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Re: RSS Shakha attacked in Deorukh, Maharashtra

My take:
As long as Bible, Koran and the Indian Constitution survives, Humanity cannot survive.
We are victims of Malegaon blast conspiracy. Help us to help you.

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Christianity and Islam are criminal religions. They are not minorities. Instead we Vedic Panthies are minority among minorities. Protect us to salvage human races.
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RSS Shakha attacked in Deorukh,Dist Ratnagiri-Maharashtra.

RSS Shakha attacked by Muslim goondas at Deorukh in Ratnagiri district
Maharashtra on evening of 20th August.Attackers beaten up teenagers
participating in Shakha programme, Saffron flag has been teared apart
photo of Chatrapati Shivaji has been desecrated.

RSS leaders has lodged FIR against unknown assailants at Deorukh Police
Station.No culprits arrested so far.

There is tremendous tension prevailing in Ratnagiri district.RSS is
to mark August 21st as protest day across Ratnagiri district.If Police
administration ignores the gravity of the situation,then there might be
large scale repercussions of the incidence throughout Konkan region.

Since last two months Hindu-Muslim tension is prevailing in Dapoli area
the Ratnagiri district due to ownership claims made by Yakub Baba Dargah
trust of Kelshi,on 650 acres of the land traditionally inhabited by
Hindus.State Minister Naseem Khan is adding fuel in tension by provoking
local Muslims to forcefully occupy the land inhabited by Hindus.And this
incidence of attack on RSS Shakha has worsened the situation.

Today,Ratnagiri Police is likely to arrest few suspected persons linked
the attacked.More details are awaited.

Mushtaq Khan prime suspect in RSS Shakha attack case,Police refused to
take action.

I RSS Shakha attack case local RSS workers has named local Muslim gang
leader Mushtaq Khan as prime suspect,but Police has refused to take
against him as he is Muslim.Senior Police officer on condition of
has told unofficially that,there are strict orders from State Home
for not taking action against Mushtaq Khan as he is Muslim.

State Home Minister is from NCP and in Chiplun of Ratnagiri district
is tremendous tension between NCP and Muslim community after beating of
NCP worker Inayat Mukadam by supporters of NCP Minister Bhaska rao

After this incidence hundreds of Muslim members and workers resigned *en
mass* from NCP.And now NCP lead Home Ministry is delaying action against
culprits of RSS Shakha attack to prevent further losses to party.

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