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Re: Indian priests assaulted, paraded naked at Pashupatinath

Dear all,
Whatever atrocities against humanity is being done, the root cause for those are ignorance among human race. 
While humanity talks about freedom, she buys servilities of Jehovah and Allah in lust of booty and sex.

Aryavrt is fighting war against immoral usurper and lethal cultures. Our Bharat had several warriors, social reformers, saints and even kings. None of them fought against the root cause of human miseries viz. Christianity, Islam, Socialism, and Democracy. They had been fighting wars against the symptoms, not the sources. These cultures are invented to rob and enslave one and all. These cultures must go else human race won't survive.

Commands Allah, "This is of what your Lord has revealed to you of wisdom, and do not associate any other god with Allah lest you should be thrown into hell, blamed, cast away." Koran 017.039. Translated by SHAKIR:

Forget atrocities inflicted upon priests in Nepal. Think of yourselves.

Secular Allah boasts for being a terrorist (Koran 8:12) permits incest (Koran 33:37-38). Secular Allah boasts that he deceives humanity, (Koran 9:3) assassinates humanity, (Koran 9:5) slays humanity, (Koran 8:17) dupes humanity, ambushes humanity, (Koran 9:3) robs humanity, (Koran 8:1) condones rape of women, (Koran 23:6) enslaves women, Children, and even his own worshippers, commits murder, (Koran 8:17) genocide, (Koran 8:39) sadistic tortures, terrorism, warmongering, (Koran 2:216; 8:65 and 67) etc. on the pretext that one does not worship Allah alone. Still Muslims claim that they are Seculars! Similarly, Secular Jesus is a ghost adopted by Christian rulers to rule upon the world. In Bible, Secular Jesus himself commands his sheep, "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them bring them here and kill them in front of me." Bible, Luke 19:27. Secular Jesus further says in Bible, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." (Bible, Matt 10:34). and that Jesus has come on the earth to bring fire. (Bible, Luke 12:49). If one must be slain for worshipping false gods, why should one not be slain for worshipping butcher, incest monger, robber gods, who instigate and support murder, plunder, incest and rape of women? Aryavrt Government seeks answer.

While Pakistani radical Muslim theorist Syed Abul Ala Maududi declared that "Islam requires the earth - not just a portion, but the whole planet - not because the sovereignty over the earth should be wrested from one Nation or several Nations and vested in one particular Nation, but because the entire mankind should benefit ... from 'Islam' which is the programme of well-being for all humanity, Jesus commands his sheep to slay those, who do not accept Jesus their ruler. Is it liberty?

Maududi insisted that non-Muslims, although free to practice their "false, man-made way," have "absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God's earth nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines." If they do, "the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life."

Those who are paid to keep us informed have put their popularity and financial well being ahead of saving lives. How can you suppose Islam could be any different than the religion concocted by its sole prophet, Muhammad? How could the Christianity & Islam differ from the doctrines espoused by their deities named  Jehovah and Allah? If their prophets, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad got Christianity & Islam wrong, who can set Christianity & Islam right? I am quoting the verses of Koran and Bible. If the same horrify Christians and Muslims, they have to blame their Bible, Koran, Moses, Muhammad, Jehovah, Allah and their clerics. I simply want to expose Christianity and Islam. I am a reporter. I am doing the job that media should have done centuries back. I want to save women from Christianity & Islam, Muslims from Islam and Christians and Jews from Jehovah. Thereby I want to save women, Christians and Muslims men from the scourges of fabricated Jehovah and Allah.

Today's Jihadies and Missionaries are simply following their religions fabricated by Moses and Muhammad. Even after confronted with the evidences, one simply commits intellectual suicide to avoid seeing Christianity & Islam as complicit in Jihad and Mission.

The truth is crystal clear. The Jihadies and Missionaries have not corrupted their religion. Christianity & Islam have corrupted them. The murderers are following their prophet's example. And while most Christians and Muslims are not Mujahids and Missionaries, all the really good Christians and Muslims are. They haven't corrupted Christianity & Islam any more than the Germans corrupted Nazism or the Kamikazes corrupted the culture of Imperial Japan. Human races have been fighting wars against the symptoms, not the sources.

While the Christianity and Islam have stipulated the condition for existence of humanity of being slave of either Jesus or Allah by deceit, Aryans' Vedic culture forbids slavery, loot, rape and conversion. Its scriptures do not allow ambush and terrorism. Aryans did propagate their Buddhism around the world, but nowhere had they ruled upon aliens' territories. They did not demolish worship places and idols of aliens. They did not kill male persons and infants and did not rape women of alien faith. Their scriptures did not permit such crimes. Look! What Jews, Christians and Muslims did around the world! Jesus is fraud and enemy of Christians as well as Allah is fraud and enemy of Muslims.

