Thursday, September 23, 2010

Protect else quit

Rape sponsored by Sonia and Mamta Banerji

Do you know that you won’t survive?

Depose faith in Jehovah (Bible,  Isaiah 13:15and16) rape any alien women of your choice  and depose faith in Allah (Koran,  23:6 and 70:30) rape any alien women of your choice and remain scot-free. No sooner one converts into either in Islam,  or Judaism,  or Christianity or Socialism,  the criminal activities of murder,  plunder and rape of women ceased to be considered crimes instead these crimes turn into the source of sustenance and heaven after death.

Humanity is victim of Allah, Jesus, the only son of Jehovah and Democracy. Either one does not worship Allah alone (Namaaz and Koran 21:98) or does not accept Jesus one’s ruler (Bible, Luke 19:27), as such Christians and Muslims are religiously and constitutionally right in murdering their common enemy Aryans because Aryans do not want Jesus to be their king and waged war since 1857 against British rule and they do not worship Allah alone. Nay! Christians and Muslims have been provided fundamental right to conserve their very culture of murder; plunder and rape of women vide Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution. Needless to write that women, in their ignorance, are breeding their own enemies as well as enemies of human race.

Once these women, who are born free by the nature, decide to stop sexual relations with their own enemies, having faith of criminal Islam and Christianity, these religions would die for want of regeneration alone. Would the women join Vedic Panth for their own protection and in the service of humanity?



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