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Re: The Whole Truth About Those Who Debase and Derogate Other Religions

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Gurukul alone teaches free of cost. While Gurukuls functions on charity of which 100 percent reaches to Brahmachaari, modern education works on aid of which meagure 5 percent reaches to student. Rest is syphoned by middle men. I got this valuable information from Rahul Gandhi.
Gurukul teaches real education of BrahmaGyan, which can be achieved by protecting semen alone, which is transformed into OJ,(Force), TEJ (divine luster) and SMRITI (memory). Modern education makes the student slave by destroying semen.
Abortion was crime as well as sin even in British Raj. It was legalised by THE MEDICAL TERMINAITON OF PREGNANCY ACT No. 34 OF 1971. In a bid to remove hurdle viz. Vigour and vitality among Aryans, responsible for the survival of Aryans, they are being sterilized on the pretext of family planning which is in fact Aryans population, vigour and vitality control planning. This family planning is not mandatory upon Muslims. One might have seen bull. A bull cannot be made to serve the peasant. To make the bull serve peasant, the bull is sterilized and converted into bullock. In the similar fashion, Aryans are being enslaved. Now when Muslims would attack upon India, from deliberately created Islamic countries in north, east and west, the sterilized Aryans won't be able even to retaliate due to loss of vigour and vitality and submission to servility among them. Thus, Union of India has paved the ways of Aryans eradication in such an easy way.Thanking you &
looking for your earliest action.
Yours faithfully,
Parashuram Swamy

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Subject: The Whole Truth About Those Who Debase and Derogate Other Religions

The Whole Truth About Those Who Debase and Derogate Other Religions

Balgrim Ragoonanan
12 June, 2010
Crusade Watch

Anyone who thinks that he/she has some kind of corner on religious and spiritual beliefs and practices, and believes he/she can take another person to task for exposing the falsehood of an only pathway to God are welcome to do so. I am prepared to defend the legitimacy of all religions as I research and understand them better, especially when God and religion are purely for the transformation of the human heart to the higher state of the divine. I have been doing studies ever since I joined the membership of the Trinidad & Tobago Online Community, when it was once fashionable to deride, derogate, defame and characterize Hinduism as being outside the frame of legitimate religions.
Many try to mislead others by diverting the intent of some discussions on religion, either by not understanding or pretending not to understand what they read. They may even, by deliberate intent, try to detract from the intent of any of the truths of some religious threads and posts, and try to take them in another direction with a red herring approach, ignoring the gist and point of the article or post. I choose to deal with such tactics in my own way which is sometimes only intuited as doing what is right. No one pretending to lay claims to the truth about an only pathway to God, especially by historical debasing of other religions as false religions or one as devil worship or demonic will go unchallenged, as long as I am still a member in good standing of the Trinidad & Tobago Online Community. 

Yes, I painstakingly do the research to learn more about all religions in my free time and for my own spiritual enrichment. It is also my way of serving some others in the Hindu and other communities who may feel a need for more information as aggressive proselytizers approach them. In my own little way, I believe I am providing a service to the Hindu and perhaps some other communities with my postings, some of which are posted widely on the Internet. I strive to gather information, knowledge and understanding at a higher level of awareness of both Hinduism and other religions.

Everyday I uncover growing evidences of a misunderstanding or propaganda from the use of the single passage of an only pathway to salvation which has been the bone of contention for many when many Christians present themselves as the only ones with a legitimate religion.

The task I assigned to myself is to debunk the assertion held by some Christians that Jesus said He was the only way to salvation which I consider to be a false interpretation for a deliberate hold on many. Furthermore, as I continue my research, I cannot but help see all the connections between the base philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism in just about all religions. 

Yes, it is historically true that Sanathana Dharma or Dharam, (eternal truth) better know as Hinduism is a way of life, and was given the status of a great religion only a few hundred years ago by the British, sometime after they arrived in India. Yet, these are the same people who later tried to show that the source of Hinduism, the Vedas, was the writings of childlike saints and sages, and that Hinduism was a false religion. They at first ridiculed the Vedas openly and went so far as to pay enormous sums of money to Max Muller who never set foot on Indian soil. The only purpose, as documented, was to research and prove that the writings of the Vedas, were false teachings, and not worthy as religious beliefs and philosophies which he confirmed at first, but later had to change as his conscience would not permit it.

