Saturday, September 22, 2007

Justice with preoccupation is not possible.

Justice with preoccupation is not possible.
There can be no justice with preoccupation. You should know as to why Moses conceived Jehovah.
There is scramble for booty, sex and slaves among rulers. Sex & servility are two incentives of Islam. Therefore, Islam is darling and protected faith. U.S.A. has two enemies as well as scapegoats viz. Aryans & Jews. G. W. Bush has to steal their possessions. There is clearcut command from Allah, under concocted secular excuse that Allah alone can be worshipped, to slay, rob and rape women of Aryans & Jews; So, he is extending all support to PLO. When stupid Muslims would liquidate Aryans & Jews (The Jews are said to be most prosperous community in USA and are back bone of US economy), Bush would liquidate Muslims within few months and usurp the treasuries of Jews & Muslims both.
Does it not look strange that Muslims, who abuse your faith, Ishwar & incite for communal violence by shouting Azaan are not fanatic and Jews and Hindus, who want to survive are fanatics?
Let me make it clear that violence is the precondition of existence. It starts even before your birth in the womb of your mother. The same violence protracts until your death. Do you know how?
While millions of sperms are injected in womb only one survives, rest dies. That culminates in birth of a child. The violence does not stop there. The blood of even an animal or bird consists of red & white molecules. While red molecules circulate oxygen in the body, white molecules kill enemy bacteria. If you are in doubt, consult any zoologist or doctor.
We have a Manusmriti. It defines Dharm. Out of 10 ingradients of Dharm none is Ahimsa. Ahimsa is the root cause of Aryans servility. Ahimsa was preached by Buddh and Jain & now by imposter MK Gandhi.
Enemy must be eliminated else enemy would eliminate you. To stop an evil kings establish police and judges. Both do not kill every citizen, who is uncivilized. Again there is Shloka in Manusmriti.
"Dandah shasti praja sarva dand abhirakshati.
Dandah supteshu jagrti, dandam dharmam vidurbudhah"
Meaning: Punishment rules upon the citizens. Punishment protects citizens. When the whole world sleep, it is the punishment that awakens. Therefore learned people say punishment Dharm.
Evil must stop. Dand is the only way. You can stop Dand on the cost of anarchy & eradication of human race.
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