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Re: Time - is - Running - Out - Lecture - 083 : Possible Cure to our Misconceptions

Time - is - Running - Out - Lecture - 083 : Possible Cure to our Misconceptions
Dear all including victim Muslims,
Know Allah/Jesus
The Indian government gives Rs 1,000 crores (Rs 10 billion) for salaries of imams and Rs 200 crores (Rs 2 billion) as Haj subsidies, in violation of Article 27 of the Indian Constitution. But no such help is available to Brahmins and upper castes. As a result, not only the Brahmins, but also some of the other upper castes in the lower middle class are suffering in silence today, seeing the minorities slowly taking control upon the majority.

In fact, the Koran and Bible were written to justify some of the most ungodly and immoral behaviors the world has ever known.


Secular Allah boasts for being a terrorist (Koran 8:12) permits incest (Koran 33:37-38). Secular Allah claims that he deceives humanity, (Koran 9:3) assassinates humanity, (Koran 9:5) slays humanity, (Koran 8:17) dupes humanity, ambushes humanity, (Koran 9:3) robs humanity, (Koran 8:1) condones rape of women, (Koran 23:6) enslaves women, Children, and even his own worshippers, commits murder, (Koran 8:17) genocide, (Koran 8:39) sadistic tortures, terrorism, warmongering, (Koran 2:216; 8:65 and 67) etc. on the pretext that one does not worship Allah alone. Still Muslims claim that they are Seculars and free!

Moral values redefined

Government has to make laws because it cannot create people who have necessary traits which are not harmful. But in case of creator of universe named Jehovah and Allah, who could have created people with pre-programmed brains of good behaviour and stopped creation of minds dissenting with gods' own commands. Creating people of discerning minds and their after killing his own creatures (Koran 8:17) questions capabilty of being almighty. Belief in such creationism is childish and shows lower stage of evolution of brain. It proves that Prophets were high class scoundrels of their times and their deeds and dogmas are quite questionable. That is the tragedy of religious people.


In Judaism, Christianity and Islam and their followers have to relinquish their liberty, (Islam means submission), wisdom (Bible, Genesis 2:17) and manhood. Christians are sheep of Jesus. Depose faith in Jehovah (Bible, Isaiah 13:15 and 16) ravish any alien women of your choice, plunder house of any alien, capture motherland of any alien and dash to pieces infant of any alien and depose faith in Allah rape (Koran 4:24; 23:6; 33:50 and 70:30) any alien women of your choice, plunder any alien, (Koran 8:01) raid any non-Muslim land, slay any male and remain scot-free (Koran 8:39). No sooner, one accepts Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Socialism, the criminal activities of murder, plunder, incest and rape of women ceased to be considered crimes instead these crimes turn into the source of sustenance and heaven after death for these criminal Muslims, Christians and Communists.

We, Vedic Panthies, are very clear that a society or religion without moral cannot survive. We have long cherished opinion that if wealth is gone - nothing is gone. If health is gone - half is gone. However, if character and moral is gone, every thing is gone. Church succeeded in ruining Vedic culture that culminated in to loss of our moral values after 1835 A.D. Earlier, in spite of repeated robbery and genocides by Muslims Bharat was still golden bird.

Jews are directly responsible for bankruptcy of morals. Jews supported Moses and hosted Muhammad. Still this day Jews are tools and vassals of GW Bush, the President of USA, the world police. Unless Jews relinquish their Jehovah/Yahweh they have no choice than licking the feet of the new USA President OBAMA, the ex Muslim. Jews are reaping what their ancestors sown.

Jews have still time to salvage humanity. They must relinquish Jehovah/Yahweh.

Human race is on the verge of extinction like dinosaurs

Muslims and Jews must thank Vedic culture for their survival. With all his might, the so-called supreme Allah could not supersede Muslims over Christians' population. Even in Science, technology, arms and deception, Muslims are far behind than Christians. 27 Islamic countries could not defeat small Israel. How would they protect themselves from Christians? Now Muslims are scared for the US occupation upon Iraq and Afghanistan. How would they protect their Islamic countries on the face of the commands of Jesus to slay those, who do not accept Jesus their king? Bible, Luke 19:27. When Serbs usurped Muslim women, made them pregnant, they were crying and cursing Christians. How would they protect their women on the face of the command of Bible to ravish Muslim women before the eyes of Muslims? (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) The worst threat is to the women of Aryans and those dictator proletariats, who are neither Muslims nor Christians. It goes to reflect another important stupidity of Muslim and Christian women, who are breeding their own enemies as well as enemies of human race.

If Jihad is bad, how Mission is good?

Maududi insisted that non-Muslims, although free to practice their "false, man-made way," have "absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God's earth nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines." If they do, "the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life."

"The same author-who says he's a Catholic- also says he doesn't "want to hear [the] history about the Crusades, or the U.S. foreign policy crap, or . . .
comparisons [of Islam] to Christianity and Judaism."

"Thus, while wanting Muslims to explain which Koran we are reading
and which is the real Islam, he himself chooses not to explain the difference between the bible that the Crusaders and Conquistadors were reading and
the bible he has been reading, nor to convince others why his Christianity is the "real" one.

"Such a strategy not only lays upon Muslims a burden that believers in other religions refuse to bear themselves, but it also obscures the fact that the
bloodiest conflicts, like the two World Wars, have had secular, not religious roots. Even those conflicts we think of as religious can be shown to be about power and resources, not merely ideology. This is no less true of the
Crusades, than it is of the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, or Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, or even the attacks of
September 11th. We might, therefore, be better served by trying to
understand the political and economic conditions that engender conflicts and religious extremism; but this would require us to focus on the nature of our own foreign policies and also to recognize the complicity of secularism, capitalism, and liberal democracy in creating a global division of labor that, in privileging the few at the expense of the many, has provided the breeding grounds for much of modern day extremism, religious or not."

The above are the conflicting views of commenters. However, they forget the basic foundation, i.e. protection of lands, lives, ladies, liberties, and labours of the subjects, for whom the governments were invented and implemented, gets defeated. The snatching of one's belongings, which is a crime, turns into the religious duty of every follower of these criminal religions and first part of the duties of democratic and socialist governments. The followers of these religions, socialists, and democrats find no immorality in snatching one's property, one's women and killing an innocent.

Support Aryavrt Government for survival of human races.
Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
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Muhammad's Own Words

Prophet of Doom was written to expose what Islam's founder had to say
about himself, his ambition, religion, and god. Before you use or
criticize these quotes, please read this overview from the author. For
those who are serious about the study of Islam, be sure to read the
source material appendix, entitled Islam's Dark Past.

