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Re: Dear Citizens of India, If Not Now.... When

My take:

"I agree with Daniel Webster who said, "There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow. Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence. ... I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants... they may be made the dupes of designing men and become the instruments of their own undoing."  Secularism is a tool of the democracy to eradicate human race. I am not prepared to sacrifice on the altar of secularism"

The fraud of the Indian Constitution starts with the preamble quoted below,


This is fraud. The people, who compiled the Constitution, were not elected by the people of Bharat after transfer of power by Jesus. No referendum or plebiscite was arranged to obtain consent of the people about body of the Indian Constitution. Then how the people of Bharat enacted, adopted and given to themselves this guide of usurpers, murderers, rapists and cession mongers?

Christians and Muslims are fighting with full determination to annihilate Vedic Culture under sponsorship of the dreaded predator and pirate Indian Constitution. [Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution] President Pratibha, Governors, [(Articles 60 and 159 of the Indian Constitution), Judiciary and National Human Rights Commission,  

Murderers, rapists and robbers and their cultures viz. Christianity and Islam have no right to survive. Their protectors viz. the Indian Constitution must be scrapped. Aryavrt is here to do the needful.

No sooner, one accepts Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Socialism, the criminal activities of murder, plunder, incest and rape of women ceased to be considered crimes instead these crimes turn into the source of sustenance and heaven after death for these criminal democrats, Communists, Muslims, and Christians.

However, in contrast, there is Vedic Sanskriti. It grants liberty of worship of god of one's choice. (Gita 7:21). Supports one's right to property. (Manusmriti 8:308).

Thus the basic cause, i.e. protection of lands, lives, ladies, liberties, and labours of the subjects, for whom the governments were invented and implemented, gets defeated. The snatching of one's belongings, which is a crime, turns into the religious duty of every follower of these criminal religions and first part of the duties of democratic and socialist governments. The followers of these religions, socialists, and democrats find no immorality in snatching one's property, one's women, and killing an innocent.

I have got demolished Babri structure. Nay! I had submitted affidavit in the hand of thief Manmohan Singh Librhan on Jan 15, 2001. The affidavit was stolen by M.S. Librhan and is not on record. I filed writ petitions for ban of Koran in apex court, got replaced statue of Gandhi with revered Pandit Nathuram Godse on 30-01-1997. I have been discharged in criminal cases against Azaan on 26-02-2005 and Islam 04-02-2010. I am accused in Malegaon mosque blast conspiracy. For details you can read my following blogs,

Why should Allah and Jehovah survive?

Secular Allah boasts for being a terrorist (Koran 8:12) and permits incest (Koran 33:37-38). Secular Allah claims that he deceives humanity, (Koran 9:3) assassinates humanity, (Koran 9:5) slays humanity, (Koran 8:17) dupes humanity, ambushes humanity, (Koran 9:3) robs humanity, (Koran 8:1) condones rape of women, (Koran 23:6) enslaves women, Children, and even his own worshippers, commits murder, (Koran 8:17) genocide, (Koran 8:39) sadistic tortures, terrorism, warmongering, (Koran 2:216; 8:65 and 67) etc. on the pretext that one does not worship Allah alone. Still Muslims claim that they are Seculars!

Secular Allah's good Muslim becomes Jihadist i.e. crusader of Islam, a man who leaves his home, sacrificing his wealth and life, fighting in Allah's Cause. (Koran, 8:72). That cause is destroying all faiths save Islam. (Koran 8:39). Allah says they will be rewarded with stolen booty (Koran, 8:1, 69 and 41) and women to rape (Koran, 23:6) of the victim/s, if they survive or with a heavenly BROTHEL (Koran, 37:47-49 and 76:19-21) if they die. Bad Muslims, on the other hand, are peaceful. Allah calls them "hypocrites", because they are unwilling to fight. (Koran, 3:167). He even says that peaceful Muslims are "the vilest of creatures" and that hell's hottest fires await them. [Koran 16:70] If you are a peace-loving Muslim, may note, your Allah hates you. You Muslims have no shame that you submit to dreaded incest monger, (Koran 33:37-38) assassin and robber Allah. (Koran, 8:1 and 17). Look! This is secularism. Democrats say, "This is peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance!"

Good Muslims are those, who relinquished liberty in lieu of booty and sex.

