Saturday, September 11, 2010

Protect else quit

Protect else quit


The apex court had taken cases of Zahira Sheikh and Bilkis Yakoob suo motu. The Apex court's chief Justice V.N. Khare had warned Shri Narendra Modi, the CM of the Gujarat Govt., "We cannot remain a silent spectator to its in action in Best Bakery case." Khare had also said to Shri Modi, "you have to protect people and punish the quit if you can't prosecute the guilty."

How can the very apex court remain silent spectator to in action of Buddhdeb, the CM of WB, in Deganga, 24 Pargana, WB, mass rape by Muslim mob?

Also see on the above web site, Ishrat Jahan case.

Aryavrt Government demands, "If the Chirf Justice of India cannot take the case of Deganga suo motu, he must quit else be removed by President Pratibha."

Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi


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