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Re: [CIOphiladelphia] Government control of temples is destroying Hinduism

My take:
Bharat does not belong to the so called Hindus.

Ultimate status of worship places of alien faiths if Democracy, Jehovah, Allah, Judaism, Islam and Christianity survive!

Extracted from Bible Deuteronomy/ Chapter 12 / Verses 1-2-3

The one Place of Worship

1. "These are the decrees and laws you must be careful to follow in the Land that the Lord, the God of your fathers, has given you to possess as long as you live in the land.

Note: Missionaries, armed with the Indian Constitution, are living in Bharat which is dominion and commonwealth member! Can Aryans survive?

2. "Destroy completely all the places on the high mountains and on the hills and under every spreading tree where the nations you are dispossessing worship their gods.

3. "Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones and burn their Asherah poles in the fire; cut down their idols of their Gods and wipe out their names from those places.

Extracted from Koran,

"81. And say: Truth has (now) arrived, and falsehood perished: For Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish. The Koran, 17th Chapter Bani Israil 17:81.

The footnote reports that Allah through Muhammad recited the verse, after the destruction of 359 idols of Ka'bah. Muslims consider the very place, which is booty, most sacred place. In fact, Muslims must return this place to idolaters, that too, after re-installing 359 idols demolished by criminal Muhammad.

"57. 'And by Allah, I (Abraham) shall circumvent your idols after ye have gone away and turned your backs.'"

"58. Then he (Abraham) reduced them to fragments, all save chief of them, that haply they might have recourse to it."

There is talk of court and mutual negotiation. Do Allah and Jehovah allow it?

Islam has sermon 'Ilah Ill Allah' which means Allah alone can be worshipped. How is it secular religion and prayer? Vedic culture's tenet is, 'Yo Yo Yam Yam tanu bhaktah shrdhyarchitumichchhasi. Tasya tasyaachlam shraddham tameh vidhmamyaham.' Gita 7.21, meaning Whatever celestial form a devotee (craving for some worldly object) chooses to worship with reverence, I stabilize the faith of that particular devotee in that very form.

Now the Indian Constitution

Do you know that the fraud and puppet PM Manmohan has taken oath of faith and allegiance in the Indian Constitution?  Again do you know that Koran, Bible and the Indian Constitution, as quoted above, provide unfettered fundamental right to Muslims and Christians to demolish all the aliens' worship places?

Clearly Christianity and Islam cannot tolerate aliens' worship place. First, therefore, Ramlla temple cannot be constructed. Even if constructed, so long as Christianity and Islam survive, cannot survive!

Any one, who brings these facts before humanity, is being beaten by the police till one is conscious. There after he is being produced before judiciary. Judiciary happily sends such person to judicial custody and supposed to convict that one!

And note! While quoting the facts of Koran is crime attracting action under Indian Penal Code, the books from where these quotations are drawn remains sacred cow and immune from any action.

Jihad (Crusade) (Koran 2:193; 2:216; 8:39 etc) is the culture of Muslims. Plunder, (Koran 8:1, 8:41) murder (Koran 9:5; 33:61 etc) and rape of alien women (Koran 4:24; 23:5; 33:50; 70:30 etc) is integral part of Jihad and is unfettered fundamental right of every Muslim as provided by the Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution.

So long as Muslims slay Aryans, usurp their properties, rape their women, no Muslim is arrested. No enquiry commission is constituted. Muslims murdered Kashmere Aryans and are usurping the properties of more than 3 lacs Aryans'in Kashmir since 1990.

There are yet other hard truths that the FIRs for demolition of Babri structure were registered by two Police Officers named Priyambda Nath Shukla and Om Prakash Tiwari and the Librhan Commission has been setup. However during the same period more than 108 temples were demolished by Muslims in Kashmir alone. The Chairman and Union of India owe responsibility to clarify as to why no police officer registered any complaint for the demolition of the temples and there is no enquiry commission for the demolition of the temples? The Chairman Librhan Commission has issued NBW against Ex. CM Kalyan and the very chairman Librhan Commission has no power to summon me! Remember! The main dispute is as to why Islam and Masjid should stay in Bharat. The Chairman and the judiciary are being paid to thwart this very dispute!

Thus as long as Muslims and Christians demolish temples, Union of India and Democracy do not take action. No sooner a Church or mosque is demolished all hell breaks out!

In fact you must thank that Christians and Muslims have let you keep your temples.


Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
Phone: (+91) 9868324025/9838577815
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On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 1:19 PM, J.G. Arora <> wrote:

Government control of temples is destroying Hinduism

By J.G. Arora

Organiser, New Delhi: March 8, 2009 & March 15, 2009
Apart from Pak-Bangla terrorist and demographic invasion, another problem tormenting Bharat and its heritage is the outrageous government control of all prominent Hindu temples.
It is shocking that though India is a Secular Republic, and though secularism commands separation of State and Religion, state governments have taken over all prominent Hindu temples and shrines which is an anti-secular act.

All well-known Hindu temples including those at Puri, Tirupati, Guruvayoor, Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Vaishno Devi, Mumbai (Shree Siddhi Vinayak Temple), Shirdi, Amarnath, Srisailam, Madurai and Rameshwaram are under government's control.

And in the latest of such takeovers, the ancient Shiva temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu is being grabbed by the government.
And only Hindu temples have been targeted for government control whereas no Christian church or Muslim mosque has been touched.
This is not to suggest that churches and mosques should be taken over by the government. This is just to stress that Hindu temples also should enjoy the same freedom from government control as enjoyed by churches and mosques, and that Hindus too should have the same liberty to manage their places of worship as given to non-Hindus.