Sanathana Dharma, like Islam, is truly a way of life, with religious and spiritual practices governing every aspect of life, from birth to death and beyond. The Hindus had no need to change their spiritual practices and call Sanathana Dharma a religion, but the British wanted to bring it into the fold of the great religions of the world, and so it is today the common practice to refer to Hinduism as a religion and also a way of life. Who can object to that, other than some Christians, claiming to belong only to the true religion of the world, as they try to destroy all non-Christian religions?

But again, look at how God works in mysterious ways, bringing the truth to the surface. Now these are the same people who are now beginning to question the truth of an only pathway to God, and may now believe that all religions are legitimate pathways to God. The next thing they will admit to is that Idol worship is not an abomination unto God to contradict what is described in their scriptures about Idol worship.

The Jews now say to Hindus that Idol worship by Hindus is ok. The Jewish Rabbinate of Israel learned from Hindu leaders that Hindus internalize all concepts and Idols of God as consciousness into the Atman which is Brahman or God in the hearts of all beings. They then relented to a new understanding of Idol worship, and now believe that Hindus are not Idol worshippers, since God in the heart of man cannot constitute Idol worship. So the question is why Christianity, a child of Judaism, can't do the same? 

What can be more debasing, deriding, derogating, humiliating, dehumanizing, etc., than to criticize or reject someone's belief in God that he knows to be right for himself in worshipping, and having a loving relationship with his concept and understanding of God as the ultimate reality? One who sincerely believes in his favorite form of God and experiences God will be hard pressed to give up his religion, and would not want the same for another, isn't it? Why should one understanding of God negate another? His ways of worshipping God and reaping the benefits of his religious and spiritual practices become sacred to him, and it is morally wrong to interfere with them or chastise them for their beliefs in the same God of all. 

Each one understands the concept of God in his own unique ways. To say that there is only one way to follow and love God or to have a relationship with God, and gain salvation is as demonic as it gets. To say that any other way, but the Christian way, characterized as the wrong way or a demonic way is as debasing and deriding as one can get? That and more is the language of usage by the proselytizers. We heard it all, and hear and see the aggression of the proselytizers every day at our doorsteps and when they break our temples, desecrate out sacred images and altars, and uproot our prayer flags. These are facts, not propaganda, as some will have us believe. They are well know to all Hindus and Christians alike in Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere.

When some persons enumerate these religious crimes and crimes of humanity or bring them to the attention of the same proselytizers to show them the extent of their own hypocrisies, the favorite words of the same hypocrites, it becomes someone else's hypocrisy, the debasing of another religion and presentations of one religion as better than or superior to another. Who among all religions, more than the Hindus, have always believed and promoted that all spiritual and religious pathways are legitimate pathways to God, and preached the philosophy of Vasudeva Kutumbakam - the world is one family of nations which can share the earth peacefully with all others in spite of religious differences?

But when Hindus protect themselves from consistent daily attacks or are prepared to defend themselves against those who see Hinduism as a threat to their only pathway to God, they are called the aggressors who are seeking confirmation of their own truths about their religion. This is in spite of a background of about eighty million in the Hindu holocaust over a thousand years of foreign rule in India. Not a single instance of continuing discord can be found between the Jews who fled to India because of persecution and their Hindu brothers and sisters. But what about the more recent millions in the Hindu holocaust of Bangladesh, Pakistan and elsewhere where Hindus and others are killed everyday, and not allowed to practice their religion publicly for just being a member of a minority religion or group?

The true Hindu will never be satisfied to allow the proselytizers to get away with defaming and derogating his religion as long as he is the object of any proselytizing zealotry. And when he does become offended by the proselytizing zeal, guess who becomes more offended? How odd it is that the Christian proselytizers become the ones most offended when confronted with all their own atrocities that went with proselytizing for two thousand plus years and are still going on today.     

Current proselytizing and recorded history of proselytizing show the full extent of the debasing and derogating of all other religions by mostly Christians, only on the basis that Jesus is the only way to salvation. This is not something new, anything just made up, or something that is done in secret. It is openly confessed by Christians, themselves, that they have the right to bring others under the Christian umbrella at any cost or means.
The Jews and Muslims know the Christian arrogance of being the only true religion too well, for they, too, and others vehemently deny Jesus as God, but only a messenger of God. Hindus do not go that far, because they understand the concept of God with more openness, clarity and richness than any other prevailing concepts of God held by non-Hindus. Man and God, for Hindus, are One, and Godhead and salvation is available to all in any one lifetime, in the same way Jesus realized his divinity and arrived at Godhead at age twenty five. 