Qur'an:9:88"The Messenger and those who believe with him, strive hard
and fight with their wealth and lives in Allah's Cause."
Qur'an:9:5"Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them,
take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using
every stratagem of war."
Qur'an:9:112"The Believers fight in Allah's Cause, they slay and are
slain, kill and are killed."
Qur'an:9:29"Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender,
paying the protective tax in submission."
Ishaq:325"Muslims, fight in Allah's Cause. Stand firm and you will
prosper. Help the Prophet, obey him, give him your allegiance, and
your religion will be victorious."
Qur'an:8:39"Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah."
Qur'an:8:39"So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief
[non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the
whole world)."
Ishaq:324"He said, 'Fight them so that there is no more rebellion, and
religion, all of it, is for Allah only. Allah must have no rivals.'"
Qur'an:9:14"Fight them and Allah will punish them by your hands, lay
them low, and cover them with shame. He will help you over them."
Ishaq:300"I am fighting in Allah's service. This is piety and a good
deed. In Allah's war I do not fear as others should. For this fighting
is righteous, true, and good."
Ishaq:587"Our onslaught will not be a weak faltering affair. We shall
fight as long as we live. We will fight until you turn to Islam,
humbly seeking refuge. We will fight not caring whom we meet. We will
fight whether we destroy ancient holdings or newly gotten gains. We
have mutilated every opponent. We have driven them violently before us
at the command of Allah and Islam. We will fight until our religion is
established. And we will plunder them, for they must suffer disgrace."
Qur'an:8:65"O Prophet, urge the faithful to fight. If there are twenty
among you with determination they will vanquish two hundred; if there
are a hundred then they will slaughter a thousand unbelievers, for the
infidels are a people devoid of understanding."
Ishaq:326"Prophet exhort the believers to fight. If there are twenty
good fighters they will defeat two hundred for they are a senseless
people. They do not fight with good intentions nor for truth."
Bukhari:V4B52N63"A man whose face was covered with an iron mask came
to the Prophet and said, 'Allah's Apostle! Shall I fight or embrace
Islam first?' The Prophet said, 'Embrace Islam first and then fight.'
So he embraced Islam, and was martyred. Allah's Apostle said, 'A
Little work, but a great reward.'"
Bukhari:V4B53N386"Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, ordered us
to fight you till you worship Allah alone or pay us the Jizyah tribute
tax in submission. Our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says:
'Whoever amongst us is killed as a martyr shall go to Paradise to lead
such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever survives shall
become your master.'"
Muslim:C34B20N4668"The Messenger said: 'Anybody who equips a warrior
going to fight in the Way of Allah is like one who actually fights.
And anybody who looks after his family in his absence is also like one
who actually fights."
Qur'an:9:38"Believers, what is the matter with you, that when you are
asked to go forth and fight in Allah's Cause you cling to the earth?
Do you prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? Unless you go
forth, He will afflict and punish you with a painful doom, and put
others in your place."
Qur'an:9:123"Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find
harshness in you."
Qur'an:8:72"Those who accepted Islam and left their homes to fight in
Allah's Cause with their possessions and persons, and those who gave
(them) asylum, aid, and shelter, those who harbored them - these are
allies of one another. You are not responsible for protecting those
who embraced Islam but did not leave their homes [to fight] until they
do so." [Another translation reads:] "You are only called to protect
Muslims who fight."
Muslim:C9B1N31"I have been commanded to fight against people till they
testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and believe in me
(that) I am the Messenger and in all that I have brought."
Bukhari:V9B84N59"Whoever says this will save his property and life from me.'"
Qur'an:8:73"The unbelieving infidels are allies. Unless you (Muslims)
aid each other (fighting as one united block to make Allah's religion
victorious), there will be confusion and mischief. Those who accepted
Islam, left their homes to fight in Allah's Cause (al-Jihad), as well
as those who give them asylum, shelter, and aid - these are (all)
Believers: for them is pardon and bountiful provision (in Paradise)."
Tabari IX:69"Arabs are the most noble people in lineage, the most
prominent, and the best in deeds. We were the first to respond to the
call of the Prophet. We are Allah's helpers and the viziers of His
Messenger. We fight people until they believe in Allah. He who
believes in Allah and His Messenger has protected his life and
possessions from us. As for one who disbelieves, we will fight him
forever in the Cause of Allah. Killing him is a small matter to us."
Qur'an:48:16"Say (Muhammad) to the wandering desert Arabs who lagged
behind: 'You shall be invited to fight against a people given to war
with mighty prowess. You shall fight them until they surrender and
submit. If you obey, Allah will grant you a reward, but if you turn
back, as you did before, He will punish you with a grievous torture."
Qur'an:48:22"If the unbelieving infidels fight against you, they will
retreat. (Such has been) the practice (approved) of Allah in the past:
no change will you find in the ways of Allah."
Qur'an:47:4"When you clash with the unbelieving Infidels in battle
(fighting Jihad in Allah's Cause), smite their necks until you
overpower them, killing and wounding many of them. At length, when you
have thoroughly subdued them, bind them firmly, making (them)
captives. Thereafter either generosity or ransom (them based upon what
benefits Islam) until the war lays down its burdens. Thus are you
commanded by Allah to continue carrying out Jihad against the
unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam."
Qur'an:47:31"And We shall try you until We know those among you who
are the fighters."
Tabari VI:138"Those present at the oath of Aqabah had sworn an
allegiance to Muhammad. It was a pledge of war against all men. Allah
had permitted fighting."
Tabari VI:139"Allah had given his Messenger permission to fight by
revealing the verse 'And fight them until persecution is no more, and
religion is all for Allah.'"
Qur'an:9:19"Do you make the giving of drink to pilgrims, or the
maintenance of the Mosque, equal to those who fight in the Cause of
Allah? They are not comparable in the sight of Allah. Those who
believe, and left their homes, striving with might, fighting in
Allah's Cause with their goods and their lives, have the highest rank
in the sight of Allah."
Ishaq:550"The Muslims met them with their swords. They cut through
many arms and skulls. Only confused cries and groans could be heard
over our battle roars and snarling."
Qur'an:5:94"Believers, Allah will make a test for you in the form of a
little game in which you reach out for your lances. Any who fails this
test will have a grievous punishment."
Ishaq:578"Crushing the heads of the infidels and splitting their
skulls with sharp swords, we continually thrust and cut at the enemy.
Blood gushed from their deep wounds as the battle wore them down. We
conquered bearing the Prophet's fluttering war banner. Our cavalry was
submerged in rising dust, and our spears quivered, but by us the
Prophet gained victory."
Tabari IX:22"The Prophet continued to besiege the town, fighting them bitterly."
Tabari IX:25"By Allah, I did not come to fight for nothing. I wanted a
victory over Ta'if so that I might obtain a slave girl from them and
make her pregnant."
Tabari IX:82"The Messenger sent Khalid with an army of 400 to Harith
[a South Arabian tribe] and ordered him to invite them to Islam for
three days before he fought them. If they were to respond and submit,
he was to teach them the Book of Allah, the Sunnah of His Prophet, and
the requirements of Islam. If they should decline, then he was to
fight them."
Tabari IX:88"Abdallah Azdi came to the Messenger, embraced Islam, and
became a good Muslim. Allah's Apostle invested Azdi with the authority
over those who had surrendered and ordered him to fight the infidels
from the tribes of Yemen. Azdi left with an army by the Messenger's
command. The Muslims besieged them for a month. Then they withdrew,
setting a trap. When the Yemenites went in pursuit, Azdi was able to
inflict a heavy loss on them."
Ishaq:530"Get out of his way, you infidel unbelievers. Every good
thing goes with the Apostle. Lord, I believe in his word. We will
fight you about its interpretations as we have fought you about its
revelation with strokes that will remove heads from shoulders and make
enemies of friends."
Muslim:C9B1N29"Command For Fighting Against People So Long As They Do
Not Profess That There Is No Ilah (God) But Allah And Muhammad Is His
Messenger: When the Messenger breathed his last and Bakr was appointed
Caliph, many Arabs chose to become apostates [rejected Islam]. Abu
Bakr said: 'I will definitely fight against anyone who stops paying
the Zakat tax, for it is an obligation. I will fight against them even
to secure the cord used for hobbling the feet of a camel which they
