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My take:

I feel pity for human ignorance. Peace is taboo in Islam. Allah commands, (Koran 2:216 and 8:65) "Fight until persecution, which is worse than slaughter, (Koran, 2:191) is no more and religion is all for Allah." (Koran 8:39). Thus, Islam, camouflaged as secular, is a religion of the sword with the blade forever at the throat of every unbeliever. Allah has consigned those Muslims, who did not adopt crusade (Jihad) and observed peace to their grave hell, since the inception of Islam. They would bear the punishment until Qayamat i.e the Day of Judgment. However, those who plundered, murdered, raped women of non-Muslims, became Ghazi, if survived, and secured instant supreme heaven (Firdaus) if slain. Allah is fraud. Allah promises heaven but consigns Muslims in hell until The Day of Judgment.

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Christianity and Islam are criminal religions. They are not minorities. Instead we Vedic Panthies are minority among minorities. Protect us to salvage human races.
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HORRENDOUS as it may be to burn Koran, the FACT is that the Muslims burn the non Muslims HOLIEST BOOKS AND SCRIPTURES by the million. Not only that they also destroy places of worship and not only that they also build MOSQUES on the very spot and using the same materials.
So at lease ONCE in 1400 years there has come a MAN who will  DARE to tell them how it feels to torch a RELIGIOUS book.
What happened to all the copies of Gita and Granth in THOUSANDS of temples and gurdwaras across Pakistan in 1947? What happened to copies of BIBLE in Northern Cyprus? And so on.
The worst PREDATOR on earth is MUSLIM. He kills the non Muslims as if they were SHEEP. They also kill their own kind in hundreds on DAILY BASIS. But come ONE place where Koran is to be burnt they threaten WORLD WAR. Iran might also fly out a nuclear bomb to destroy Washington and Israel as collateral damage.
8 Sep 10
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HRCARI repudiates and refutes any desecration of Islam's scriptures- NOT our mission or coalition

Charles Jacobs Americans for Peace and Tolerance comment should be fully endorsed as below

Marvin Belsky

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date Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 1:57 PM
subject HRCARI repudiates and refutes any desecration of Islam's scriptures- NOT our mission or coalition

HRCARI should in no way, manner or form be associated with burning the Koran, tearing up the Koran, even relating to any Islamic scriptures. That will be the end of the coalition as most, if not all, of our partners do not and will not tolerate such actions.

We settled this at the very beginning, many months ago, that we are a Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam, and we already have banners and posters that visually demonstrate the current, present day manifestations of Radical Islam, and we are not to be purveyors of the history of Islam, let alone its scriptures. Anything else is a dead end. Our banners and posters certainly delineate the present day global threat of Radical Islam.

Any others banners and posters that are alleged to be HRCARI depicting Koranic or Islamic past history, not relevant to today's horrors by Radical Islam, is not only counter-productive and outside our mission statement and past actions, but will be grist for those who want to divide us and alienate and marginalize us totally from our fellow Americans. If anyone or group engages in battering and desecrating the religion of Islam itself, they could and likely be agent-provocateurs or effectively serve that infiltrative role.

HRCARI does not have to educate and present a history of the religion of Islam and its scriptures at demonstrations....we have to educate fellow Americans as to present-day current global manifestations of Radical Islam, its threat to America and many other ethnic groups...and our banners and posters do exactly that. Anyone or group or individuals doing anything else is to be isolated from HRCARI, and clearly indicate that their motives and actions, signs, are not those of HRCARI.. If we are not disciplined, we are nothing.


Dear Marvin,

We at APT condemn in the strongest terms the planed 9/11 Quran burning event organized by Pastor Terry Jones and his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida.
The Quran needs to be studied; its objectionable passages need to be honestly examined; and reformist Muslims should be given a safe and accommodating forum for its reinterpretation.
We in the West have adopted the values of the Enlightenment and have been enriched by the intellectual and reason-driven world we have created, a world where ideas are explored and debated - adopted or rejected -- on the basis of reason, facts, logic and humanity.
Book burning is an act that prevents the sort of discussion of Islamic ideas and programs that is most needed in the current circumstances.
APT exists to expose the program of Islamists to radicalize America's historic Muslim community. We do so through research, discussion and open debate. We don't need to burn books. We need to help the people who want to reform them.

We find this analysis of the issue by Frank Gaffney particularly prescient.

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