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Re: FW: [aryayouthgroup] Ram-33crore devtas helpless against few judges

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Ram-33crore devtas helpless against few judges

I very much agree with Trehanji. The term "33 cror
Devatas" is very much misunderstood, and also there are some who
deliberately misinterpret it.

The word "devata" means a
spark. Paramatmanam
is "Fire" and soul is a spark from the Fire. The soul in human body has the
capability to sparkle. In Ved
kaal every human being was considered a "devata", presumably
because the standards were high, as seen in Vedic literature. There is a beautiful dialogue
between the Rishis Bhrigu and Bharadwaj in MahaBharata subtly touching this


From: op trehan

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October 11, 2010


Cc: kishor ruparelia

Subject: Re: [aryayouthgroup] Ram-33crore
devtas helpless against few judges

It is the will of Hindus
that works but not the 33 crores Devi-Devta. You are misquoting them. Once upon
a time there were 33 crores people of this country that were living as good as
a person gives( jo dave wo davta) his comforts to others. Therefore,they were

Each and every noun has its
meaning in Hindi, unlike in English, you call God or goddesses. Draw the right
meaning with the correct word.

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What nonsense U R talking..Hindus had patience for
600odd years BUT look at the price
of patience?? Muslims got a toe hold in exclusive Hindu siten
spite of your1000 Rambhagvans.

Thus God has taken revenge uponHindusfor
indolence under excuse of patience, sahishnuta and sama adar, ahinsa

Stone pelting fanatics should have been replied with
similar..that was the only way to solve the crisis and will be if Supreme
Court rules in favour of stone pelting fanatics !!

By the
way are your 33crore devtas HELPLESS against mere handful of judges??

earlier U
dump them in Indian
Ocean, better for all the




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Subject: [aryayouthgroup] Ram-Janmaboomi and Kaaba built by Abraham?

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Date: Thursday, 7
October, 2010, 20:45

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Even if faith has superseded reason and hard evidence is lacking where the
the Ram-Janmaboomi Babri Masjid case is concerned, what needs to be
understood is that leaving aside this particular case sufficient proof
exists regarding the destruction of hundreds of Hindus temples by Muslim
invaders and rulers in the past who in many cases built mosques over the
ruins of the mandirs. As such it can be argued that though the demolition
of the Babri Masjid was an act of iconoclasm yet in so many ways it can be
interpreted as a delayed reaction of the Hindus who've kept silent for
centuries despite seeing their religion, mandirs, co-religionists and
nation torn apart by Muslim conquerors.

So, imagine if all these old cases are opened or brought to public notice
then the Muslims, given the solid evidence that exists in support of Hindu
claims, will have to handover these sites to the Hindus via judiciary

The Ayodhya dispute has become a symbol of Hindu pride and their need to
seek justice for all the atrocities committed on their ancestors and faith
in the past. However, not an apology has been issued by the concerned
Muslim bodies in this regard and on the contrary they seek every
opportunity to grab more privileges. As a gesture of goodwill the Muslims should
let the Hindus build a Ram Temple at Ayodhya and move on building their
backward lives or else if a confrontation takes place between the two
warring communities then the Hindus will have every right to seek judicial
remedies in all the other cases where Hindu shrines have been demolished
and mosques built in their place by the Mughals.

As far as matters of faith are concerned, the Muslims naively believe that
the Kaaba was built by Abraham when there exists not an iota of evidence
proving the historicity of this Jewish Patriarch - in fact the name,
structure, colour of the shrine, reference in Vedic literature to Mecca as
constituting one of the sacred Jyotirlinga sites, Hajj rituals and
certain documented proof unearthed by the late Hindutva historian P N Oak
indicate that the Kaaba with its phallic stone set in a vaginal ring that
resembles a Shiva Linga was a Vedic centre in the past that was built
millennia ago by Emperor Vikramaditya. Imagine if the Hindus lay claim to
the Kaaba, the Muslims will certainly not hand over the siteand will

bring in the reference of Abraham though from a historical perspective
experts have declared that Abraham was a mythical person.

So, whether Lord Ram existed or not is not the issue and even if he was a
historical person one cannot say if the Ayodhya shrine was the exact site
where he was born but as the Hindus venerate him and consider the spot to
be his birthplace and also keeping in mind the numeorus attacks engineered
by savage Muslim marauders and rulers of medieval India on Hindu temples,
beliefs and her people it would only be wise and a token humanitarian
gesture on the part of the Muslims to accept the court verdict and get on
with life and its real challenges.

Thanking you,

Arup K Isaacs


Om Parkash Trehan

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