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This is the very country where Macaulay could not find a single thief or beggar until 1835 A.D. Why? Because, there was no Democracy! People had moral. Now Sonia is thief of Aamer Fort Treasury. Pratibha is financial racketeer engaged in defending her murderer husband and brother. PM is pick pocket.

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Christianity and Islam are criminal religions. They are not minorities. Instead we Vedic Panthies are minority among minorities. Protect us to salvage human races.
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            INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY - 2010-08-17


Came 64th Independence Day. The thought foremost in everyone's mind was not of joy or festivity but of the danger of Islamist terrorism lurking round the corner. The news items in both the print and the electronic media mostly talked of the security arrangements and deployment of police contingents to ward off acts or omissions of terrorism, if any. The sharp shooters were posted at vantage points and the Indian Air Force kept the sky clear of man-made UFOs – unidentified flying objects. In any case the common man had no access to the Red Fort grounds, what to say of ramparts. It was occupied mostly by the police and the media. Important chairs were occupied by Gursharan Kaur, wife of the Prime Minister and next to her sat Sonia Gandhi, maker of the Prime Minister. One wonders if they ever exchanged a word or said Namaste in English; at least the camera of the Doordarshan, our national TV, did not catch the golden moment, if it existed.


The common man about whom most politicians cry their throats hoarse was the most neglected man. In a radius of a few kilometres from the ramparts of the red Fort, the epicentre of all major activities of the 64th Independence Day, he or his female companion or kids were nowhere to be seen or heard. The celebrations were out of bounds for him because he had no entry pass, what to say of an invitation card. Most of the invitation cards were issued to those VIPs who were still in deep slumber a in their bedrooms and their seats had to be filled up by extra police personnel so that the TV cameras do not telecast vacant chairs on this all important day.

In any case there is not much in his life to cheer him up. Roti, kapada aur Makan – some food to fill the belly, a piece of cloth to cover the body and a shanty to cover the head and protect it from sun and rain; that is all that he needs for self and the family. Unfortunately that is not available with ease. The common comforts for the much talked about Common Man are most uncommon. The political leaders of all shades and hues either do not know the ground realities or they just turn Nelson's eye to the common man's problems. The leaders meet the people just once in five years to ask for the votes and then forget all about him until the next elections. Sometimes Netas use money and muscle power to garner votes and just ignore the common man. No wonder, criminals who command both money and muscle power have entered the elective bodies in appreciable numbers and the entire administration stands criminalised.

The politician police and babu nexus is eating into the vitals of India that is Bharat. The less said the better. India stands among the most corrupt nations of the world where the common man's money is defrauded and deposited in the Swiss banks. No wonder, an economist like Dr Manmohan Singh fights shy of bringing the Indian money back to India from the foreign banks. He knows that he is sitting in the PM's chair not on his own strength but because of a gift given by a foreign hand.


The Red Fort Delhi had had great association with the freedom movement of the country. When the Maratha armies moved up North to get rid of the Mughal rule and extend the Hindavi Swarjya of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to the Gangetic plains, the Red Fort was captured by them. The Mughal king was their prisoner. When the British forces of the East India Company defeated the Scindia forces at Aligarh the Maratha dream crashed. How much Muslims hate Hindus can be made out from the sigh of relief of the prisoner-king of the House of Taimur who uttered the hate sentence : What a relief to get rid of the Maratha Hindus and become a prisoner of the Company Bahadur". It is under the same Hate Hindu policy of Muslims that Pakistan is reluctant to accept the economic aid given by India to help that Islamic country tide over her flood related problems.

When the mutiny broke out in Meerutt in 1857 and the Kali Paltan killed the British officers, they headed for the Red Fort to appeal to Bahadur Shah to lead the war of independence. The last Mughal king was mortally afraid of the British power and was most reluctant to lead the rebels. Anyway, willy-nilly he did it and lost the war because neither he nor the princes had ever fought a war in their lives. The Red Fort Delhi , however, became the epicentre of the First War of Independence until captured by the Company forces aided by the gurkhas of Nepal and Sikhs of the Punjab.

The Red Fort came into prominence again when the officers and Jawans of the Indian National Army of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose were imprisoned there and in the neighbouring Salim Garh fort just across the road. " Lal Qile se aayi aawaz; Dhillon Sehgal Shahnawaz"- that was the slogan heard and raised by us as children in 1944-45. The Couirt Martial pronounced them guilty of waging war against His Majesty the King of England and sentenced them to death by hanging but the Viceroy commuted it to life imprisonment. In the wake of independence they were released from jail and rose in the eye of commonman.

What a pity, no one, not the Prime Minister of India, ever remembers the Netaji or the Azad Hind Fauj on the Independence Day , the independence for which they shed their blood.

The Independence Day remained a common man's national day during the prime ministership of Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi.They addressed the Indian Nation from the ramparts of the red Fort 17, 2, and 16 times respectively. The economic situation of the country and the common man was not so bad as it is now. When the present Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh addressed the Indian nation from the hallowed saluting dais, there was no enthusiasm in the common man's heart and mind. Even the Prime Minister looked so lacklustre and fumbled many times while speaking. I am told that he writes the speech in Persian character and that is difficult to read when the speaker is under stress. Everyone knows that the 79-year old man is just keeping the seat warm for a young scion of the Nehru family. That explains why the Congress party is not supporting the PM to the hilt.


The Prime Minister paid tributes to the gallant soldiers who laid down their lives defending the nation. He, however, failed to mention if he had any plans to modernise the armed forces and buy or manufacture latest weapon systems. The common man is appalled to know that no new gun has been bought for the Artillery for about a quarter of a century. Bofors was the last purchase that made Rajiv Gandhi a corrupt PM in the eye of the nation for letting  Italians and Indians make money under the table to the tune of Rs 64 crores. Indeed peanuts compared to what one and all associated with the Commonwealth Games are making today – thousands of crores of Rupees of the tax payers money is being stashed away as sleaze money. Dr Manmohan Singh knows it but is powerless to prevent it lest he is removed unceremoniously by the foreign hand that rolls and rocks his boat.

Prime Minister did mention that the common man was having a difficult time but passed the blame to rising prices of petroleum products in the international market. He did not mention that corruption in the ministerial ranks and among the notoriously anti=people bureaucracy contributed to the sorry state of affairs that our great country is in.

PM talked about internal security and branded Naxals as the biggest threat to the security of the country. However, he could not muster courage to say that one of his cabinet colleagues is sabotaging security by sharing dais in public meetings and sharing limelight with the same Maoists who had caused deaths of hundreds of innocent passengers by derailing trains. As a railway minister, the pro-Naxal minister has no time for the safety of the railways. To her west Bengal is India.

The Prime Minister did ask Pakistan not to encourage terrorism on its soil. He knows that his advice would fall on deaf ears. He talked of the disturbed situation in Jammu and Kashmir but it was the understatement of the decade. Pakistan is behind the trouble in Kashmir but he dare not say so lest he meets the same fate as was of the home secretary, Pillay. The less said the better. How meek a Prime Minister can be? Just take a close look at Dr Manmohan Singh. His weakness is his strength that made him survive so long and address the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, Delhi seven times leaving an elected leader like Atal Behari Vajpayee behind. Atal Ji had address the Nation on the Independence Day six times.

The national ceremony came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana – by the school children and the NCC girl cadets after the prime Minister had raised the slogan, Jai Hind, three times – a tradition coming to us from the Nehru days. Sad to say that VANDE MATARAM – the slogan that sustained us in our Swatantrata sangram – was not heard at all in and around the centre of war  of independence, Red Fort.

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