used to pay if they withhold it now.' Allah had justified fighting
against those who refused to pay Zakat."
Muslim:C9B1N33"The Prophet said: 'I have been commanded to fight
against people till they testify there is no god but Allah, that
Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and they establish prostration
prayer, and pay Zakat. If they do it, their blood and property are
Muslim:C10B1N176"Muhammad (may peace be upon him) sent us in a raiding
party. We raided Huraqat in the morning. I caught hold of a man and he
said: 'There is no god but Allah,' but I attacked him with a spear
anyway. It once occurred to me that I should ask the Apostle about
this. The Messenger said: 'Did he profess "There is no god but Allah,"
and even then you killed him?' I said: 'He made a profession out of
the fear of the weapon I was threatening him with.' The Prophet said:
'Did you tear out his heart in order to find out whether it had
professed truly or not?'"
Muslim:C20B1N4597"The Prophet said at the conquest of Mecca: 'There is
no migration now, but only Jihad, fighting for the Cause of Islam.
When you are asked to set out on a Jihad expedition, you should
readily do so.'"
Muslim:C28B20N4628"Allah has undertaken to provide for one who leaves
his home to fight for His Cause and to affirm the truth of His word;
Allah will either admit him to Paradise or will bring him back home
with his reward and booty."
Muslim:C28B20N4629"The Messenger said: 'One who is wounded in the Way
of Allah - and Allah knows best who is wounded in His Way - will
appear on the Day of Judgment with his wound still bleeding. The color
(of its discharge) will be blood, (but) its smell will be musk.'"
Muslim:C34B20N4652-3"The Merit Of Jihad And Of Keeping Vigilance Over
The Enemy: A man came to the Holy Prophet and said: 'Who is the best
of men?' He replied: 'A man who fights staking his life and spending
his wealth in Allah's Cause.'"
Muslim:C42B20N4684"A desert Arab came to the Prophet and said:
'Messenger, one man fights for the spoils of war; another fights that
he may be remembered, and one fights that he may see his (high)
position (achieved as a result of his valor in fighting). Which of
these is fighting in the Cause of Allah?' The Messenger of Allah said:
'Who fights so that the word of Allah is exalted is fighting in the
Way of Allah.'"
Muslim:C53B20N4717"The Prophet said: 'This religion will continue to
exist, and a group of people from the Muslims will continue to fight
for its protection until the Hour is established.'"
Bukhari:V5B59N288"I witnessed a scene that was dearer to me than
anything I had ever seen. Aswad came to the Prophet while Muhammad was
urging the Muslims to fight the pagans. He said, 'We shall fight on
your right and on your left and in front of you and behind you.' I saw
the face of the Prophet getting bright with happiness, for that saying
delighted him."
Bukhari:V5B59N290"The believers who did not join the Ghazwa [Islamic
raid or invasion] and those who fought are not equal in reward."
Qur'an:2:193"Fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief) and
religion is only for Allah. But if they cease/desist, let there be no
hostility except against infidel disbelievers."
Qur'an:2:217"They question you concerning fighting in the sacred
month. Say: 'Fighting therein is a grave (matter); but to prevent
access to Allah, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque,
to expel its members, and polytheism are worse than slaughter. Nor
will they cease fighting you until they make you renegades from your
religion. If any of you turn back and die in unbelief, your works will
be lost and you will go to Hell. Surely those who believe and leave
their homes to fight in Allah's Cause have the hope of Allah's mercy."
Qur'an:2:244"Fight in Allah's Cause, and know that Allah hears and knows all."
Qur'an:2:246"He said: 'Would you refrain from fighting if fighting
were prescribed for you?' They said: 'How could we refuse to fight in
Allah's Cause?'"
Ishaq:280"The Apostle prepared for war in pursuance of Allah's command
to fight his enemies and to fight the infidels who Allah commanded him
to fight."
Qur'an:61:2"O Muslims, why say one thing and do another? Grievously
odious and hateful is it in the sight of Allah that you say that which
you do not. Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in a battle
array, as if they were a solid cemented structure."
Bukhari:V4B52N61"Allah's Apostle! We were absent from the first battle
you fought against the pagans. If Allah gives us a chance to do
battle, no doubt, He will see how bravely we fight."
Ishaq:398"Ask them for their help. Thereby make the religion of Islam
agreeable to them. And when you are resolved in the matter of religion
concerning fighting your enemy you will have the advantage."
Qur'an:3:146"How many prophets fought in Allah's Cause? With them
(fought) myriads of godly men who were slain. They never lost heart if
they met with disaster in Allah's Cause, nor did they weaken nor give
in. Allah loves those who are firm and steadfast [warriors]."
Ishaq:393"How many prophets has death in battle befallen and how many
multitudes with him? They did not show weakness toward their enemies
and were not humiliated when they suffered in the fight for Allah and
their religion. That is steadfastness. Allah loves the steadfast."
Qur'an:3:153"Behold! You ran off precipitately, climbing up the high
hill without even casting a side glance at anyone, while the Messenger
in your rear is calling you from your rear, urging you to fight. Allah
gave you one distress after another by way of requital, to teach you
not to grieve for the booty that had escaped you and for (the ill)
that had befallen you."
Qur'an:3:154"Say: 'Even if you had remained in your houses, those
ordained to be slaughtered would have gone forth to the places where
they were to slain."
Ishaq:440"Helped by the Holy Spirit we smited Muhammad's foes. The
Apostle sent a message to them with a sharp cutting sword."
Ishaq:470"We attacked them fully armed, swords in hand, cutting
through heads and skulls."
Qur'an:61:4"Surely Allah loves those who fight in His Cause."
Qur'an:61:11"Believers, shall I lead you to a bargain or trade that
will save you from a painful torment? That you believe in Allah and
His Messenger (Muhammad), and that you strive and fight in Allah's
Cause with your property and your lives: That will be best for you!"
Qur'an 61:12 "He will forgive you your sins, and admit you to Gardens
under which rivers flow, and to beautiful mansions in Eden: that is
indeed the Supreme Achievement. And another (favor) which you love:
help from Allah for a speedy victory over your enemies."
Qur'an:8:5"Your Lord ordered you out of your homes to fight for the
true cause, even though some Muslims disliked it, and were averse (to
Qur'an:24:53"They swear their strongest oaths saying that if only you
would command them. They would leave their homes (and go forth
fighting in Allah's Cause). Say: 'Swear not; Obedience is (more)
Qur'an:4:74"Let those who fight in Allah's Cause sell this world's
life for the hereafter. To him who fights in Allah's Cause, whether he
is slain or victorious, We shall give him a reward."
Qur'an:4:75"What reason have you that you should not fight in Allah's
Cause?" [Another translation says:] "What is wrong with you that you
do not fight for Allah?"
Qur'an:4:76"Those who believe fight in the Cause of Allah."
Qur'an:4:77"Have you not seen those to whom it was said: Withhold from
fighting, perform the prayer and pay the zakat. But when orders for
fighting were issued, a party of them feared men as they ought to have
feared Allah. They say: 'Our Lord, why have You ordained fighting for
us, why have You made war compulsory?'"
Qur'an:4:78"Wherever you are, death will find you, even if you are in
towers strong and high! So what is wrong with these people, that they
fail to understand these simple words?"
Qur'an:4:84"Then fight (Muhammad) in Allah's Cause. Incite the
believers to fight with you."
Qur'an:4:94"Believers, when you go abroad to fight wars in Allah's
Cause, investigate carefully, and say not to anyone who greets you:
'You are not a believer!' Coveting the chance profits of this life (so
that you may despoil him). With Allah are plenteous spoils and booty."
Qur'an:4:95"Not equal are believers who sit home and receive no hurt
and those who fight in Allah's Cause with their wealth and lives.
Allah has granted a grade higher to those who fight with their
possessions and bodies to those who sit home. Those who fight He has
distinguished with a special reward."
Qur'an:4:100"He who leaves his home in Allah's Cause finds abundant
resources and many a refuge. Should he die as a refugee for Allah and
His Messenger His reward becomes due and sure with Allah. When you
travel through the earth there is no blame on you if you curtail your
worship for fear unbelievers may attack you. In truth the disbelievers
are your enemy."
Qur'an:4:102"When you (Prophet) lead them in prayer, let some stand
with you, taking their arms with them. When they finish their
prostrations, let them take positions in the rear. And let others who
have not yet prayed come - taking all precaution, and bearing arms.
The Infidels wish, if you were negligent of your arms, to assault you
in a rush. But there is no blame on you if you put away your arms
because of the inconvenience of rain or because you are ill; but take
precaution. For the Unbelieving Infidels Allah hath prepared a
humiliating punishment."
Qur'an:4:104"And do not relent in pursuing the enemy."


Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
Phone: (+91) 9868324025/9838577815
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AsSalaam O Alaikum (Peace be always with you. AMEEN.)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Possible Cure to our Misconceptions

No Muslim is Muslim if one don't Believe on Really Authentic Hadeeth

Neither BLINDLY Reject all Hadeeths Nor BLINDLY Accept all Hadeeths

We MUST believe on Those Authentic Hadeeths, which don't contradict Quraan

Narrated By 'Abdullah bin Az-Zubair (RA): I said to my father, 'I do not hear from you any (single) narration (Hadith) of Allah's Apostle as I hear (his narrations) from so and so? " Az-Zubair (RA) replied. I was ALWAYS with him (the Prophet {saw}) and I heard him saying "Whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally) then (surely) let him occupy, his seat in Hell-fire. (Sahi-Bukhari_Vol-1_Book-3_Hadeeth-107)

Allah is One <---> Quraan is One <---> Siraat_ul_Mustaqeem is One
One Ummah <---> One Islaam <---> One Voice <---> One Worshipping Method

Ummaah is having Cancerous Decease BUT Thanks to Allah, He didn't left Un-Cure. Allah Has send us the Quraan, the only Book of Guidance in the World, to Cure all the Cancerous Decease which Ummah had faced or now facing or may face in the future.

Now it is our Duty to find the True Cure from the Quraan, the only Book of Guidance in the whole world and apply it accordingly. Sometime the Medicine may be very bitter.

Duaa for Discussing the Critical Issues:

After all we are human being and may be wrong on some point, so we need to make a very special Duaa:

O Allah! Guide us and help us. If I am wrong, O Allah! Correct me. If others are wrong, O Allah correct them. If we all are wrong, O Allah correct all of us. AMEEN.

"Rabbi Zidnee Aailmaa". (O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge). Ref: Al_Quraan_020.114 AMEEN.

"Rabbishrah Lee Sadree Wayassir Lee Amree Wahlul AAuqdatan Min Lisanee Yafqahoo Qawlee". (O my Lord! expand my breast; And ease my task for me; And loose the knot from my tongue; So they may understand what I say). Ref: Al_Quraan_020.025 – 028) AMEEN.

"Rabbana Hab Lana Min Azwajina Wathurriyyatina Qurrata aAAyunin WajjAAalna Lilmuttaqeena imamaan". (O our Lord! grant us in our wives and our offspring the joy of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous). Ref: Al_Quraan_025.074. AMEEN.

None argue concerning the revelations (Ayaat) of Allah but those who disbelieve... (Al_Quraan_040.004)

These are Very Critical BUT Essential issues to Cure our Misconceptions and we must be very careful in passing any comments. Let us make Duaa first.

TIPS to Understand the Quraan:

Before giving the reference of any Ayaat, you MUST understand some of the verses before and after that Ayaat. You need to understand the THEME and the TOPIC on which Allah wants us to understand. What is the TOPIC on which the talk going on?

When Allah says "Paradise", means "REALLY HEAVEN and not the GRAVE". BUT it could be the interpretation, which might have been twisted.

When Allah says "Hell (NAAR)", means "REALLY HELL and not the GRAVE". BUT it could be the interpretation, which might have been twisted.

When Allah says "EASY", means "REALLY EASY". BUT it could be the interpretation, which might have been twisted.

When Allah says, "CLEAR", means "CRISTAL CLEAR". BUT it could be the interpretation, which might have been twisted.

When Allah says "ANYONE", means "MUSLIMS also included". BUT it could be the interpretation, which might have been twisted.

When Allah says "AFTER", means "NEVER EVER BEFORE and nor IN-BETWEEN". BUT it could be the interpretation, which might have been twisted.

When Allah says you will get the Reward TODAY on the Day on Judgment, means "TODAY and not YESTERDAY in the GRAVE". BUT it could be the interpretation, which might have been twisted.

When Allah says "WILL BE", means "WILL BE in the FUTURE not WAS in the PAST". BUT it could be the interpretation, which might have been twisted.

Majority may not be Right:

Certainly the word has proved true of MOST of them, so they do not believe. (Al_Quraan_036:007)

Allah has Perfected Islaam:

In the Quraan Allah has told us that "… This day I have perfected your Religion for you and completed My FAVOR unto you, and have chosen for you as religion AL-ISLAAM". (Al_Quraan_005.003)

If anything is completed, does it NEED any Additions or Subtractions or Alterations? The absolute answer to this is only and only NO. Therefore any Hadeeth contradicting the Quraan, we are not supposed to accept and those are NOT Authentic Hadeeth. Since Rasool Allah (saw) already warned about the spreading of Hadeeth and how to verify them. So We all must have to follow that and a single proof should be enough for this that there are some Poor Hadeeth and we need to test all of them according to the Quraan. The Quraan is the real Authentic Source, FREE from and ERROR or CONTRADICTION.

Ali (RA) narrated, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, there is NO DOUBT that, there will be Hadeeths coming after me, claiming that I have said those. So you MUST test each and every Hadeeth from the QURAAN. If it is really according to the QURAAN only then accept it otherwise reject it. (Sanan Dar Qatni, Vol-2, Book – Imrani Abee Musa, Matba Farooqi – 513)

Before discussing the Critical Issues, Let us see what Rasool Allah (saw) will be saying about us on the Day of Judgment:

Then the Messenger will say: "O my Lord! Truly my people took this
Quraan for just foolish nonsense."

We must be very careful about our believes and we must come towards the Quraan. Every single Ayaat of the Quraan is Really Authentic and Free from Contradictions or Errors.

… We have Revealed the Book to you explaining EVERYTHING (Not Missing any thing, what we really need to understand and follow Deen), and a Guidance and Mercy and Good News for those who submit. (Al_Quraan_016.089)


We ALL are children of Adam and Eve and we ALL are Cousin Brothers and Sisters

… We have Revealed the Book to you explaining EVERYTHING (Not Missing any thing, what we really need to understand and follow Deen), and a Guidance and Mercy and Good News for those who submit. (Al_Quraan_016.089)

Here we need to understand the meaning of the following few words:

Auliyaa = Protectors or Helpers

Rafeeq = Friends

Question: Who can lead our Friday Congregational Prayer a Muslim or a Jew or Christian? Ofcourse ONLY a Muslim and NO WAY a Jew or Christian etc. can ever lead our Friday Congregational Prayer.

Think of which one is more closer, the one who is a Friend or the one which is in a marital relationship a wife. Remember that Allah allowed us to marry with women of the people of the book (i.e. True Christians or Jews Women etc.). Actually Allah allows us to have friendship and keep in contact with the people of the books. Islaam prevailed during peace not war. Remember the TREATY OF HUDAYBIYAH, after which Islaam prevailed tremendously in Makkah not before. We need positive attitudes.

This day (all) the good (Clean/Halaal) things are allowed to you; and the food (Clean/Halaal) of those who have been given the Book is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them; and the chaste women from the believers and the chaste women (True Jews or Christen Believer Women) from among those who have been given the Book before you (are lawful for you); when you have given them their dowries (Mahr), taking (them) in marriage, not fornicating nor taking them for paramours in secret; and whoever denies faith, his work indeed is of no account, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers. (Al_Quraan_005.005)

... you will certainly find the nearest in love (friendship) to those who believe (to be) those who say: We are Christians; this is because there are priests and monks among them and because they do not behave proudly. (Al_Quraan_005.082)

And when they (who call themselved Christians) hear what has been revealed to the messenger (saw) you will see their eyes overflowing with tears because of the truth that they recognize; they say: Our Lord! we believe, so write us down with the witnesses (of truth). (Al_Quraan_005.083)

O ye who believe! Choose not disbelievers for (your) auliyaa (protectors and helpers) in place of believers. Would ye give Allah a clear warrant against you? (Al_Quraan_004.144)

O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for auliyaa (protectors and helpers). They are protectors one to another. He among you who taketh them for protectors is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk. (Al_Quraan_005.051)

O ye who believe! Choose not for auliyaa (protectors and helpers) such of those who received the Scripture before you, and of the disbelievers, as make a jest and sport of your religion. But keep your duty to Allah if ye are true believers. (Al_Quraan_005.057)

Your wali (protectors and helpers) can be only Allah; and His messenger (saw) and those who believe, who establish worship and pay the poor due, and bow down (in prayer). (Al_Quraan_005.055)

Global Family:

The World is shrinking and becoming a Global Family. I found this as a KEY point in cooling down the mind of others, so always remember and keep reminding, that we are the children of Adam and Eve and we are Cousin Brothers and Cousin Sisters and we are a Global Family.

