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Re: Comment on the Burning of Quran - Still Islam is expanding

My take:


Aryans are victims of their own Vedic culture. Aryans never stopped their fight against aliens. They opposed Jesus' rule upon Bharat. Therefore, they are enemies of Jesus even today. (Bible, Luke 19:27). The cunning Jesus has to take revenge from the Aryans. However, Christians were too few to fight against Aryans. Mass casuality was imminent. Allah and his Islam support the slaughter of Aryans. So Islam is  being exploited as tool by Jesus to slay Aryans of Bharat since 1857. Bharat never got independence. India's Dominion Status, [Article 6(b)(ii) of the Indian Constitution], Section 3(6) of the General Clauses Act and being member of Common Wealth are proofs. Aryans are still the slaves of British Crown. In fact Muslims, protected by President Pratibha and Governors u/s 196 of the CrPC and Article 29(1),  have been detained to eradicate Aryans' Vedic culture with the active support of Islam. Look! Whether an Aryan is killed or a Muslim is killed, ultimately enemy of Jesus is being killed by exploiting Islam without investment of single penny. On the pretext of non-violence, the protracted slaughter of Aryans, since 1947, prevails.

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Christianity and Islam are criminal religions. They are not minorities. Instead we Vedic Panthies are minority among minorities. Protect us to salvage human races.
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On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 11:25 PM, Mohan Gupta <> wrote:
Sh. Surinderji,
In spite of the fact, whatever you write about Islam, this diabolic religion is increasing in the world. Even in America I think it is about 40 million people.
In Bhaarat pseudo -phony -secular people keep saying Islam is a peaceful religion. People like Swami Agnivesh, Ravi sahankar are half Muslims.
Kuldeep Nayyar keep writing always in favour of Muslim and keep advising Hindus to do more for accomodating Muslims.
Duratma Gandhi was a greatest fraud.
When he was about to realease the song ishwar Allah tere naam
then many people tries to stop him saying that this song will make Muslims weak and Muslims will never sing such a song. There was a very big article on this topic in weekly magazine Truth which gave how many people tried to stop the Duratma.
But Duratma Gandhi did not listen to anybody and released this song.
No wonder Hindu girls get trapped in Love Jihaad as such songs does not allow to know the true nature of Islam
Many Hindu people offer chaddar at Muslim Dargah.
It shows ordinary Hindus do not know the true nature of Islam.
The main reason is that no media in Bhaarat try to expose true Islam. No print media writes against Islam.
It is a big, big problem.
We people should plan to do something that ordinary Hindu people should learn the true nature of Islam.
The only way we Hindus have that we should publish  small booklets and then some swayamsevaks or volunteers of other organisations should go from house to house to distribute these booklets free and tell them not to sing songs like Ishwar Allah tere naam, or offer chaddar to Muslim Dargahs, or do any other sing  which gives even a slightest respect or recoginsation of islam or Mohammed.
Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 2:05 AM
Subject: Comment on the Burning of Quran

1. Subj: Comment on the Burning of Quran
Surinder ji:
You are superb.
Jai Ho!
Narain Kataria

2. My Take:
Shiri Intrepid Narain Kataria Jee: Jai Ho to you.
Your assessment of my illustration of Islam, delights me. Islam is the absolute sink hole of barbarism. It is lurking in India, under the clever-cloak of peaceful-Islam, on a scale that is un-imaginable. All Kafirs who buy this flimflam of peaceful-Islam, could end up as one of the dead.

3. Killing of Kafirs, sanctified by Holy Quran & the Sunnah of the Prophet, is a permanent feature of Islam. Islam floats a fiction that it is an ambassador of equality & human love. This is a crock of baloney, because there is no such thing as equality or love in Islam. Islam is a an un-relenting enemy of Kafirs, it declares Kafirs as denizens of Hell, and aims to eradicate them from this earth, to fulfill their Allah's mission.

4. The history of Islam abundantly illustrates that, Islam is an expression of man's aggressive behavior. All Kafirs are doomed to extinction if they do not grasp what Islam is up to. Islam teaches its followers that, all rights belong to Allah. As followers of Allah, Moslems have all the rights of a ruler, but the Kafirs ( Non-Believers/Non-Moslem Infidels ) have only the obligations, of a subject, a serf, a slave.
5. While the Phoney-Liberal Hindus of India are shouting slogans of secularism, Moslems are substituting secularism with Bismiliahir Rahmanir Rahim ( in the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful ). This Allah is Immune to secularism, and has marked his targets ( the hateful-Kafirs ), clearly & precisely, to be eliminated by his faithful Moslems. This is the kind of detestation that, Allah has towards the Kafirs.
Surinder Paul Attri

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