Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vary of Democracy

Vary of lethal Democracy

The right to choose is the first stipulation of the democracy, which is being denied in the guise of social justice.
The simple truth is: good democrats are seculars & bad people. Democracy converts them that way. While there are plenty of “bad” citizens who are good people, they are as impotent as bad Germans in Nazis' rule or bad Communists during Stalin’s era. The Indian Constitution defines good and bad citizens for us.
Good democrats are seculars. They take oath, defend and depose faith & allegiance in the dreaded predator Indian Constitution. They abet aid, harbour & instigate Muslims & Christians to slay non Muslims for the non-Muslims worship other gods than Allah and humanity for they do not accept Jesus their king. They extort booty from the citizens to share with President Kalam and super PM Antonia. They insure eradication of Vedic culture and rape of their women before their own eyes. They vivisect Bharat on the secular basis and still claim it unity & integrity of the nation.
The legion of commentators, who portray Islam as a religion of peace, hijacked by Muslim Mujahids, a close study shows the same a sheer nonsense. This nonsense, however, leads gullible men think that the Jihadi attacks upon you & your community are merely an Islamic reaction to Governments policy in India & in the Middle East in general, and to its allegedly pro-Hindu stance vis-a-vis the Kashmeres in particular. This apologetic view of Islam is actually fatal for human race.

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