Sunday, October 25, 2009

Re: [aryasamajonline] ENQUIRY SET BY UGC ON Macaulay GURUKUL KANGRI

Kudos to Shri Raman Shri Man for the article.
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On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 1:25 PM, ramans shriman <> wrote:

Shri Madan gupta ji and SS gupta ji and swatantra kumar ji Namste
Holy Vedic Gurkul shiksha paddahtti is not any body's home made paddahtti. Arya smaj under its own stupidity and lethargy has changed to the home made padhhti which can be comfortably called as Macaulay Gurkul paddahhti. In this respect Arya smaj has done the same job what ponga pundits did in destroying the Holy Ved Gyan by doing the Aanrth of Arth of holy Vedas
My question to you all is
Is the holy Vedic word "Gurukul" one single word or a sandhi of two words GURU + KUL ????
If arya smaj says that it is a single word then it can give what ever the definition AS likes to give , like the democracy . democracy is single word and what ever the definition is given to it by who so ever was the originator and that is the definition of democracy . but some stupid people in India are using the word parja-tantar for it which is a cobbling of two Holy Vedic words but still use the same definition.??????

If GRUKUL is a sandhi of two words (GRU + KUL ) then AS can not give its own definition coz both words are holy Vedic words and they are defined by Holy brham rishi Panini and no tom dick harry or any vistha ka keeda should have business to alter these meanings. But arya samaj has done exactly that .
Therefore, there is :
1- NO GURU in Guru Kul kangdi
2- NO KUL in Guru Kul kangdi
3- NO Holy Vedic pathay-kram in Gur Kul Kangdi as detailed in Satyarath Prakash Samu-3 speially the yantra vidya , dhanur vidya , antariksh vidya , tara-gan vidya, bhoogol-khagol vidya etc. very clearly mentioned in SP samu -3 with time frame for minimu 24 eyars to 48 years Vedic shiksha time .
4- Holy Maharishi Dyanad has very clearly written that 25 years of Vedic shiksha can not be achieved in 100 years by any other shiksha Paddhatti. Gurukul Kangdi has put rubbish on this statement of Holy Maharishi Dayananad .
5- No holy Vedic Grukul Shikasha paddahtti – compulsory and free

As a result Gru Kul Kangdi is not doing any of the Holy Vedic Gur Kul functions e.g
1- giving varn to the sanataks ( Brhamin Khstriya Vaishya , Shudra )
2- doing their match making for vivah
3- accept new born but lost parent children as No orphanage is allowed in holy Vedic jeevan paddahtti coz Gru-Kul is the KUL who has no KUL.
4- Issuing Vedic quality standard certifications of "sataym vad dharma char" and "Satyam Shivam Sundram" quality standards certifications to commercial and non commercial organizations including the governance .
5- Re-training/ re- grading passed out sanatks for changing the Varna
6- Re-training /re-assessing for changing the jobs from guru to acharya , to muni, to maha-muni to rishi to maha-rishi to brahm rishi
7- Not running any anushandhan shala on any holy Vedic subjects e.g Holy Vedic Yog vidya, holy Vedic ayurveda-vigyan , holy vedic vastu vigyan, holy Vedic dhanur –vidya , holy vedic antariksh vigyan , holy vedic – jyotish vigyan and so many ang and upang of these.
8- No chaturvdi Brahman/ Brahmni grade people has come out from Gurkul kangdi who can sit in Vidya Arya sabha
9- No tri-vedi Brahmin/ brahmini grade people have come out from Grukul kangdi with specialization in Vedic Dharma who can sit in Arya Dharm sabha .
10- No dvi- vedi brhamin/ brhamini grade people has come out of Guru Kul Kangdi with specialization in Raj dharma who can sit in Arya raj sabha
11- As a result Guru Kul kangdi has not been able to set up a Holy Vedic Test Bench for all the wrong doings going on by the people of the world against holy Ved Gyan –Vigyan and shout on them
12- As result Holy Vedic GUR- KUL became and remained Macaulay gurkul and fallen victim of Macaulay business .i.e. fraud and cheatings.


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