 By defying death, accepting murder, plunder and rape of women sure path of paradise and butchering non-Christians, Christians made Christianity the world's largest religion and Muslims made Islam the world's second largest religion, now the biggest threat to world peace and the survival of human race. Both Christianity and Islam are being defended by the Indian Constitution and section 196 of the CrPC. Why is it important to know Muhammad and Jesus? Because over two billion Christians have relinquished their manhood to become wisdomless sheep (Bible, Genesis 2:17) ready to slay one, who does not accept Jesus one's ruler (Bible, Luke 19:27) and over 1.3 billion Muslims try to imitate Muhammad and do as he did. Consequently, the insanities of these men are bequeathed to all their followers. It is by understanding them that we can see through them, and be able to predict these unpredictable people. We live in a dangerous time. When over a half population of humanity worships psychopaths, eulogize suicide bombing and thinks killing and martyrdom are ultimate sources of paradise, the world becomes a dangerous place. When these people acquire atomic bomb, the earth becomes a powder keg. America had done it in Japan and is now contemplating the same around the world.

Christianity and Islam are cults. It is time to wake up and realize that these cults are threat to mankind and there can be no co-existence with Muslims and Christians. As long as Muslims and Christians believe in Muhammad and Jesus, they are a threat to others and even to themselves. Muslims and Christians must either leave Christianity and Islam, discard their cultures of hate and join the rest of mankind as fellow humans, or non-Muslims and non-Christians must separate themselves from them, ban Christianity and Islam, end the immigration of Muslims and Christians and slay those, who plot against humanity and refuse to integrate. Christianity and Islam are incompatible with humanity and morality. These are warring creeds {(Koran 2:216 and 8:65) and (Bible, Matt 10:34 and Luke 12:49) that use democracy to destroy humanity and to establish itself as a world wide dictatorship. The only way to avert the clash between this barbarity and civilization, and a world disaster, is to expose the fallacies of Christianity and Islam and demystify them. Muslims and Christians must be weaned from Christianity and Islam for humanity to live in peace.

Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
Phone: (+91) 9868324025/9838577815
If you feel that this message be telecasted, donate us. Rush your contribution in the account of Manav Raksha Sangh Account No. 016001020168 ICICI Bank Ltd. Else keep ready for your doom. Remember! Whoever you are, you won't be able to save your properties, women, motherland, Vedic culture & even your infants. Choice is yours, whether you stick to dreaded usurper Democracy & get eradicated or survive with your rights upon your property, freedom of faith & life with dignity?
On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 12:16 AM, Naresh Khanna <> wrote:

Indian priests assaulted, paraded naked at Pashupatinath


PASHUPATINATH ROW: The attack comes after protests against appointment of Indian priests at the temple (above).

Kathmandu: The Pashupatinath temple row took an ugly turn in Nepal on Friday with a mob assaulting the two newly-appointed Indian priests, stripping them naked and tearing off their sacred threads regarded as mandatory for Brahmins.

Girish Bhatt and Raghavendra Bhatt were brought from Karnataka state in India this month to continue the nearly 800-year-old tradition at the revered Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu of employing priests only from the orthodox southern states of India.

The two hapless men were thrashed within the temple premises on Friday as they were readying to worship the deity from Saturday.

Eyewitnesses said about eight to 10 men, armed with iron rods, stormed a secret room in the temple where the two priests had been confined two days ago, fasting and undergoing a purifying ritual so that they would be able to undertake the ritualistic worship from Saturday.

The invaders broke open the padlock on the door of the room, dragged the two stunned priests out and beat them up. The attackers also stripped the two men naked and forcibly took video pictures.

Then, in a final insult to the two priests, their sacred white thread were torn off. The priests wear these sacred threads to proclaim that they are Brahmins and have undergone traditional rituals.

"The attackers tried to drag them away," said an eyewitness who did not want to be named. "But the abduction bid was foiled after the people in the temple raised a hue and cry and locals gathered."

The two shaken priests have been taken to a safe place, temple officials said.

The attack inside the temple comes after protests began on Sunday with at least three organisations banding together to oppose the appointment of Indian priests.

They have formed a committee to oppose the appointments, saying at a time Nepal is writing a new constitution, Nepali priests should be employed instead of Indians.

Though the protesters say they have no political affiliation, locals said the attack was led by the Young Communist League, the dreaded strong arm of the Maoists that had spearheaded a similar attack last year.

Both the new priests' appointment and the attacks on them come at a time the row is being heard in court.

For the first time in the history of the 5th century temple, the Mahasnan ritual - the ritualistic bath of the deity - is in jeopardy with the priests saying they feared to carry on with their duties in the absence of security.

The Indian priest vs Nepali priest row was triggered by the earlier Maoist government last year that sought to stop the old tradition of hiring Indian priests for the Pashupatinath shrine.

However, the move raised widespread concern in India with major political parties there asking Nepal not to politicise religion and not to hurt the sentiment of two billion Hindus worldwide.

The protestors have said they would keep up a blockade of the Pashupatinath area and take stronger action if the Indian priests are not sent back.

Of the five Indian priests who originally served at the shrine, three have already resigned due to the mounting political pressure.

Both the protesters and the Nepali government allege that the other side is trying to grab the offerings made at the temple daily that runs into thousands of rupees.

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