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Re: [aryayouthgroup] Ramdev faces threat to life / My suggestions fr addl Precautions :

My take:
None of the possibilies quoted by Mr. Gupta can harm Yog guru Ramdev.
However, Once he declares that he hates Church and mosque, I bet he would land in Jail.
He had paid Rs. 75 lacs to Hemant Karkare & Co. for pushing beef in the mouth of Swami Amritanand. So, he is potential
owner of assets and cash that would be looted by Sonia by the divine command of Jehovah. See Bible, Deut. 12:1-3 and 20:14 and Constitutional right under Art 39(c) and omitted Art. 31.
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On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 8:25 PM, satish gupta <> wrote:

Dear Mr Navin Upadhyaji,
                              Saprem Namastey !
While I thank you fr sending the undernoted mail, highlighting further added Threats to Baba Ram Dev , allow me to strongly propose that the threats could be in any garb, not necessarily when he is in the open or moving outside .
Real Danger to his PRECIOUS LIFE , under the present circumstances,  could come in any form, like the one very recently happened on NW/ DELTA flight no. 273 on 25th December, 2009  from Amsterdam to Detroit when a Terrorist Sucider could hide EXPLOSIVES on his body & wanted to blow the entire aircraft with 278 Passengers + 11 Crew Members including himself, but the Security failed to detect this terrorist.
Or, the possible killer culprit, could sneak in his chamber in the garb of a patient or " HIS MOST DEVOTED & TRUSTED  DEVOTEE ...ETC "  BUT MAY TAKE OUT HIS HIDDEN REVOLVER  OR  ANY  OTHER  UNDETECTED  HIDDEN  WEAPON  UPON  HIS  BODY &  MAY  TRY  TO  KILL  RESPECTED  BABA  SWAMI  RAMDEVJI  MAHARAJ , IN  THE  WAY  AS  ABDUL  RASHID   HAD  KILLED  THE  GREAT  MARTYER, SWAMI  SHRADDHANAND  SARASWATI  OF  ARYA  SAMAJ  in  his  own  chamber / room  in  Aryasamaj itself by  shooting him from  his  hidden  revolver . "
Hence, every one in his Ashram has to be extra cautious from the visitors who must  thoroughly  &  Fully  be searched before entry  in the ashram  premises  as the terrorist could sneak at any time in any garb, one has to take all possible precautions in  every  possible  manner &  every  where.   


He has to depend more on his own trusted Security by his  truly  devoted  devotees , than  Government's Security.


Even while Baba is travelling any where or visiting any place including very well known places, friends /gatherings / ashrams etc anywhere, all possible precautions MUST  BE  TAKEN AT  ALL COSTS  WITHOUT  ANY  HESITATION  or   embarassment  to  any one ,irrespective  of one's position  or  post including the highest  office  one may be holding any where in any country or Company/ organization.


In short, Baba has to be  imprisoned in the STRONGEST SOLID WALLS  OF HIS  OWN  SECURITY  GUARDS  all the  time , even  while  he is  going  to  loo, some  security  personnel  must inspect it for its  "all Clear signs ",before Baba uses it for loo purposes.     HIS  LIFE  IS  VERY  PRECIOUS  TO  OUR  COUNTRY  &  TO  OUR  NATIONALIST/  DESHBHAKT  INDIANS .




Sincerely yrs,

S C Gupta. ( A concerned  Selfless  Nationalist  Indian  & a  Staunch 

Arya Samaji ).


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Subject: [aryayouthgroup] Ramdev faces threat to life


From: <mishrab4@aim. com>
Date: Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 8:22 AM

Ramdev faces threat to life

Navin Upadhyay | New Delhi

Terrorist groups, MNCs targeting Baba
Yoga guru wants security to be upgraded

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is facing threat to his life and intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch on his security.

Alarmed by a spate of emails, letters and independent feedback that pointed to the ever growing threats to his life, Baba Ramdev has informed the Home Ministry and intelligence agencies that he could be targeted by Islamic militant groups and multinational agencies.

"Yes, Baba has informed the Government about the threats to his life," says Bala Krishna, a close associate of the Yoga guru.

Talking to The Pioneer over phone, Bala Krishna said IB sleuths have been visiting the Patanjali Yogpeeth at Haridwar and trying to assess the nature of threats. "They have met the guru and discussed the whole issue of threats and security with him. We feel that Baba's security must be upgraded," Bala Krishna said.

The man who has revolutionised yoga teaching and taken the Indian tradition of medicine and cure to different corners of the world, has been provided Y-category security that involves protection by nine policemen.

Sources said that Baba has specifically identified two potential threats; one from Islamic militant groups, and the second from MNCs. Baba is reported to have told IB sleuths and officials that based on personal knowledge and feedback received from his well-wishers, he apprehends that he was on the hit list of Islamic groups for preaching religious tolerance and communal amity.

At the same time, he has expressed fears that several MNCs could be keen to see him eliminated because his preaching of 'swadeshi' and campaign to avoid harmful consumer goods produced by these multinationals.

Baba has been in the centre of many controversies in the past. He has repeatedly lashed out against colas and advised the people to use them as toilet cleaners. His advocacy of Indian medicine and his claim that he could cure AIDS and cancer with yoga and pranayam has also won him many detractors.

Talking about threats from extremist outfits, Bal Krishna said, "Baba's thrust on reaching out to even the Muslims has angered several fanatical elements. They think he is a kafir who should be eliminated for teaching yoga to the Muslims."

Bala Krishna added that Baba's campaign against corruption has also earned him many enemies. A section of people are threatened by him, and they have every reason to eliminate him. We have repeatedly drawn the attention of the Government to the threats, but adequate steps have not been taken to protect him."

Bal Krishna said that 'hate' emails and letters could have been dismissed as handiworks of 'cranks', but independent inputs from different sources have suggested that certain elements were actively plotting to eliminate Baba.

"We hope that the Government will take the threat seriously and act accordingly by upgrading his security cover," Bal Krishna said.

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