Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Re: [prohindu] In Delhi meeting, Muthalik plans his Hindu agenda

My take,
The root cause of all evils is the Indian Constitution, Koran and Bible.

We must learn the doctrine of political Christianity and Islam to survive. The doctrine is very clear that all forms of force and persuasion may and must be used to conquer aliens. Christianity and Islam are self-proclaimed enemy of non Christian nations and unbelievers.

While Aryans' Vedic Culture  provided shelter to every faiths, Christianity and Islam have annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation might take centuries, but once Christianity and Islam are ascendant they never fail. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct. They are after the last partially survived Vedic culture. Let Aryavrt Government salvage Vedic culture. The Indian Constitution has been compiled by the Britons' Congress Party in retaliation and to settle vendetta for opposing British rule amongst other reasons.

The dualism of Democracy, Christianity and Islam are more deceitful and offers two choices on how to treat the people of alien faiths. The people of alien faiths can be treated nicely, in the same way a farmer treats his cattle well after one becomes slave else be slain. So Democracy, Christianity and Islam can be "nice", but in no case is the person of alien faith a "brother" or a friend.

Secularism/Multiculturalism is bankrupt against Judaism's, Christianity's & Islam's demand for every civilization to submit. {Azaan,  (Koran, 2:191-194 and 8:39) and (Bible, Exodus/ Chapter 20 / The Ten Commandments/ Verses 3 and 5 and Luke 19:27)}. The culture of tolerance collapses in the face of the sacred intolerance of dualistic ethics. Intellectuals respond by ignoring the failure.

Note! Aryavrt is fighting war against immoral usurper and lethal cultures. Our Bharat had several warriors, social reformers, saints and even kings. None of them fought against the root cause of human miseries viz. Christianity, Islam, Socialism, and Democracy. They had been fighting wars against the symptoms, not the sources. These cultures are invented to rob and enslave one and all. These cultures must go else human race won't survive.

Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
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On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 8:05 AM, viji <> wrote:

Now this is my kind of  hero.
 A Hindu talking of Hindu interests. This is the need of the hour.  Simple and truthful terms. Hindu, Hinduism, Hindus.   Hindu protection, preservation, propagation. '
Does not couch and obfuscate issues with nationalism, cultural nationalism,
Hindutva, inclusive Hindutva, integral humanism and other doublespeak meant for fooling the Hindus.

In Delhi meeting, Muthalik plans his 'Hindu agenda'

In Delhi meeting, Muthalik plans his 'Hindu agenda'
Suman K Jha, Monday , Sep 21, 2009 at 0455 hrs

Pramod Muthalik, founder of the Sri Ram Sene that attacked women in a Mangalore pub in January this year, was in New Delhi yesterday. He addressed "over a hundred delegates" of Hindu organisations at a meeting held at an "ashram" in Paharganj, near the New Delhi railway station, before slipping out of the Capital today.

Muthalik, who has earned notoriety for attacking pubs, vandalizing churches, and making inflammatory speeches across Karnataka, held forth on his "Hindu agenda" before his audience — a gathering of representatives from fringe organisations having past associations with the RSS, and in some cases, the BJP's student arm, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

While Muthalik has addressed several meetings in the southern states and Maharashtra in the past, this was his first foray into the national capital.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central District) Jaspal Singh — in whose jurisdiction the venue for Muthalik's meeting lies — said "he was not aware of Muthalik's presence in Delhi".

Karnataka Home Minister V S Acharya told The Indian Express, "Muthalik is facing around 40 cases in the state. But I don't know why he went to Delhi".

The "delegates" who attended the meeting at Muthalik's invitation, provided some details of what transpired.

Muthalik is said to have told them: "Pubs, Valentine's Day, and universities will stay high on our priority list. We now need to focus on the plight of the Hindus in countries like Sri Lanka and Malaysia as well. We have constituted a 15-member body to coordinate our activities across the country."

Rajeev Chauhan, who claims to have headed the student's union at Meerut's Chaudhary Charan Singh University as an ABVP leader in 2004 and now runs an organisation called Hindu Yuva Samkalp, said: "After this fruitful meeting, we now need to fan out to universities and make sure that women students adhere to a dress code. Else they would continue to be waylaid by youth of other communities."

Sri Ram Sene's Vilas Pawar, who is also a deputy to Muthalik, said: "There are leaders like Indresh in the RSS who have now taken to appeasing Muslims by launching a forum like the Rashtriya Muslim Manch. We need to resist such tendencies, and fight for the Hindu cause."

Dhananjay Desai, who heads the Mumbai-based Hindu Rashtra Sena, and was present at Muthalik's meeting, said: "I organised the attack on Star News in Mumbai in 2006 for carrying a story on a Hindu girl who had been kidnapped by a Muslim boy."

Around 12 organisations turned up for the meeting, it is learnt. These organisations go by names like Hindu Sanskriti Manch, Hindu People's Party, Dara Sena, Hindu Yuva Sena, Raudra Sena, Hindu Makkal Katchi and Abhinav Bharat Manch.

Muthalik was present in Delhi on Saturday, the first day of the two-day meeting. He returned to Bangalore on Sunday to report to the police in one of the many cases he faces in the state.

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One strong Hindu can change the thought-current of the whole world...
Hindus should have fearlessness,the first prerequisite of a spiritual life.

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