(All) people are a single nation; so Allah raised prophets as bearers of good news and as warners, and He revealed with them the Book with truth, that it might judge between people in that in which they differed; and none but the people of the book who were given it differed about it after clear arguments had come to them, revolting among themselves; so Allah has guided by His will those who believe to the truth about which they differed and Allah guides whom He pleases to the right path. (Al_Quraan_002.213)

Age of Ayesha (RA) 6 or 18+PLUS at the Time of Marriage & What Should be the Response of Ummah:

Remember: At the time of Marriage of Ayesha (RA), the age of the youngest daughter of Rasool Allah (saw) was over 6 years.

I have been asked numerous times about the Prophet's marriage with Ayesha and her age at the time. Could you please throw some light on this issue, and explain the reasons why this marriage took place at such an early age?

Yes, this question will inevitably be raised time after time, particularly with the steadily increasing attacks against Islam and against the Prophet, peace be upon him, personally. Yet there is nothing in Islam, or in the character and behavior of Muhammad, peace be upon him, God's last messenger to mankind that we need to apologize for, or feel embarrassed about. However, some discussion of his marriage to Ayesha and her age at the time of their marriage is needed in order to show that there was nothing wrong in all that.

The most commonly quoted report suggests that Ayesha was only six years of age when the Prophet, peace be upon him, proposed to her, and their actual marriage took place when she was nine (Ref: Hadeeth Sahih Bukhari, Vol-007, Book-062, Hadeeth-064,065). People tend to take this as an established fact. But when we examine this report and take into consideration all factors and related reports, we find that this report does not even stand to elementary scrutiny, then why still it is in our Book of Hadeeth like Shih Bukhari, on which, most of the Ummah Blindly Believe that every single Hadeeth in the Sahih Bukhari is Very Authentic. When will our Scholars sit down and tear-off all the Poor Hadeeths from our Authentic Book of Hadeeth like Bukhari and Muslims etc.

The first thing we have to understand is that the Arabian society at the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him, was largely illiterate, with very few people able to read and write. There was no particular calendar used for dating major events, let alone the births and deaths of people. We read for example that the Prophet, peace be upon him, was born in the year of the elephant, which was the year when an Abyssinian commander went from Yemen to Makkah at the head of a large army with the aim of destroying the Ka'abah. A large elephant marched in front of the army. Hence, the name given to the event and the year.

Reports of people's ages in Arabia at the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him, are often confused, and always uncertain. For example, the common idea of the Prophet's age at the time of his first marriage to Khadeejah is said to be 25, while she was 40. However, in the most reliable biography of the Prophet, peace be upon him, written by Ibn Hisham, which gives him that age, we have two additional reports, one putting his age at 30 and the other at 21. There is simply no way we can determine with any degree of accuracy which of the three figures indicating the Prophet's age is the correct one. Khadeejah's age is also subject to speculation with different reports saying that she was 35 and 25. One report by Ibn Abbas, the Prophet's cousin who was one of the most authoritative scholars among the Prophet's companions, says that both the Prophet, peace be upon him, and his wife were 28 at the time of their marriage. Considering that Khadeejah gave the Prophet, peace be upon him, six children, there is no way she could have been 40 at the time of their marriage, which is the most common report. She must have been much younger, and the report that she was 28 or 25 seems far more reasonable.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, did not marry anyone else while Khadeejah was alive, and he lived with her for 25 years. When she died and he was facing great pressure, a woman companion of his suggested that he should get married, so that he would have companionship and comfort at home, after a long day of preaching his message. She suggested either a virgin, Ayesha, or a previously married woman, Sawdah. The Prophet, peace be upon him, told her to go with his proposal to both of them.

The idea behind a new marriage was to give the Prophet, peace be upon him, companionship and comfort, and yet those who suggest that Ayesha was six at the time want us to believe that the woman who wanted the Prophet, peace be upon him, to get married would suggest to him a girl of 6 to marry! That is some companionship! I wonder whether she meant companionship to him or to his youngest daughter who was older than Ayesha, if we accept this report.

But then we cannot take the matter on logical factors alone. We have to have some other basis. Consider then that in Ibn Ishaq's biography of the Prophet, peace be upon him, which is the basis and most accurate of all biographies, we have a list of the early Muslims, who accepted Islam in the very early days of the Islamic message. He lists about 50 people and this list includes the names of Abu Bakr's two daughters, Asma‚ and Ayesha, adding that she was young at the time. On that list, Ayesha comes at number 20, but let us not attach any importance to this order. We will only take the fact that all these were Muslims before the message of Islam was in its fifth year, because in that year the first immigration to Abyssinia took place, when many of those included in this list were among the immigrants. So, at that time, in year 5 or earlier, Ayesha was young but old enough to be listed among people accepting a new faith. What age do we give her? Surely it cannot be said that she was 2 or 4 or 5, and still be included in such a list of illustrious names. Otherwise, all children born to the other 50 people on the list would have been mentioned. She must have been old enough to make an informed decision of the serious magnitude of changing or accepting a religion. To me, she could not have been less than 10 or 8, if people would insist on making her younger.

We now need to find out how long after that her marriage took place. Well, we know that the marriage took place after the Prophet, peace be upon him, and his companions had settled in Madinah, which means year 13 or 14 of the beginning of Islamic revelations. Simple arithmetic shows that she could not have been less than 14 when she was named to the Prophet, peace be upon him, as a possible wife, or less than 17 when he married her, with the stronger possibility that she was even older, perhaps 19.

Then someone might ask why the Prophet, peace be upon him, would marry a young woman of that age when he was 53 or 54? In order to understand such issues we need to remember that we cannot apply our own social norms to a different society, even though we live at the same time. Thus, American social norms may not be applied in Africa, Malaysia or Japan, nor can the social norms of any of these societies be applied in the other. At that time in Arabia, people did not consider age difference between man and wife to be of great significance. Take the case of Omar ibn Al-Khattab and his daughter Hafsah. When she was divorced, Omar suggested to Abu Bakr, who was at least 10 years older than him, to marry her. The age difference in that marriage, had it taken place, would have been nothing less than 30 years, and Omar thought that it would have been a great and welcome match. When Abu Bakr was slow in answering Omar's suggestion, Omar offered her to Osman, who was only a few years younger than him. But Osman had a reason for not marrying her, and then the Prophet, peace be upon him, married her. He was about the same age as Abu Bakr or slightly older. The age gap counted for nothing at the time.


"For to us will be their return; then it will be for us to call them to account." (Holy Quran 88:25-26)

What should be the Response of Ummah on such matters like the Age of Ayesha (RA) at the time of Marriage, etc.:

Remember: Rasool Allah (saw) is the Role Model for the Ummah from the start of the world to the end of the world and in this life as well as in the heaven.

Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah (saw) an EXCELLENT exemplar (Role Model) for him who hopes in Allah and the latter day and remembers Allah much. (Al_Quraan_033.021)

Also Remember: All the wives Rasool Allah (saw) are the Mothers of the Ummah.

