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Wary of the Indian Constitution

Wary of the Indian Constitution.

Whosoever takes oath or affirmation either of faith and allegiance or to defend or to uphold the dreaded predator and pirate Indian Constitution and law is enemy of humanity as well as enemy of one's own. Such deponent literally accepts that Aryans, nick named as Hindus by Muslims, meaning as the resident of Hindustan, thief, robber, slave, black and by Christians as barbaric invaders, who came from middle Asia, cannot have any nation. Such deponent accepts that Aryans' civilization is savage. Such deponent accepts that Vedic culture must be replaced either with Islamic or Christian culture. Such deponent accepts that Aryans' Vedic culture is caste based barbaric culture that exploits poor and low caste persons on the ground of caste. Such deponent accepts that Krishna among Aryans Gods is killer, thief, sexy, assassin and cheat. However, Jesus, who snatches manhood from his followers to reduce his followers into sheep, whose father Jehovah commands Christians to dash infants to pieces, rape women of non Christians before the eyes of the men of victim women, (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) commands Christians to slay those, who do not accept Jesus their king, (Bible, Luke 19:27), who (Jesus) came on the earth to bring fire (Bible, Luke 12:49) and sword (Bible, Matt 10:34) and who (Jesus) came on the earth to divide every Christian family (Bible, Matt 10:35)  and (Bible, Luke 12:51-53), is kind and peace loving God. Similarly, Allah, who slays (Koran 8:17), supports incest (Koran 33:37-38), owns and distributes booty (Koran, 8:1, 69 and 41) and condones rape of women (Koran 23:6) is merciful god.

Christianity and Islam is self-proclaimed enemy of non Christian nations and unbelievers. Christianity and Islam have annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation might take centuries, but once Christianity and Islam are ascendant they never fail. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct. Why would they spare any one?

Either one does not worship Allah alone (Namaz & Koran 21:98) or does not accept Jesus one's ruler (Bible, Luke 19:27), as such Christians and Muslims are religiously and constitutionally right in murdering each other, because either one does not want Jesus to be one's king or does not worship Allah alone. Nay! Christians and Muslims have been provided fundamental right to conserve their very criminal cultures vide Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution.

How the people of India adopted the Indian Constitution?

The people, who compiled the Indian Constitution, were not elected by the people of Bharat after transfer of power by Jesus. No referendum or plebiscite was ever arranged to obtain the consent of the people about the body of the Indian Constitution. Then how the people of Bharat enacted, adopted and given to themselves this manual of usurpers, murderers, rapists and secessionists?

While the Christianity and Islam have stipulated the condition for existence of humanity of being slave of either Jesus or Allah by deceit, which are in no way liberty of faith as per preamble, Aryans' Vedic culture forbids slavery, loot, rape and conversion. Its scriptures do not allow ambush and terrorism. Aryans did propagate their Buddhism around the world, but nowhere had they ruled upon aliens' territories. They did not demolish worship places and idols of aliens. They did not kill male persons and infants and did not rape women of alien faith. Their scriptures do not permit such crimes. Look! What Jews, Christians and Muslims did around the world! Jesus is fraud and enemy of Christians as well as Allah is fraud and enemy of Muslims.