Moreover, as discussed hereunder, the state governments are not applying the income from Hindu temples for the cause of Hindus or Hindu religion. Rather, the state takeover has resulted in appropriation of temple funds by government, and as in Karnataka, even for Madrassas and Churches. Besides, state takeover has resulted in gross mismanagement and embezzlement of temple funds, closure of many smaller temples, encroachments, sale and alienation of temple lands, and dismantling of temple infra-structure which is leading to gradual demolition of Hindu religion.
Government control of Hindu temples is anti-secular and anti-Hindu. It amounts to suppression of Hindus' right of religious freedom guaranteed under Articles 25 and 26 of the Constitution of India. Besides, it is discriminatory since only Hindu places of worship have been targeted for control.

Because of government takeover, persons with no devotion and no knowledge about Hinduism, and even non-Hindus are governing Hindu temples.
Though as per Article 25 of Indian Constitution, all persons are equally entitled to the right to profess, practice and propagate religion, and though as per Article 26, every religious denomination "shall have the right (a) to establish and maintain institutions for religious and charitable purposes; (b) to manage its own affairs in matters of religion; (c) to own and acquire movable and immovable property; and (d) to administer such property in accordance with law", various state governments are controlling all prominent Hindu temples and their estates thereby depriving Hindus of their Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Articles 25 and 26.

All over the country, there are serious allegations of mismanagement and embezzlement of income and assets of the government controlled temples. Only a few illustrations are given here.

In states like Andhra Pradesh, the devotees' offerings to temples are appropriated as government revenue; and are not used for Hindu community, or to promote Hindu religious activities. Besides, in several districts of Andhra Pradesh, thousands and thousands of acres of land owned by government controlled temples have been sold, alienated, gifted and permitted to be grabbed by land grabbers though the government has no right to do so since it is not the owner of temple lands.

In Bhadrachalam and Simhachalam, hundreds of acres of temple land have been given to Christian organisations. Moreover, the Endowment department has sold over 1600 Acres of Srisailam Temple land to various Missionary Organisations. And in 2005, 245 acres of prime land belonging to Seetharama Chandra Swamy temple at Devarayamjal was sold at throwaway prices causing huge loss to the temple.

And in 2006, the centuries old, 1000 pillar Mandapam in Tirumala complex was demolished.
Situation in other States is equally appalling. As reported in a section of the press, for the years 1997-98 to 2002-2003 for which figures are available, major portion of temple income in Karnataka was allocated to Madrassas, mosques and churches; whereas temples got only a little amount.

In Kerala, state control has rendered innumerable temples dysfunctional. Besides, under the Kerala Land Reforms Act, over 12,000 acres of Guruvayoor temple's land has been reduced to a few hundred acres only. And in Sabarimala, 2,500 acres of temple land has been sold by the government's Board..

In Orissa also the administration has been selling Jagannath temple endowment lands.

In Jammu and Kashmir, even Mata Vaishno Devi Temple University created with the funds of Vaishno Devi Temple does not have Hindu religious studies in its curriculum.

Tamil Nadu's position is equally dismal because of the problems inherent in government control of temples.

And though the Church is the largest real-estate owner in the country, no Church land has been controlled or alienated by the government.


Though a secular state can neither reward nor punish any religion, shackling Hindu religion through state control of temples continues all over India except in Himachal Pradesh where in 2008, the government decided to liberate the temples from its control.

Government control of their places of worship has crippled the cultural, social and spiritual life of Hindus. Apart from depriving temples of their income and wealth, this un-secular government action is ravaging the body and soul of Hinduism.

While the government subsidises "Haj" pilgrimage with hundreds of crores of rupees every year, state control is destroying the self-supporting edifice of Hindu places of worship.

Apart from being the centre of Hindu community's religious, social and cultural life, the temple is supposed to be the focal point for learning Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Tirukkural etc. from religious scholars. But Vedic learning and Sanskrit have been banished from most of the government controlled temples.

As reported in media, Andhra Pradesh government has brought Christian institutions into the decision making body of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) and its institutions. JRG Wealth Management, a Christian organisation has been employed for Prasadam materials for use in Tirupati temple.

And there are apprehensions of evangelists' design to build a Church at Tirumala.


Since temples belong to Hindu society which has built and maintained them over the centuries, they must be restored to Hindu community to give religious freedom to Hindus. Like other communities, Hindus too have a constitutional right to manage their places of worship. And they must not be denied this fundamental right.

Independent Boards comprising of Hindus must govern Hindu temples and shrines as is the case with places of worship of other religious communities. And temple income should be used for educational institutes, hospitals and welfare activities for general public, and also for Sanskrit and Hindu religious studies.

All pro-Hindu individuals and organisations have to assert themselves and force the State governments to liberate the temples. Alternatively, apart from demanding the amendment of Hindu Religious Endowments and Charitable Trusts Act, 1951 to make it compatible with Articles 25 and 26, suitable legal action should be taken by filing writ petitions / public interest petitions in the respective High Courts since the government control of Hindu temples violates Articles 14, 25 and 26 of Indian Constitution which bestow the fundamental rights to equality, freedom of religion, and freedom to manage religious affairs.

As per Kathopnishad, "Uttishthta jaagrta praapya varaan nibodhat" (Arise, awake, and do not stop till the goal is achieved).

Personal greed of a few individuals, and Hindu community's suicidal tolerance of gross injustice of confiscation of their temples must not be allowed to destroy Hinduism in truncated India the way Hinduism has been liquidated in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh which too used to be Hindu lands.

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