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Re: MUST READ - Hans Atrott's book: "Jesus' Bluff - The universal Scandal of the World" and the Christians' War on India

My take:

While humanity is fighting relentless war for liberty, public servants, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and most human races have no shame that they have voluntarily relinquished their liberty, wisdom and manhood in lieu of booty and sex. (Koran, 8:1, 69 and 41), (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) and (Bible, Genesis 2:17). They have no shame that they are becoming human bombs and fighting to retain their servilities of Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, rulers, clerics, dead Socialists, Communists and Democrats. Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, rulers, clerics, dead Socialists, Communists and Democrats have snatched the very instinct for liberty from their followers. Look! Still Jews, Christians and Muslims do not feel sorry that they are getting cheated, corrupted and humiliated by their so-called merciful Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, clerics and rulers. They are happily defending their servilities in lieu of booty and sex. Clerics/ rulers are rewarding both Muslims and Christians for relinquishing their liberty. Tell me, why are you not reviving liberty of citizens?

Christianity and Islam are cults. It is time to wake up and realize that these cults are threat to humankind and there can be no co-existence with Muslims and Christians. As long as Muslims and Christians believe in Muhammad and Jesus, they are a threat to others and even to themselves. Secularism and Multiculturalism is bankrupt against Judaism's, Christianity's & Islam's demand for every civilization to submit. {Azaan, (Koran, 2:191-194 and 8:39) and (Bible, Exodus/ Chapter 20 / The Ten Commandments/ Verses 3 and 5 and Luke 19:27)}. The culture of tolerance collapses in the face of the sacred intolerance of dualistic ethics. Intellectuals respond by ignoring the failure. Muslims and Christians must leave their Christianity and Islam, discard their cultures of hate and join the rest of humankind as fellow humans, or non-Muslims and non-Christians must separate themselves from them, ban Christianity and Islam, end the immigration of Muslims and Christians and slay those, who plot against humanity and refuse to integrate. Christianity and Islam are incompatible with humanity and morality. These are warring creeds {(Koran 2:216 and 8:65) and (Bible, Matt 10:34 and Luke 12:49)} that use democracy to destroy humanity and to establish itself as a worldwide dictatorship. The only way to avert the clash between this barbarity and civilization and a world disaster, is to expose the fallacies of Christianity and Islam and demystify them. Muslims and Christians must be weaned from Christianity and Islam for humanity to live in peace. Aryavrt Government is here to do it. Support us.

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From: Hans Henning Atrott []
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Subject: Hans Atrott's book: "Jesus' Bluff - The universal Scandal of the World" and the Christians' War on India


Ladies and gentlemen! 

The strength of authentic religion is in keeping its tenets and knowing the threats from the outside. If in ancient Rome the leaders of the then existing religions would have said that Christianity is the enemy of freedom of religion that is going to extirpate each religion, the Christians would have shammed the "martyrs". In ancient Rome , there were only five per cent Christians when, backed by a Christian Emperor ( Constantine ), this organized criminal group raped 95 per cent of the Romans to accept Christianity. This is what the fake religion of Christians (now making 6 per cent of Indian population) is going to perpetrate in India  after the so-called "Mother Theresa" played the Trojan Horse and Sonia Gandhi is ready to play "Emperor Constantine" for the criminal spread of Christianity in India . The desperate Pope had partly admitted the criminality of Christianity in March 2000 for the first time. Demonstrably, the Christians needed about two millennia to admit their crimes … partly!

·      Who is a more ruthless liar than the one that demonstrably lies about his crimes for two millennia? 

·      What callous unscrupulousness to demand a moral authority in view of such a criminality exceeding that one of all other organized crimes, together?

     Admitting  crimes without giving back the loot indirectly means claiming a "human right" of committing crimes. Christian crimes are not a matter of the past. In the 1970's and 80's, Christianity systematically prosecuted religions stemming from India , in Germany , in order to extirpate them. In 1994, the Christians again perpetrated a  mass-murder, in Rwanda ( Africa ), while feigning that their criminality was a matter of the past. There, the Christians massacred about five million Tutsis.. In France , the current president is trying to abolish the separation of the French state from the Christian sect.  This week, the Christians tried impeding the construction of a mosque in Jos (Nigeria/Africa). About 300 individuals were killed. Western media kept silent about this mass-murder. As the Christians impede and destroy mosques in Nigeria , today, they will destroy Hindu Temples in India , tomorrow, if they gain the political power to accomplish their perfidy of "martyrdom for the truths" or "love of the enemy".

