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Re: [WBFWORLD] Marriage between 1st cousins illegal, says HC

My take:
The marriage between cousins is illegal in Hindus and Sikhs alone. As per Bible a Christian can marry his daughter. Don't believe? Consult Bible,

"But if any man thinks that he is behaving himself unseemly toward his virgin daughter, if she be past the flower of her age, and if need so requires, let him do what he will; he is not sinning; let them marry" (Bible, 1 Corinthians 7:36).

Now see in Islam,

Extracted from Koran, 33 The Confederates -Al-Ahzab

[33:37] And when you said to he whom Allah had favored and yourself have favored: 'Keep your wife and fear Allah, ' and you sought to hide in yourself what Allah was to reveal, fearing people; although Allah has a better right for you to fear Him. And when Zayd had accomplished what he would of her (divorce), We gave her to you (Prophet Muhammad) in marriage, so that there is no fault in believers concerning (marriage to) the former spouse of their foster children if they divorced them. The decree of Allah must be done.

[33:38] No fault shall be attached to the Prophet for doing what Allah has obligated for him. Such was the way of Allah with those who passed away before the decree of Allah is a decree determined

Now the Indian Constitution,




"Cultural and Educational Rights

"29. Protection of Interests of Minorities-(1) Any section of the citizens residing in the territories of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script, or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same.''

Now the Judiciary,

No court can sit into judgment against Bible and Koran. (AIR 1985 CALCUTTA HIGH COURT, 104). Apex court issued writ that notwithstanding Article 27 of the Indian Constitution every Imaam would get salary to abuse Vedic Sanaatan Dharm. (AIR 1993 SUPREME COURT 2086).

And finally note,

Aryavrt Government and Abhinav Bharat are fighting war against immoral usurper and lethal cultures. Our Bharat had several warriors, social reformers, saints and even kings. None of them fought against the root cause of human miseries viz. Christianity, Islam, Socialism, and Democracy. They had been fighting wars against the symptoms, not the sources. These cultures are fabricated  to rob and enslave one and all. These cultures must go else human race won't survive. Since 300 B.C. we are the first to fight against real enemies. Help us, else be ready for doom.

As long as you would tolerate Christianity and Islam and their protector the predator and pirate Indian Constitution, you would be driven like sheep of Jesus and like Kafir of Allah. You would remain deprived of your freedom of faith, right of life and property. Rise and declare, "We would not tolerate criminal cultures of Christianity and Islam."

We are against Christianity and Islam.

Look! Pakpita MK Gandhi promised Ram Rajya and we are given Rome Rajya. On the divine command of bastard ghost Jesus Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi would get us killed, (Bible, Luke 19:27), get our women raped before our own eyes, our infants dashed to pieces, our houses looted and our Bharat converted into Christians' empire (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) with the aid and abetment of the dreaded predator and pirate Indian Constitution.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are killer cultures. The Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution is fraud. Muslims and Christians devoured the cultures and people of the world. Where is the Maya culture of red Indians of USA? What has happened with them? What has happened with the Parsis and their religion Zoroastrianism? What happened to Pagans? You have no access to defeat this fraud. Christians devoured Red Indians of America. Now they are after black Indians of India. We, Vedic Panthies, under the guidance of Jagatguru Amritanand, who is in jail in Malegaon mosque blast conspiracy, and banner of Aryavrt Government have right of private defence under section 102 of the Indian Penal Code. We, alone can defeat this fraud. Support us to kill the killers of humanity.

We alone can fight this war. Support us if you wish to survive.

Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
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Christianity and Islam are criminal religions. They are not minorities. Instead we Vedic Panthies are minority among minorities. Protect us to salvage human races.
If you feel that this message be telecasted, donate us. Rush your contribution in the account of Manav Raksha Sangh Account No. 016001020168 ICICI Bank Ltd. Else keep ready for your doom. Remember! Whoever you are, you won't be able to save your properties, women, motherland, Vedic culture and even your infants. Choice is yours, whether you stick to dreaded usurper Democracy and get eradicated or survive with your rights upon your property, freedom of faith and life with dignity?


On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 9:03 AM, Nirmal Choubey <> wrote:

I see that the act has left a loop hole for groups there is an established tradition of marrying cousins. In my view this loop hole should be closed in light of the current evidence.


Marriage between 1st cousins illegal, says HC

Shibu Thomas, TNN, Sep 14, 2010, 03.34am IST

MUMBAI: The Bombay high court on Monday rejected one Harmant Singh's plea that his "wife" Hardeep, who is also his first cousin, be allowed to live with him. The Hindu Marriage Act disallows marriage between first cousins.

"If the request was to be considered, it would be putting a seal of approval on a relationship which isn't permitted in law," said a division bench of Justice A M Khanwilkar and Justice U D Salvi. The judges allowed Hardeep to go with her parents. "She is an adult and free to take her own decisions," said the judges, adding that Hardeep could decide her plans in consultation with her parents.

Harmant's lawyer made repeated pleas the court ask Hardeep with whom she wished to go. The judges, however, pointed out that "the law doesn't permit you and her to stay together."

Additional public prosecutor Ajay Gadkari told the court that in a habeas corpus proceeding the scope was limited to producing the person concerned before the court and that they had brought Hardeep from Amritsar.

Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act bans, among other things, marriage between a brother and sister, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, or children of brother and sister or of two brothers or of two sisters. The marriage is void, unless the custom of the community permits it.

Harmant, who claimed to be a marine officer, said he had met Hardeep in Amritsar. They married at an Arya Samaj temple in Mumbai in January 2009. Nine months later, her family called her home on the pretext that her father was sick. Subsequently, he wasn't allowed to meet her. Harmant, admitted that she was his first cousin, and under the law the marriage was void.

(Names of the couple have been changed to protect their identities)

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