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From VHP: ASHOK SINGHAL's MEDIA STATEMENT: Resolution against "Vande Maataram" and Home Minister of Bharat; Punish humiliators of lingua franca in Maharashtra; Bharat should clearly tell China to free Tibet.


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Ref.# VHP/38/2009                                       Dated: Margshirsh Krishna Ekadashi, 2066 VS, i.e.,                                                                               November 12, 2009 CE





                                                                    Resolution against "Vande Maataram" and Home Minister of Bharat;

Punish humiliators of lingua franca in Maharashtra;

Bharat should clearly tell China to free Tibet.


Prayagraj (Allahabad), Nov. 12, 2009 -


Some recent developments warrant absolute alertness and vigilance on the part of the people of the country.


Resolution against "Vande Maataram" and Home Minister of Bharat

The first shelling lands on the heart of the country in the form of the resolution passed at Deoband rubbishing the National Song "Vande Maataram" by the Jamiat-E-Ulema-E-Hind. "Vande Maataram" was the Maha Mantra, signature tune, watchword and articulation of the Maha Yagna of freedom movement of our country. With this patriotic, assertive and reassuring Mahamantra on their lips, thousands of freedom fighters confronted and dared the foreign imperialist gallows. How can we stand such vandalization of this Mahamantra? But the inattentive Home Minister of this country, instead of trashing the seditious resolution and punishing its gang of promoters, the very next day gleefully lands on the same podium that passed this resolution and glorifies them. It is the height of evil deed to offend and wound the feelings and glorious memory of the martyrs of freedom struggle and also the patriotic portal of all the nationalists of Bharat. The people of the country would never allow it. The people of the country do not want such a Home Minister.


Punish humiliators of lingua franca in Maharashtra

The second incident is the abominable moves being enacted in Maharashtra on the question of language. All censure of the elements is little who are trying to split the people in the name of language. Such elements should get it well that our cultural roots, moorings and anchorage are so profound that such efforts being made by them will have no impact on the unity and integrity of the country. Humiliating the lingua franca is an open treason. Such treacherous people should be given the hardest of punishments.


Bharat should clearly tell China to free Tibet

The third incident is that of the proxy aggression of China on Bharat. China has been supplying huge amount of weapons to the Maoists via Myanmar. Our government should not hesitate to use the army and the air force against these anti-national forces that have been wrecking havoc on the country with hints from China. A former defence minister Sri George Fernandes had said long ago of China being our enemy number one. China forcefully occupied a sovereign state Tibet fifty years ago and today is opposing the Dalai Lama's visit to Arunachal Pradesh. Its interference in the internal affairs of Bharat is not a case to be tolerated. The Government of Bharat should plainly ask China to free Tibet. Huge amounts of consumer goods from China are being clandestinely brought into Bharat to flood its markets and this is badly affecting our economy. We urge the people of the country to give up buying and using products made in China.


Released by - Vishva Hindu Parishad            

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