The Prophet has a greater claim on the faithful than they have on themselves, and his wives are (as) their mothers; and the possessors of relationship have the better claim in the ordinance of Allah to inheritance, one with respect to another, than (other) believers, and (than) those who have fled (their homes), except that you do some good to your friends; this is written in the Book. (Al_Quraan_033.006)

What happend to the Ummah's Heart and why it is still acting DEAD. Why do they not Shout (YELL and SCREAM) "STOP THIS NONSENSE, WE DON'T BLINDLY BELIEVE ON EVERY HADEETH", and unitely Tear-off such type of Hadeeth. Why don't the Ummah take Guidance from the Quraan, the only book of Guidance in the whole world. Allah already mentioned in the Quraan, What should be the reaction of a TRUE MUSLIM, on such type of talks. Don't think that these are simple matters instead these come under the Boundry Limits.

Why did not the believing men and the believing women, when you heard it, think well of their own people, and say: This is an evident falsehood? (Al_Quraan_024.012)

When you received it with your tongues and spoke with your mouths what you had no knowledge of, and you deemed it an easy matter while with Allah it was grievous. (Al_Quraan_024.015)

And why did you not, when you heard it, say: It does not beseem us that we should talk of it; glory be to Thee! this is a great calumny? (Al_Quraan_024.016)

Allah admonishes you that you should not return to the like of it ever again if you are believers. (Al_Quraan_024.017)

Now, there is an Urgent Need for Scholars (Ulemaas) to sit together and remove all the Un-Authentic Hadeeth from all the book of Hadeeth before it gets too late and more and more people like Salmaan Rushdee, Irshad Manjee pointing fingers on Rasool Allah (saw) and Islaam. This also a GREAT JIHAAD.

Rasool Allah (SAW) already warned about coming of Hadeeths after him and set the CRITERIA on how to verify them, which allows us to live in the MIDDLE without extremism.

Ali (RA) narrated, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, there is NO DOUBT that, there will be Hadeeths coming after me, claiming that I have said those. So you MUST test each and every Hadeeth from the QURAAN. If it is really according to the QURAAN only then accept it otherwise reject it. (Sanan Dar Qatni, Vol-2, Book – Imrani Abee Musa, Matba Farooqi – 513)

Narrated By 'Abdullah bin Az-Zubair (RA): I said to my father, 'I do not hear from you any (single) narration (Hadith) of Allah's Apostle as I hear (his narrations) from so and so? " Az-Zubair (RA) replied. I was ALWAYS with him (the Prophet {saw}) and I heard him saying "Whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally) then (surely) let him occupy, his seat in Hell-fire. (Sahi-Bukhari_Vol-1_Book-3_Hadeeth-107)

Wives of Prophet Muhammad(saw)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had only one wife during the life time of Khadija (RA) and they lived together for around 25 years, which means He (pbuh) must be over 50 years of age while marring other women after Khadija (RA) passed away. Never more than four wifes at one time.

"Most of the wives of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were already dead when He (pbuh) passed away. They were all old except for one, either divorced or widowed or orphen women except one, who were either neglected in the society or were widows of his friends who had laid their lives for Islam.

Why Az-Zubair (RA) were NOT saying ANY single narrations:

Narrated By 'Abdullah bin Az-Zubair (RA): I said to my father, 'I do not hear from you any (single) narration (Hadith) of Allah's Apostle as I hear (his narrations) from so and so? " Az-Zubair (RA) replied. I was ALWAYS with him (the Prophet {saw}) and I heard him saying "Whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally) then (surely) let him occupy, his seat in Hell-fire. (Sahi-Bukhari_Vol-1_Book-3_Hadeeth-107)

Following Clear Ayaat – or – Allegorical Ayaat:

He sent down to you this scripture (Quraan), containing straightforward (VERY CLEAR) verses - which constitute the essence of the scripture - as well as multiple-meaning or allegorical verses. Those who harbor doubts in their hearts will pursue the multiple-meaning verses to create confusion, and to extricate a certain meaning. NONE knows the TRUE MEANING thereof except Allah and those well founded in knowledge. They say, "We believe in this - all of it comes from our Lord." Only those who possess intelligence will take heed. (Al_Quraan_003.007)

We are NOT supposed to take Allegorical Ayaat, so just FOLLOW only the CLEAR Ayaat of the Quraan and BE CAREFUL from Allegorical Ayaat.

… We have Revealed the Book to you explaining EVERYTHING (Not Missing any thing, what we really need to understand and follow Deen), and a Guidance and Mercy and Good News for those who submit. (Al_Quraan_016.089)

Making joke of Ayaat of Allah:

He hath already revealed unto you in the Scripture that, when ye hear the revelations of Allah rejected and derided, (ye) sit not with them (who disbelieve and mock) until they engage in some other conversation. Lo ! in that case (if ye stayed) ye would be like unto them. Lo! Allah will gather hypocrites and disbelievers, all together, into hell; (Al_Quraan_004.140)

We are not supposed to even sit with those people who are making joke of Ayaat of Allah till they change the Topic.

Making joke of Others:

O you who believe! Let not men laugh at other men perchance they may be better than they, nor let women (laugh) at (other) women, perchance they may be better than they; and do not find fault with your own people nor call one another by nicknames; evil is a bad name after faith, and whoever does not turn, these it is that are the unjust. (Al_Quraan_049.011)

Reciting Kalima only, is not enough:

1> In Sahi Bukharee, it is mentioned that those who recite the Kalima, will enter into heaven.

2> In Sahi Muslim, it is mentioned that those who intentionally reject (any) Salaat, he becomes a Kafir. Do you believe that to whom Rasool Allah (saw) OPENLY declared Kafir will ever go to Heaven???? These two Hadeeth is CLEAR Contradictions to Hadeeth itself.

3> In Sahi Bukharee, it is narrated by Ibn Umar: Rasool Allah (saw) said: " I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad (saw) is Allah's Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform that, then they save their lives an property from me except for Islaamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah. (Ref: Sahi Bukharee, Vol-001, Book-002, Hadeeth-024). Do you believe that with whom Rasool Allah (saw) told that he will be fighting were Muslims just because of reciting the Kalima only????

One example should be enough to shut the mouth of all BLINDLY Hadeeth Lovers.

4> Rasool Allah (saw) said to Abu Huraira (RA), go and tell all those who said from their mouth Kalima, that they will enter into Heaven. Abu Huraira went out and first meet Umar (RA), he repeated to Umar (RA), same Hadeeth. Umar (RA) beat him very hard on the chest, because of that he started crying and back to report to Rasool Allah (saw). Umar (RA) was following him. Rasool Allah (saw) asked Umar (RA), why you beat him? Umar (RA) said "don't do this, otherwise Muslim Ummah will leave practicing Islaam". Then Rasool Allah (saw) said, "OK, leave that and ask them to carry on their practice. Ref: Tafheem-Ul-Islaam page_115, by Masood Ahmed in Urdu.

In the light of above Hadeeth and principle of the Quraan, those who just recite truly the Kalima, he will enter into Heaven. BUT at the end Rasool Allah (saw) said leave that and don't tell all. It means do not publish them. Now question raises that, why it is in our book of Hadeeth, which Rasool Allah (saw) restricted to, published. Of course this is against the Authentic Sunnah, and BIDDA, and every BIDDA is destruction. This is one of the roots of the destruction of Muslim Ummah. Everywhere Muslim Ummah are getting butchered.

5> Narrated By Anas: The Prophet (saw) said," Whoever said " None has the right to be worshipped but Allah and has in his heart good (faith) equal to the weight of a barley grain will be taken out of Hell. (Sahi Bukharee, Vol-1, book-2, Hadeeth 042).

How ever the concept of the Quraan is different, "And those whose scales are light are those who lose their souls, in the hell abiding for ever". (Al_Quraan_023.103).

Here Allah is saying those that their deeds will be weighted and those whose scales will be light, they will be in the Hell forever and ever. There will be no chance to come out of it.

