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Fits the Earth between two Fingers - YES or NO?
There are two different opinions regarding to the emergence of this world, some people think it would have emerged in consequence of the causal chain which started with the big bang, the others are convinced of it, that it is finally the fault of Adam and Eve because they have not observed the one law of God: "When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her . . ." According to this the big bang would be a willfully deception of God, because without the doubt in God it wouldn't be possible to test the faith and unbelief of mankind and the sense of this world would get lost. In contrast to the religious view, a causal chain out of cause and effect can not have a beginning recently not emerge out of nothing, this contradicts to the laws of science, therewith there's not only no cause before or for the big bang, but also no energy which would have been necessary for the big bang, even not a tiny disbalance between anything. If two fingers are pressed together then is nothing between them or rather no matter, of course the universe, the human himself and the bright world which surrounds the human not emerged out of the completely harmless nothing between two fingers or without God, this are simply stories which were invented by some humans and which are believed by children if they are told to them early enough, in the first states of the USA such stories were deleted already successfully from the curriculum, so that they weren't taught any more to the children in the schools! The infinite old God created a world which seems to be produced and controlled by random and in which we can decide without the fear of God, so decide just like Jesus would have done, if you are able to. Through such a world can God test, if we are good enough for his eternal of Paradise. The Jews, the Christians and the Muslims they all believe in Adam and Eve and in the same God, but they are also self-righteous and brave enough just to believe and to die in the religion in which they were randomly born in, God has made the humans like this, at least God is justly, so God can' t judge the humans therefore not to search, to think really objectively and to decide! Can't? The 5th gospel of the Bible, the Barnabas gospel, was removed out of the Bible because a prophet called Ali was predicted by Jesus as the "Paraclete", which shall bring new laws of God. Ali was the second name of Mohammed, for over thousand years a secret was made out of this. In an other, still existing part of the Bible is Mohammed predicted through God himself (5.Mose 18:18-19): "I will raise up for them a prophet like you (Mose) from among their brothers (the brothers of the Jews recently the Israelites are the Ismaelites: Abraham > Ismael > Mohammed), I will put my words in his mouth (the Quran is the only book of God himself), and he will tell them everything I command him." Statements of God himself never leave room for doubts. Abraham had two sons, Ismael and Isaac, Ismael became the grandfather of the Ismaelites (the Arabs) and his brother Isaac became the grandfather of the Israelites (the Jews). Ismael was born as son of Abraham and the Egyptian handmaid Hadschar, Hadschar has found the well Zamzam in Mecca when her son Ismael nearly died of thirst. Ismael's descendant Mohammed was a very friendly person and initially a sheepherder, the Quran was transmitted to Mohammed through the archangel Gabriel, Mohammed himself was an illiterate. Isaac, the second son of Abraham, which he had with Sara, was the ancestor of many prophets up to Jesus. God has also given real proofs for the truthfulness of the Islam so that misunderstandings can be avoided, for examples, it was impossible for Mohammed to know 1400 years ago, that the universe expands since the big bang and that it theoretically must collapse again in the same way or that the water of the Atlantic Ocean and the water of the Mediterranean Sea not get merged with each other as if an invisible barrier would be between them or that the mountains are anchored far below in the earth so that the continental plates are hold by them in their position or in which phases a microscopically small embryo get developed during the pregnancy or that Christianity wars will really happen in future exactly like prophesied (here are some more examples). Most of the belonging to text parts in the Quran are marked additionally with the note, that this is a sign of God for the humans, so that it's sure, that this is definitely not a coincidence, but knowledge. Even the Buddhists and the Hindu people must admit, that this really is a wonder. Beside the Quran, were written down the sayings of Mohammed, this so-called hadith fill whole books. Like the other prophets, was also Mohammed authorized by God to cause wonders through which the mistrustful people became believers, it's also evident, that that what was prophesied really got fulfilled. Through a nightly ascension Mohammed was shown the Temple Mount of Israel and the gardens of Paradise which shall be an unimaginable beautiful place, he told his followers, that even a space in Paradise, not bigger than a foot, is better than the whole world and whatever is in it. He also said, that one hour of bliss in the eternal Paradise will be greater than a whole life in this world ever could be and that the nice smell of Paradise can be perceived from a walking distance of forty years. "God has promised to believers, men and women, gardens under which rivers flow to dwell therein eternally and good homes in gardens of everlasting bliss." Some people will even get access to the eternal Paradise for simply having an atom�s weight of faith. This life is just for a short time, some humans will be happy for 100 years and some will be sad for 100 years, but when this life ends will the eternity begin, so why to grab for a worthless dust particle when it comes about the entire universe. Freedom is if we recognize and do what God want and that what we can reach for God in this world means richness for us in Paradise and a smaller Hell for eternity!
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