Go out and preach the good news became go out and make them Christians by hook or crook, no matter how they resist and how long it takes. And so Christians did it in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia where the indigenous peoples can hardly be recognized any more. Their rich religion, culture, language and rich down-to-earth way of life are mostly destroyed. Goa, in India is where recorded history shows the worst inquisitions ever took place under the supervision of the holy man, Saint Francis Xavier, a Roman Catholic.

The last Pope who visited India, said that India and Asia were now new grounds for Christian proselytizing or expansionism or some such ridiculous statement. Is it because of a dwindling membership of the Church or for new sources of income from declining Church membership in Europe and America? But is it only Christianization that is promoted? No one has any objection to free choice of religions, but the coercion, aggression, false promises, extortion, bribery, spread of fear, false healing, trickery, planting the seeds of discord among families that already have a religion, pitting child against parent, one member against another, hate, political destabilization, undermining of patriotism, etc., being propagated by these same proselytizers in the name of saving souls for Jesus.

No Hindu has any quarrels with Jesus, for he was a good, compassionate, holy and loving man who attained Godhead in the same manner described in Hinduism for attaining Godhead. The general problem is with aggressive Christians who deliberately distort the teachings of Jesus, the same teachings which His disciples never understood, in the first place, because Jesus taught in the style of intellectual, Gnostic traditions of the Essenes, a Jewish group to which he belonged.

The spread of the fear of a Devil and the trauma propagated by a hell of fire and brimstone is perhaps the worst of all Christian crimes and persecutions, especially when a child is taught to fear an imaginary hell of fire and brimstone as punishment for sins. Yet, these same people invite those without sins to throw the first stone. So we ask who is it that are going to heaven and why it is so important for all to be saved when no one is without sin?

Members of converting families who care deeply for their siblings and cousins who are non-Christians go through that same imaginary hell of fire and brimstone, worrying unnecessarily about hell for their non-Christian siblings and relatives. Some new Christians are now beginning to understand the Devil as a personification of all wrongs and misdeeds.

What is most objectionable, though, is that these same Christians do not even adhere to their own God-given ten commandments, but they want others to join them in a one way to salvation movement which cannot be achieved with the same sin when they invite others to throw the first stone when morality is mentioned as a problem. Yet they often will admit that they do not observe all the ten commandments, but want others to follow them. But how many versions of the ten commandments are there? And they openly challenge you to show you that they are right to commit their crimes of religious passion, because you are not a saint either and are a sinner. So they ask who is without sin as their philosophy of defense when questioned about their right and wrong and their morality?

Let him who is without sin throw the first stone is their slogan in defense of the horrors they commit in their proselytizing zeal. How absurd it is that one wrong is a good reason for justifying and committing others.

What is most objectionable, though, about some of these proselytizing zealots is their brain-washing tactics used on simple people who already have rich religions and cultures and even languages and ways of life that go back for centuries and are being destroyed. This should be a grave concern for everyone.   

Bloody religious proselytizing did not happen for one year, ten years or a hundred years, but has been going on, non-stop, for two thousand plus years. How many innocent, God-loving people lost their lives only because they understood God in a variety of rich ways, and worshipped God differently from some standard practices that continue to reinforce the flow of the blood of Jesus just for salvation, as if they themselves experienced salvation before, when they do not even believe in reincarnation and believe only in one lifetime.

Innocent non-Christians see Christians in the spirit of the sister/brotherhood of woman/man and the fatherhood of God. The are fully prepared to live in peace and harmony with people of all religions. Little do they know or are prepared for the day when they will be targets of Christian persecution and even elimination as individuals or who knows, an entire race.

Besides, the only way doctrine was misunderstood from the beginning. It is now believed by some of the more enlightened and renowned Christians of today that Jesus is not the only way to salvation. But this is after two thousand years of incorrigible aggression, based on a false belief or a false doctrine, by misinterpretation, perpetrated on innocent people. But who can doubt that it is better late than never?

While the damage is already done, not a single apology is forth coming from the leaders who promoted such a belief as an only way to salvation. Christian proselytizers not only object to other forms of worship, but they gave themselves the right to destroy them, under the guise of saving souls, something that no one can ever prove or even measure. How many received salvation by accepting Jesus in their hearts is un provable. What a quick fix, and nothing more, being sold as Gospel truth to the innocent, most trusting peoples of the earth! 