Rasool Allah (saw) was asked to deliver all the messages and not to hide any. It is a childish to say a Hadeeth and after the positive argument by Umar (RA), it is said don't tell all, BUT still it is in the Book of Hadeeth. These are not the Authentic Hadeeth.

Actually Human thinking is limited, and he applies the principle of Finite Mathematics, while the concept of Day of Judgment is Unlimited and is based on the principle of Infinite Mathematics. That is why Allah has CLEARLY mentioned about the passing marks, i.e. DEEDS will be scaled. Get rid of BIG Major Sins, he will forgive your small sins. Any act against the Quraan is Great Big Sin. Be careful.

Enter into Islaam Completely:

We Turn our Faces towards Kabaa during our Salaat, Hajj and Umraa etc., which is not enough:

It is NOT righteousness that ye turn your faces to the East and the West; BUT righteous is he who believeth in Allah and the Last Day and the Angles and the Scripture and the Prophets; and gives his wealth, for love of Him(Allah), to Kinsfolk and to Orphans and the Needy and the Wayfarer and to those who ask, and to set slaves free; and observes proper worship and pays the poor due. And those who keep their treaty when they make one, and the patient in tribulation and adversity and time of stress. Such are they who are SINCERE. Such are the God fearing. (Al_Quraan_002.177)

Only by obeying FEW commands of Allah while rejecting others is not enough as well:

Then is it the only part of the book you believe (practice) in, and do you reject the rest of it? But what is the reward for those among you who behave (practice) like this but disgrace in this life? And on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For Allah is not unmindful of what you do. (Al_Quraan_002.085)

It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces Towards east or West; but it is righteousness- to believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practice regular charity; to fulfill the contracts which ye have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the Allah-fearing. (Al_Quraan_002.177)

Change yourself NOW Before it gets Too LATE:

Verily Allah will never change the condition of a people until they (first) change it themselves. [Al_Quraan_013.011]

And if you turn away, Allah will exchange you for some another people, and they will not be like you. [Al_Quraan_047.038]

As for those who Divide their Religion and break up into Sects, thou hast NO part in them in the least: their affair is with Allah. He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did." [Holy Quraan 6: 159]

If you DIFFER (Faith, Salaat, Sayaam, Zakaat, etc.) in anything amongst yourself, then REFER to Allah and his Messenger, if you really believe in Allah and in the Last Day. That is better and more suitable for determinations. [Al_Quraan_004.059]

Desiring a religion other than what Allah has revealed:

O ye who believe! Whoso of you becomes a renegade from his religion, (know that in his stead) Allah will bring a people whom He loves and who love Him, humble toward believers, stern toward disbelievers, striving in the way of Allah and fearing not the blame of any blamer. Such is the grace of Allah, which He gives unto whom He will. Allah is All Embracing, All Knowing. [Al_Quraan_005.054]

If anyone desires a religion OTHER than Islaam (Submission to Allah), NEVER will it be accepted of him: and in the Hereafter he will be in the rank of those who have LOST (their selves in the hell of fire). [Al_Quraan_003.085]

… We have Revealed the Book to you explaining EVERYTHING (Not Missing any thing, what we really need to understand and follow Deen), and a Guidance and Mercy and Good News for those who submit. (Al_Quraan_016.089)

Enter into Islam whole-heartedly, and follow not the footsteps of the evil one. (Al_Quraan_002.208)

Going Out of Deen:

1> Rasool Allah (saw) said, in the end time a group of people will exist, Young and knowledge less people. They will talk sweetly, BUT they will be out of DEEN like an ARROW crosses its hunt. Their Emaan will not enter below their neck. (Ref: URDU Translation of Sahi Bukharee Vol-003, Baab-028, Hadasna-049).

2> Rasool Allah (saw) said, There will a group of people, to whom you will see, will be offering more prayers than you, Fasting more than you, Doing good deeds more than you, Reciting the Quraan more than you, BUT the Quraan will not enter below their neck. They will be out of DEEN like an ARROW crosses its hunt. (Ref: URDU Translation of Sahi Bukharee Vol-003, Baab-028, Hadasna-050).

3> Narrated by Moavia said, I know that among you there are some people, who tells those Hadeeth, which neither in the Quraan nor it is said by Rasool Allah (saw). Those people are IGNORANT (JAHIL). Thus be careful from those, which may put you astray. Because I have heard from Rasool Allah (saw) that any one lies about Rasool Allah (saw), Allah will punish him. (Ref: URDU Translation of Sahi Bukharee Vol-003, Baab-1136, Hadasna-2010).

4> Rasool Allah (saw) said: There will be some people rising from the EAST, Reciting the Quraan, BUT the Quraan will not enter below their neck. They will be out of DEEN like an ARROW goes away and they will never come back towards the DEEN till the arrow comes back by itself. There signs will be shaving their head. (Ref: URDU Translation of Sahi Bukharee Vol-003, Baab-1288, Hadasna-2407).

Majority may be Wrong:

Mostly Ummah believe that Majority of Ummah / Scholars believe on any matter, so they are right. Think of a Doctor and patients. Doctor is in very minority and Patients are in Majority. Even Sometime a Doctor may prescribe you wrong medication, after all he is a human. Let us see what Allah is saying about Majority.

And if you obey the majority of people on earth, they will lead you astray (divert) from Allah's way; they follow but conjecture and they only lie. (Al_Quraan_006.116)

Stoned to Death or 100 Lashes: It is matter of giving life NOT taking life, and a baby may be born because of this adultery (Rape):

We point on other Religions about the contradictions, What Will be your Answer?, when others will point on our Religion Islaam that we also have contradiction.

1> Punishment for Adultery is stoned to death. In the Year 2003 a Nigerian women was stoned to death on the basis of Hadeeth.

2> BUT according the Quraan it is 100 lashes, regardless of men, women, married or un-married. Please also read my article on "Responsibilities of Rasool Allah (saw)".

We are supposed to do judgment according to the Quraan & no one including Rasool Allah (saw) has right to change it. Please read my article on "Responsibilities of Rasool Allah (saw).

To understand this we need to understand the punishments for Murder or Wounds.

Punishments for Murder or other wounds:

And We prescribed to them in it that life is for life, and eye for eye, and nose for nose, and ear for ear, and tooth for tooth, and (that there is) reprisal in wounds; but he who foregoes it, it shall be an expiation for him; and whoever did not judge by what Allah revealed, those are they that are the unjust. (Al_Quraan_005.045)

In the above ayaat Allah clearly mentioned about the justified punishment i.e., is Here is life for life, and eye for eye, and nose for nose, and ear for ear, and tooth for tooth, and (that there is) reprisal in wounds. Now we need to analyze that, does Adultery fall in any of the above categories, of course NOT.

Allah prescribed us on retaliation in the matter of the slain:

O you who believe! retaliation is prescribed for you in the matter of the slain, the free for the free, and the slave for the slave, and the female for the female, but if any remission is made to any one by his (aggrieved) brother, then prosecution (for the bloodwit) should be made according to usage, and payment should be made to him in a good manner; this is an alleviation from your Lord and a mercy; so whoever exceeds the limit after this he shall have a painful chastisement. (Al_Quraan_002.178)

Even Allah told us that there is life for you in retaliation (Qisaas):

And there is life for you in (the law of) retaliation (Qisaas), O men of understanding, that you may guard yourselves. (Al_Quraan_002.179)

We need to remember that Saving a Life is like Saving the Whole World. (Ref. Al_Quraan_005.032).

So Adultery does not fall in any of the Murder case, even for which Allah told us about the law of retaliation (Qisaas).

Do justice according to the Quraan:

We have sent down to thee the Book in truth, that you may judge between people, as guided by Allah: so be not (used) as an advocate by those who betray their trust; (Al_Quraan_004.105).