The Indian Constitution has been compiled to eradicate Vedic culture, enslave one economically and religiously & get women raped either by a Muslim or by a Christian. While 'liberty' is first casualty of faith, 'Justice' is the first casualty of judiciary. Indian Constitution is predator, a pirate, and a manual of tyranny. Its Article 29(1) motivates aids, abets and harbours its Muslim and Christian mercenaries to eradicate Vedic culture through murder and mayhem. If we wish to survive, we have no choice than understanding Democracy, Islam and Christianity. They have dogmas capable of corrupting men to such an extent that their followers believe plunder, murder, rape of women and conversion sure path to paradise. Human race must note that ignorance of this deception is not tolerance. Acceptance is not compassion. Appeasement will not lead to peace any more than accommodating the suicide bombers, who have ruined world harmony. Over 1.3 billion people are slaves of Islam and over two billion people are wisdom less (Bible, Genesis 2:17) sheep slaves (Bible, Luke 19:27) of Jesus. The word Islam means submission. Allah and his Koran and Jehovah and his Bible Command Muslims and Christians obey prophet, cleric, and king. While Muslims in Islamic nations live with no liberty of thought, speech, press, or religion, the status of Christians is of sheep without wisdom! Unemployment, poverty, and despair run rampant in Islamic countries. Every aspect of a Muslim's life is controlled by Islamic despots, Islamic laws, Islamic scriptures, Islamic education, and Islamic culture. Women are treated like animals. Allah's Koran gives Muslims the liberty to incest (Koran 33:37-38), beat their wives and condones rape of any captive women (Koran 23:6). While every Muslim is indoctrinated with the same message of religious intolerance, racial hatred, and violence in Islam, Christianity is after establishing kingdom of bastard and ghost Jesus. Bible, Luke 19:27. They are being exploited by their dictators and politicians. They hear from media, from their teachers, and clerics and follow them at the cost of annihilation of human race. A collusion of influences, including lust for booty and sex has annihilated truth and shut out wisdom.

With the compilation of the dreaded predator Indian Constitution, by the Britons' Congress party, citizens of India, including Muslims and Christians, have lost their right of life and liberty of faith vides Article 29(1) and right upon their properties vides Article 39(c) since November 26, 1949. No worship place and culture can survive. [ (Bible Deut. 12:1-3) and (Koran, Bani Israel, 17:81)]. The property right, provided to the citizens vides Article 31 of the Indian Constitution, which could not be snatched even by Britons and constitution committee, was snatched through the first amendment of the Indian Constitution, by the dreaded usurper parliament in collusion with the corrupt extortionist Indian judiciary of that Democracy, whose proceedings start with the extortion of Rs. five towards 'Bhent'. (Shankari Prasad Singh Deo v UOI, AIR 1951 SC 458: 1052 SCR 89;) (Hiralal J. Kania CJ and 4 other JJs. Date decided 5-10-1951). The chastity, honour and dignity of no woman are safe. (Bible, Isaiah 13:15 and 16) (Koran 4:24; 23:6; 33:50 and 70:30). No court can sit into judgment against Bible and Koran. (AIR 1985 CALCUTTA HIGH COURT, 104).

Even election is fraud and is not for the rescue of citizens, because no voter can change either Article 29(1) or 39(c) or claim restoration of Article 31 of the Indian Constitution. Thus, one votes to decide as to who would plunder the subjects, whether Atal or Mulayam or Rahul or Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi or Mayavati? Citizens vote to agree as to under whose regimen one's properties would be usurped, one's women would be raped and one would be slain!

The ignorant Jews, Christians and Muslims do not know their prophet or their religion. They lead a life of ignorance, despair, tyranny, and mind-numbing rituals. They are kept in the dark, purposely deceived, for the benefit of clerics and kings. There is no incentive for Muslims and Christians to learn. Even if exposed to the truth, they would not reject Islam (Koran 4:89) or Jesus (Bible, Deut. 13:6-11) for fear of their lives. The Koran and Bible confirm these startling realities. Allah commanded Muslims "not to question the Koran," for those who did, he said, "discarded their religion." (Koran 5:101 and 102). They may test this fact by asking for their civil rights. They would realize that doors of heaven have already been closed for them.

Indian Constitution, Koran and Bible have been compiled to justify the most ungodly and immoral behaviour the world has ever known. One has right of private defence under section 102 and 105 of the Indian Penal Code which is still today in full force. Christians and Muslims are here to slay and rob humanity on the pretext of freedom of faith. However, no individual can exercise the rights. Aryavrt Government is here to protect you. Join us to protect humanity.


Edited, compiled, printed, published and distributed by Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi for Aryavrt Government, 77 Khera Khurd, Delhi-82 on DTP. The editor takes full responsibility and declares that the contents of this leaflet are true and correct on the basis of the Indian Constitution, Koran and Bible. Jurisdiction of legal disputes, if any, shall be Delhi. Phone; +91-9868324025/9838577815



Yours faithfully,
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