With whips on their backs, the slaves held by Christians for hundreds of years were given promises of a paradise in heaven, in exchange for their back-breaking labor on earth. When they resisted, it was more whips on their backs. But no, these atrocities must be forgotten even when they never seem to go away, as described  today by some of the peoples of Asia, Africa and elsewhere. 

Christians gave themselves the full right, for two thousand years, to hound down non-Christians and convert them to Christianity. They debased and derogated other  religions and forms of worship, humiliated them, derided other religions, forcefully converted or eliminated them with the worst inquisitions know to man, removed and destroyed objects of reverence from their places of worship, burnt down and destroyed their places of worship, etc., only because they did not not conform to Christian practices and believed in Jesus as the only form of God that ever existed.

What can be greater and more debasing to anyone who understands God in a variety of rich ways than rejecting their religion as another legitimate pathway to God? It is the same as denying that one's spiritual needs cannot be met in other ways, but only by the Christian way.
To preach that God has only taken one form, ever, as Jesus, and that Jesus is the only way, that all other forms of the same God are false, and that worship of all other forms of God constitute devil worship is as debasing and humiliating as it gets? How much more debasing and derogating can one religion be, when it does not even know the true origins of its own religion? Is it only because some Christians feel that they have the money, the might and the right to eliminate other religions on such flimsy grounds as an only one way to salvation?

Thank God for the Internet and much new researches that are developed and readily available every day without much effort. They provide us with the connections between all religions and peoples. The abundance of information about the shifting of the tectonic plates also help us to understand our differences that grew markedly over time, and our variety of rich culture and religions flourished, starting from nature and reverence for the power of nature which is still practiced around the globe today.

But no, some would rather have non-Christians believe that all the religions before the advent of Jesus were false. They refuse to believe that Jesus was another Avatar with many others prior to Him. They are the same ones who say that other religions existed long before the dawn of Christianity, but go on to advocate that there is only one true religion with the advent of Jesus. And so, they removed all earlier concepts of God and sterilized their own concept of God, and hide God in a heaven/paradise, so much so that not even if you wanted to see and experience God in the environment in your own lifetime, you will still have to wait after death to see him in heaven if you are not already consigned to hell for sins common to all as they say with their slogan of throwing the first stone.

Who can doubt the proofs of the genetic origins of a people who grew to populate the rest of the world with similar nature-based spirituality, religions and beliefs, a variety of cultures indigenous to the regions, and related languages? Some present themselves as upstarts who now tell us that they just discovered genetic research, and they go about challenging others as if they themselves discovered it. That same truth can be found in Hindu scriptures. It becomes very clear, visually, only if you take the time to watch and study the forty two, three hours long CDs, entitled "Om Namah Shivay" produced by Zuby Kochhar and directed by Dheeraj Kumar, and based on Hindu scriptures.

Without a sound background in Hinduism, most likely, the gist of the stories of the evolution of man, religion, culture and languages in the video series will be missed or misunderstood. It shows how the demonic or power dominating people once tried to conquer the devas or god-centered, loving people, and how the battles ensued over the stealing of what rightfully belonged to others. It further shows how after the shifting of the tectonic plates, the demonic forces moved out of India where the Nile/Indus valleys once nurtured the origins of civilization from which religions, culture, languages, etc., emerged. 

As disasters occurred people of the Nile/Indus Valley civilization moved out and populated the rest of the world. The battles between the gods or devas did not end in the Nile/Indus valley civilization. They took with them many aspects of Indian religions and culture to other parts of the world, and which got modified over time to produce new religions, with mostly the original religious stories and philosophies of the Vedas, modified as we can see in the original Vedic/Hindu story of two birds on a tree. It got modified to the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Similarly, is the story of Noah and the flood, the birth of Lord Krishna, and many more historical events that can be found in Hindu scriptures and modified to look diferently in the Bible.
Hindu scriptures clearly explain the origins of the demonic or non-dharmic people, and how they populated the rest of the world with remnants of the origins of the Hindu religion.

Everything done in darkness must come to light is the old adage which are the fears of these marauding, aggressive proselytizers who disguise money-making ventures as religion, under the guise of saving souls for Jesus.

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