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Re: [aryasamajonline] Re: RSS, Bomb Blasts & Media credibility

My take:

While Christianity and Islam have right to conserve their culture, [Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution], there is no statute or Article to conserve Vedic Sanaatan Dharm. Why should we allow such Indian Constitution to survive?

Jews are victims of their own lust for booty and sex. They cannot see the ultimate consequences of their faith. Given their attitude they and their Jehovah cannot survive. Muslims and Jews must thank Vedic culture for their survival. They are alive, because Vedic culture could not be eradicated. No sooner, Vedic culture would be eradicated, Jews and Muslims would be eradicated within short time. This is because of the fact that with all his might the so called supreme Allah could not supersede Muslims over Christians' population. Even in Science, technology, arms and deception, Muslims are far behind than Christians. 27 Islamic countries could not defeat small Israel. How would they protect themselves from Christians? Now Muslims are scared for the US occupation upon Iraq and Afghanistan. How would they protect their Islamic countries on the face of the commands of Jesus to slay those, who do not accept Jesus their king? (Bible, Luke 19:27). When Serbs usurped Muslim women, made them pregnant, they were crying and cursing Christians. How would they protect their women on the face of the command of Bible to ravish Muslim women before the eyes of Muslims? (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) The worst threat is to the women of Aryans and those dictator proletariats, who are neither Muslims nor Christians. It goes to reflect another important stupidity of Muslim (Koran 23:6) and Christian (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) women, who are breeding their own enemies as well as enemies of human race.

Similarly, Secular Jesus is a ghost adopted by Christian rulers to rule upon the world. In Bible, Secular Jesus himself commands his sheep, "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them bring them here and kill them in front of me." Bible, Luke 19:27. Secular Jesus further says in Bible, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." (Bible, Matt 10:34). and that he has come on the earth to bring fire. (Bible, Luke 12:49).

If one must be slain for worshipping false gods, why should one not be slain for worshipping butcher, incest monger, robber gods, who instigate and support murder, plunder, incest and rape of alien women? Aryavrt Government seeks answer.

Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
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Christianity and Islam are criminal religions. They are not minorities. Instead we Vedic Panthies are minority among minorities. Protect us to salvage human races.
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A message to all members of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)

English Electronic media seems to have got into its latest " Breaking
News mode " by linking the RSS (
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) to the blasts in Ajmer, Mecca Masjid in Hyd
. Channels like CNN-IBN, seem to be dead sure about the RSS involvement
in terror attacks citing CBI information..and ofcourse they claim to
have "inside information" from CBI & govt. This is the typical "
spit and run journalism" that the Indian English media (Read more..)

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