But when our CLEAR SIGNS are rehearsed unto them, those who rest not their hope on their meeting with Us, say: bring us reading other than this, or change this, say: it is not for me, of my own accord, to change it: I follow Naught but what is revealed unto me (as is): if I were to disobey my Lord, I should myself fear the Penalty of a great day (to come). Say: If Allah had to willed, I should not have rehearsed it to you, nor would he have made it known to you. A whole lifetime before this have I tarried amongst you: will ye not then understand? (Al_Quraan_010.015 – 016).

And recite (and teach) what has been revealed to thee of the Book of thy Lord: none can change his words, and none wilt thou find as a refuge other than him. (Al_Quraan_018.027).

Leader of the House are Men: Women should never ever think to lead the Mix Congregational Prayer.

There are two main reason why men are Leader of the house. One Allah made men Leader over women, second men spend the money to provide sustain to women.

Men are the Leader (Manager, Maintainers, Protectors, Responsible, Taking Care) of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and (also) because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great. (Al_Quraan_004.034)

And do not covet that by which Allah has made some of you excel others; men shall have the benefit of what they earn and women shall have the benefit of what they earn; and ask Allah of His grace; surely Allah knows all things. (Al_Quraan_004.032)

Gog (Yajooj) and Magog (Majooj) coming out of the Barrier:

They said: O Zulqarnain! Surely Gog and Magog make mischief in the land. Shall we then pay you a tribute on condition that you should raise a barrier between us and them. He said: That in which my Lord has established me is better, therefore you only help me with workers, I will make a fortified barrier between you and them; Bring me blocks of iron; until when he had filled up the space between the two mountain sides, he said: Blow, until when he had made it (as) fire, he said: Bring me molten brass which I may pour over it. So they were not able to scale it nor could they make a hole in it. He said: This is a mercy from my Lord, but when the promise of my Lord comes to pass He will make it level with the ground, and the promise of my Lord is ever true. (Al_Quraan_018.094 – 098)

Here the question rises that, is the Gog and Magog are more important the coming of Imaam Mahdee, Dajjaal and Second Coming Jesus / Isaa (pbuh). Coming out of the Barrier by Gog and Magog are Clearly mentioned in the Quraan while Imaam Mahdee, Dajjaal and Second Coming Jesus / Isaa (pbuh) are not mentioned clearly and we are not supposed to go behind the Allegorical Ayaat, Ayaat which are not clear.

That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah"; but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not. (Al_Quraan_004.157)

"They killed him not, nor crucified him", does not mean that Jesus / Isaa (pbuh) will come to this world again.

Behold! Allah said: "O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall ye all return unto me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein ye dispute. (Al_Quraan_003.055)

Here Allah is saying about the Day of Resurrection NOT before, Allah will judge on the matters we dispute, So we should not waste our time in the dispute matters, instead we should obey the Clear Ayaat of the Quraan.

Jesus / Isaa (pbuh) Dead or Alive:

Please read my article "Jesus (pbuh) – Dead or Alive".

Second coming of Jesus / Isaa (pbuh) & Imaam Mehdi:

Please read my article "Great Misconceptions about Jesus's (pbuh) Return" & "Astrology – Fore-Teller – Unseen".

What will all the Prophets (pbuh) say, on the Day of Judgment, regarding our arguments?

Jesus / Isaa (pbuh) will be questioned exactly like all other prophets:

And when Allah will say (on the Day of Judgment): O Isaa son of Marium! Did you say to men, Take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah he will say: Glory be to Thee, it did not befit me that I should say what I had no right to (say); if I had said it, You would indeed have known it; You know what is in my mind, and I do not know what is in Your mind, surely You art the great Knower of the unseen things. I did not say to them aught save what You did enjoin me with: That serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord, and I was a witness of them so long as I was among them, but when You took me, You were the watcher over them, and Thou art witness of all things. (Al_Quraan_005_116 – 117)

Even Rasool Allah (saw) will be saying the same thing:

Then the Messenger will say: "O my Lord! Truly my people took this Quraan for just foolish nonsense." (Al_Quraan_025.030)

Also All Prophets (pbuh) will be saying the same thing:

One day will Allah gather the messengers together, and ask: "What was the response ye received (from men to your teaching)?" They will say: "We have no knowledge: it is You Who know in full all that is hidden." (Al_Quraan_005.109)

Obeying Allah and Rasool Allah (saw):

O ye who believe! Guard your duty to Allah, and speak words straight to the point. (Al_Quraan_033.070)

And whoso disobeys Allah and His Messenger (saw) and transgress His Limit, He will make him enter the Fire, where such will dwell for ever: his will be a shameful doom. (Al_Quraan_004.014)

Even if we sent down to them a physical book, written on paper, and they touched it with their hands, those who disbelieved would have said, "This is no more than clever magic." (Al_Quraan_006.007)

Think what never ending arguments ignorant people could have made, if the Ayaat regarding "Obey Allah and Obey his Messenger (pbuh)" were not there in the Quraan and instead only "Obey Allah", were there. Whatever Messenger (pbuh) was delivering the message and ignorant people could have passed several arguments against him and might not had accepted the Quraan. "Obey his Messenger ", is mainly for the acceptance of the Quraan. However, It is also for that time. Recall the situation of War of Uhad, where Rasool Allah (saw) said to a group of experts of Bow and Arrows that "Do not leave the place unless I tell to do so", and what happened to them upon disobeying Rasool Allah (saw). Similarly for distributing things from Bait-ul-Maal, ignorant people could have started fighting each other. So What ever Rasool Allah (saw) was giving you, you should take it, without any hesitation. Remember, Rasool Allah (saw) gave us the Quraan and we need to accept it as is, without twisting its meaning.

O you who believe! Obey Allah and Obey the Messenger and do not turn back from HIM (saw). (Al_Quraan_008.020)

Here the believers are identified to be those who were listening to the Messenger who delivers the Quraanic laws to them, as the singular pronoun anhu (from him) indicates. This confirms that Allah and His Messenger are not two separate sources of law to be obeyed; but that the source of Divine law to be obeyed is ONLY Allah and the people are able to hear these divine laws ONLY through the LIPS of His Messenger.

Surely the Hukm (Law and Judgment) is for none but Allah. (Al_Quraan_012.040).

O Messenger! Proclaim the (Message, Quraan as is) which has been sent to you from the Lord. If you didn't, you would not have fulfilled and proclaimed His Mission. And Allah will defend you from men (who mean mischief). For Allah guides not to those who reject Faith. (Al_Quraan_005.067)

Clear Proof of the Existence of Hadeeth:

(We sent them) with Clear Signs and Books of dark prophecies; and We have sent down unto thee (also) the Message; that thou may EXPLAIN (through practice i.e. Sunnah and Really Authentic Hadeeth) clearly to men what is sent for them, and that they may give thought. (Al_Quraan_016:044)

We must obey Allah as well as Rasool Allah (saw), The Quraan came to us from Rasool Allah, and it is very important to understand the Quraan as is, without twisting its meaning since it is very clear. How ever there is no doubt that Rasool Allah also explained the Quraan through practice and really authentic Hadeeth, e.g. to offer Salaat, to perform Hajj etc. Hope you already know about the War of Uhad, in which Rasool Allah (saw), asked the team of Arrow / Bow expert, not to leave your position until I {Rasool Allah (saw)} will ask to do so, and what happened when they disobeyed. Rasool Allah (saw) said many things including for that time as well as general guidance. Rasool Allah (saw) already warned about spreading of Hadeeth as follows:

Be in the MIDDLE and Categorize the Hadeeth:

Rasool Allah (SAW) already warned about coming of Hadeeths after him and set the CRITERIA on how to verify them, which allows us to live in the MIDDLE without extremism.

Ali (RA) narrated, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, there is NO DOUBT that, there will be Hadeeths coming after me, claiming that I have said those. So you MUST test each and every Hadeeth from the QURAAN. If it is really according to the QURAAN only then accept it


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