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The perpetrators of Islamic terror and Christianity's Mission are inflamed with violent and racist doctrines. The doctrines are ' Fight them until persecution is no more and the Religion of Allah reigns supreme.' (Koran 8:39) and "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them bring them here and kill them in front of me." Bible, Luke, Chapter 19 Verse 27. Both have agenda, and you are ignorant of it. If you do not retaliate, humanity would finish.

With the blessings of Jagatguru Swami Shri Amritanand Devtirth of JandK, who is in jail now in Malegaon blast conspiracy, I am Press Secretary of Aryavrt Government. I need persons, who are determined to drive Christianity and Islam out of the face of the world. Come on and join Vedic Panth. Don't say I respect Christianity and Islam.

As long as you would tolerate Christianity and Islam and their protector the predator and pirate Indian Constitution, you would be driven like sheep of Jesus and like Kafir of Allah. You would remain deprived of your freedom of faith, right of life and property. Rise and declare, "We would not tolerate criminal cultures of Christianity and Islam." 

Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
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Read my eBook 'Wary of Sonia on Web-site:
Christianity and Islam are criminal religions. They are not minorities. Instead we Vedic Panthies are minority among minorities. Protect us to salvage human races.
If you feel that this message be telecasted, donate us. Rush your contribution in the account of Manav Raksha Sangh Account No. 016001020168 ICICI Bank Ltd. Else keep ready for your doom. Remember! Whoever you are, you won't be able to save your properties, women, motherland, Vedic culture and even your infants. Choice is yours, whether you stick to dreaded usurper Democracy and get eradicated or survive with your rights upon your property, freedom of faith and life with dignity?
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Narain Kataria in New York


It is a matter of great disgrace and shame that Congress Party adherents in India have taken to the streets and set fire to the effigy of the former Sarsanghachalak K.S. Sudarshan of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) for alleged derogatory remarks against AICC President Sonia Gandhi.


AICC General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi is reported to have said that "the reaction of the society should be such that no one dare speak in such language in future."  He further said that "if Congressmen and people of the country do something (untoward), they (RSS) will be responsible for it."


The above statement is motivated by a sinister design to instill fear in the minds of the opponents of Sonia Gandhi and silence them.  At the same time, it is a signal to the Congressmen to go ahead and attack RSS offices and volunteers.


It is a paradox that these congressmen, because of the feudal environment and their obsequious servility, jump around and vie with one another to win laurels from their boss!  They show great vigor and vitality when a Hindu leader is to be attacked but look the other way and go underground when the issue of Islamic terrorism or egregious inequities of other minorities comes up.


Indian citizens have every right to know about the background of their elected officials.  Shri Sudarshan has raised four serious  issues:  (i) Sonia Gandhi is a CIA Agent; (ii) there was a  conspiracy to assassinate her husband and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his mother Indira Gandhi; (iii) her pedigree is unknown; and (iv) she had lied about her birth date.


We do not see anything wrong in the above allegations.   Conversely, Shri Sudarshanji has provided an opportunity to the nation to debate the above issues and remove the lingering doubts from the minds of Indian citizens about their rulers.


Sonia Gandhi is an elected Member of Parliament.  She is holding a high public office.  She has been widely publicized as the 9th most powerful person in the world today.  India is a democratic country.  India is not the personal fiefdom of the Gandhi Dynasty and its sycophants.  She is not above the law.  Instead of indulging in hooliganism and behaving like ruffians, it is time to resolve these issues once and for all through deliberation and discussion.


In this connection we would like to inform the public that in 2008, the  Indian National Overseas Congress of Sonia Gandhi (INOC) had filed three defamation cases in the amount of $220 million against me (Narain Kataria), Arish Sahani and Satya Dosapati in New York and New Jersey courts, for publishing a full page advertisement regarding Sonia Gandhi in The New York Times. 


The Indian community in the USA supported us wholeheartedly in these  frivolous lawsuits without any merit.  We won two of the cases and the third one was withdrawn. The purpose of these cases was also to harass us and individually and collectively gag our voices.

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