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My take:
Where is freedom of faith enshrined in the Constitutions?
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Lallmatie supports anti-conversion !

Thirty Hindu socio-cultural organizations of Flacq react to the conversion drive of a Christian sect In Mauritius. They mobilized people in honour of Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal who spent half a century making the people of the village stand on their feet and feel a legitimate pride for their culture and religion.

Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal started his movement in 1939 when the Hindu population represented 48% of the whole population. In 50 years of his movement, the Hindu population registered an increase of 4% touching the bar of 52%. Thanks Professor.

With the open statement of a honourable Member of Parliament in Upper Plaine-Wilhems, nick-named 'minis campement', that 100 000 converted people await their recognition by government, certain Hindu Federation continues snoring while the MBC flashes the team, year in year out, repeating their promise of opening an university for the last several years.

The Hindus are now upset! While the socio-religious Hindu –federation pocketing 17.8 million rupees as religious subsidy ( l'argent public, says justifiably Raj Meetarbhan) sleeps, thirty socio-cultural organizations, like Ajit Gopal's Kranti, decide to stand on their own legs and honour the indefatigable Prof Basdeo Bissoondoyal and Sookdeo Bissoondoyal. ( Curious enough, it is the Bissoondoyal brothers who fought for religious subsidy for the non-Christian element of the population without their touching a single cent from the religious subsidy, though one of the bothers was a religious missionary. Even the Arya Samaj feigned forgetfulness for the celebration of the centenaries of these brothers who died interpreting the Vedas and teaching poor students. A foreigner is allowed to buy the house of Sookdeo, once improvised to serve as school, and even political headquarters for the 'swaraj' of the nation, to make Sir Veerasamy say that they were patriots. However, no national heritage, you will say!) Bef travail, souval manger! Read Raj Meertabhan's editorial in L'Express: a religious body spends Rs 500 000 for a celebration ( fete) and additionally Rs 87 000 on fire crackers.

Exaggerated or not, the next census will show the veracity of that Curepipe guy's statement!

Please note that in 1901, the Hindu population constituted 55% of the total population of Mauritius. ( Report of the third Royal Commission ). The disinterest of some of those pocketing the religious subsidy has allowed a certain Christian sect to prowl around, at leisure, in search of their prey in the Hindu community, as a matter of choice. Hindu men, in their vast majority, have turned drunkards, their daughters and sons courted, even at the University corridor and converted.( Meet a university student, he will tell you about the art of seduction practiced by a group, smartly dressed, under the very nose of the promoters of 'Sukhi Pariwar' at the helm of affairs at that prestigious institution.

A few days ago about 20 minor Hindu girls, enticed by Hindu pimps financed by some non-Hindu religious group, were caught red-handed in Plaine-Wilhems. (Thank you, CP Ramparsad.)

Will you believe that the Hindu population climbed down from 206,000 in 1911 to 202 000 in 1931, while other religious groups registered increases in their numerical strength! It happened in a matter of 20 years! ( From 1911 to 1931)Let us see now how much of our lethargy destroys the work of the Bissoondoyals who strived to restore the %age of Hindus from 48% to 52%. ( Read Appendix I in Sookdeo Bissoondoyal's fourth edition of his 'Concise History of Mauritius, 1972, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan.'

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