated with Joshi, a Madhya Pradesh-based RSS pracharak.

The blast at Mecca Masjid killed 17 people while two people died in the explosion at Ajmer Sharif. The Mecca Masjid blast is being probed by the CBI while the Ajmer Sharif probe is with the Rajasthan Police.

In May this year, the Rajasthan ATS arrested two RSS pracharaks on terror charges. But the RSS has denied it has anything to do with terror.

"There is no such thing as Hindu terror. The investigating agencies wanted some information. We are extending full co-operation," RSS leader Ram Madhav said.

Now, with material emerging against Indresh, the RSS central leadership will have much to explain.

Indresh holds several important responsibilities in the RSS. One of them ironically being the head of Muslim Rashtriya Manch, the Sangh's Muslim cell.

When contacted by Headlines Today, Indresh denied all allegations.


Another Sangh Parivar leader in the dock is B.L. Sharma of the BJP. Headlines Today has accessed a video that shows Sharma in league with Dayanand Pandey and Lt Col Srikant Purohit, both accused in the 2008 Malegaon blasts and in jail.

In the video, Sharma is holding a meeting where he talks about starting an underground terrorist movement against Muslims. The meeting happened at a temple in Nasik in 2007 - at a time when Lt Col Purohit was posted there - and laid the foundation for the formation of Hindu militant group Abhinav Bharat.

Also present was Bhai Dalvi, a self-styled Hindu fanatic from Mumbai.

Here are excerpts from their conversation:

Dalvi: There should be blasts across India. People should die in lakhs and crores. Only then will they (Muslims) panic and come on our side.

Pandey: This will create pressure and they will convert on their own.

Dalvi: Yes.

Pandey: Once the conversion begins, it will not take long for the entire country to get converted (to Hinduism).

Sharma: They will return (to Hinduism) just the way they went away.

Pandey: You are right.

Sharma is a two-time BJP MP. He was elected from the East Delhi constituency in 1991 and 1996. He fought the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from North East Delhi but lost.

Investigators said Sharma also participated in other terror meetings that Abhinav Bharat held across the country. In public, however, he presented a different face, telling Headlines Today that he is a peace-loving man and against all terror activities.


The saffron terror ring also had a vicious plan to target Vice-President Hamid Ansari.

As per information accessed from investigators by Headlines Today, a meeting was held in Faridabad in January 2008. It was attended by Dr R.P. Singh, an endocrinologist at one of Delhi's biggest hospitals, Dayanand Pandey, Lt Col Purohit and B.L Sharma. In this meeting, the failed bid to target Ansari was talked about.

Pandey: Let me tell you that an awards ceremony was held at Jamia Millia Islamia University in which Vice-President Hamid Ansari was present.

Dr Singh: I had gone to raise a protest at that meeting. I took 15 litres of petrol with me but I didn't get a chance.

In the same meeting, Purohit said they had stopped believing in the Indian Constitution and would fight to establish a 'Hindu rashtra'.

Sources in the Maharashtra ATS told Headlines Today that since there was no direct evidence to link Dr Singh to the Malegaon blasts, he wasn't arrested.

But the police said Dr Singh was part of the larger saffron terror ring and other agencies should have investigated him.

Headlines Today has accessed tapes recovered from Pandey's laptop that detail many such terror meetings. Here is what Dr Singh is heard saying in one these tapes:

Dr Singh: Muslims are enemy no. 1 and I want to kill them, beginning from Delhi. They own thousands of showrooms here that I want to loot.

Pandey: To strengthen our finances.

Dr Singh: The financial situation is weak... The Hindus will not give so some (Muslim) homes have been spotted for looting.

Dr Singh even mentions how he has accumulated weapons through a police officer in Assam. In one of the terror meetings, he can also be heard asking Purohit to supply him grenades, detonators and RDX.

Dr Singh: I need grenades, high-voltage detonators and batteries and RDX. Those of whom we approached say the army can provide these. If we get these items, we can do a spectacular war.


If Dr Singh was being a disgrace to his profession, Pune's Dr Sharad Kunthe was poisoning young minds.

Dr Kunthe, head of the chemistry department at Wadia College, was suspected of holding training camps and teaching his students to assemble bombs.

He was grilled by the Maharashtra ATS for his alleged role in the Malegaon and Nanded blasts and is now under the CBI's scanner.

Dr Kunthe has been nailed by one of his aides Rakesh Dhawde, who helped him in his missions. "In June 2003, Dr Kunthe asked me to conduct a survey of the Pune Satara Road and Akansha bungalow near Sinhgadh Qila and let him know which would be better for a terror camp. After a survey, I suggested Sinhgadh would be appropriate," Dhawde told a magistrate.

Dhawde is an accused in the Malegaon blasts case and is lodged in the Nashik jail along with Lt Col Purohit





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