·    Christianity does not believe in God, but makes a "god" of its own from a felon on the death row who plays "god" in this sect.. Hence, it is no religion and cannot demand the human right of religion for itself. This Christian dogma is only a framework to pass off the felon on the death row (Jesus) as "god".

·        There is no true Christian faith. There only  is Christian perfidy!  The Christian sect does not believe in truth but in contrived "facts". Unlike ideas, facts are not just to believe in, not to mention, blindly, but to verify and falsify. This sect claims that its instigator was unjustly sentenced to death. A few days later, he allegedly "resurrected from the death".  The above mentioned book proves that nothing like that happened. As far as Christianity claims "ideas" and "dogmas", it is about fabrications that shall camouflage the shame and disgrace of the sentenced felon, e.g., as "vicarious suffering" and "vicarious atonement". This sect has nothing to do with religion and God etc. Making a "god" of one's own man is no belief in God but atheism, superstition and blasphemy.

·       In their faking of "god's word", the Christians admit being  "the enemies of God" (Ro 5:10). They only want to atone with God on the lunatic condition that God  accepts the sentenced felon (Jesus) as "co-god". (They also say that Satan wants to be "god".)  Since this does not happen, the Christians remain the enemies of humans and God. Beware of the enemies of God! Either you constrain the Christians in India , or the Christians will extirpate you as they did so in ancient Rome and all over Europe ! The Christians will commit a genocide of Hindus, as they committed the holocaust on the Jews, from 1933-1945. This was not the Christians' first mass-murder of the Jews. There is no evidence that the Christians will treat the Hindus in a different way. The Christians will destroy the unity of India and will instigate mass-murders of those that do not cringe before them.  They put up the Christianizing of the American continent with mass-murders of about 150 millions of native inhabitants. That is going to happen to the Indian sub-continent, if India does not succeed in constraining this organized crime in disguise of a religion. By the way, (criminality of) Christianity constitutes a right of self-defense, if the state does not fight the murderers masking themselves with perfidies in order to lull the victims into trusting their murderers. In Europe, the Christian hypocrites persuade the people to remain Christians by admonishing them to preserve the (purported Christian) cultural roots of Europe while trying to destroy the ones of India …

·    Constraining Christianity means prohibition of Christian mission and banning Christians from politics,  public offices (in particular from the military, police force, attorneys, judges, etc.), public education and mass­-media. The Christians will primarily use their jobs for spreading their fake religion by attacks on their rivals, but not for the welfare of the common people, i.e. for which they are elected or appointed!

·     The book "Jesus' Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World (M. Magnes)" by former Executive Director of World Federation of Right-to-die-Societies, Hans Atrott, falsifies the claimed facts (exposes the lies) of Christian sects about Jesus' purported "resurrection from the dead". A double of Jesus was hanged on the crucifix. Everybody can pose as "risen from the dead" that has not died before "resurrecting"…! Only the unscrupulous can lie about such facts to the whole world… In addition, the author points out that there hardly is a difference between Jesus "Christ" and Satan, according to the Christians' own doctrines (Satan sive Iesus – Satan or Jesus, which is the same!). The Christians address and worship Satan or a soul-mate of Satan as "god".


      The book furthers  proves Christian "truths", in particular, their show of "love"  is nothing but a lie, deceit, hypocrisy, insidiousness and perfidy. Who says that criminals are honest and not insidious and  perfidious…?

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Jesus is a PARASITE. If not why does Allah says he is god. Allah is not God if Jesus is. The Answer is "There is no God". The media says there is righteous to whatever you do and theres a god that give you a power to accomplish anything. But the real truth that god doesn't exist. God didnt give you anything at all. Jesus will make you a slave and Allah will tell you that you can kill which is both wrong. That only proves in the near future that God is dead