One, who deposes faith in Christianity, may note that one relinquishes liberty, loses manhood to become sheep, no sooner one accepts Jesus one's saviour. The father of Jesus named Yahweh/Jehovah is scared of wisdom in man. (Bible, Genesis 2:17). This is because Yahweh is Satan. A man with wisdom would understand that the acts of murder, plunder, incest and rape preached by Jehovah/Yahweh are crimes and sins both and would not succumb as such the first condition of Judaism is that one must not have wisdom and must be ready to slay and rob non Jews and rape their women. Yahweh is brain child of Moses. Moses invented Yahweh/Jehovah to enslave the humanity and steel the possessions of the humanity. In lieu of accepting servility of Moses, the followers of Yahweh/Jehovah have been granted three incentives by Moses to conquer the world for the prosperity and propagation of his faith Judaism viz. (1)His followers would ravish women of their choice in front of the eyes of the men of victim women; (Bible, Isaiah 13:16), (2) would usurp the properties of victim and (3) slay the conquered men.

Good Christian pimp Mountbatten delivered his wife to Nehru. Got vivisected Bharat, got killed more than 35 lacs innocent persons, displaced another more than 4 crores Aryans and Muslims from their motherland, got raped women of Aryans. Detained Muslims in Bharat to get Aryans slain.

Muslims and Christians do not feel ashamed that their gods make them corrupt and immoral!

No one is safe in Democracy and chastity of no woman is safe under the dogmas of the Indian Constitution, Koran and Bible. Either woman would be raped by a Christian or by a Muslim. Rape of woman is religious incentive of Muslims (Koran 23:6) and Christians (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) both. The act is reinforced with unfettered fundamental right vides Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution.

In that light, Aryavrt wishes freeing Muslim and Christian women, who are breeders of their own enemies as well as enemies of human races, from the oppressiveness of Islam and Christianity. For by freeing them - we will free ourselves from the scourge of their terror.

Humanity is on the cross road. On one way of Vedic culture one has right to life and property. This way is advocated by Abhinav Bharat and the kingdom of Aryavrt Government. In kingdom Macaulay could not trace a single thief or beggar untill Feb 2, 1835. On the other prevailing way, Bharat has Sonia to eat flesh and drink blood of the son of man (Bible, John 6:53) and kill those, who do not accept Jesus their king (Bible, Luke 19:27).

Choice is yours.


Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
Phone: (+91) 9868324025/9838577815
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If you feel that this message be telecasted, donate us. Rush your contribution in the account of Manav Raksha Sangh Account No. 016001020168 ICICI Bank Ltd. Else keep ready for your doom. Remember! Whoever you are, you won't be able to save your properties, women, motherland, Vedic culture & even your infants. Choice is yours, whether you stick to dreaded usurper Democracy & get eradicated or survive with your rights upon your property, freedom of faith & life with dignity?
On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 10:10 AM, Mohan Gupta <> wrote:
From: Satish Oberoi <>
Thanks for your "Jagte Raho" mail. I fully support idea of "freeing " India from burden of garbage in form of self serving netas and babus. I have some observations on success of the venture. 

1. India's electoral system has been hijacked by using captive vote of 20% (Muslims 15 % +Church 5%). This is a formidable combination particularly when voting is 90 % . It is clearly combined electoral Jihad and Crusade. Indian media and EC will ensure that any alternative to counter this force is not successful.
2. Your idea to create network of citizens to oversee/watch misdeeds and create leaders will not succeed. It is like starting a new political out fit. It is bound to fail. Many people have tried and have lost deposits.
3. Your suggestions need to be taken up in stages. In the first instance we need to free India from combined onslaught of Jihad/Crusade. Political parties cannot do it as media and EC will come heavily on them. We need to create local watch groups who will not only keep a tag on misdeeds of elected leaders but also educate the people to defeat the Congress. For this purpose we need to support some other good national party. No ad hoc group can create revolution on its own.
4. I feel once we are able to get get people's support, Congress will realize that by dividing people it cannot retain power. Once we can achieve this, the people's watch groups can ensure that politicians and babus work in India's interest.
Satish Oberoi 
Sent: Sun, 21 February, 2010 18:51:45
Subject: Dear Citizens of India, If Not Now.... When

Since the Sovereignity of "WE" the People of India has been hijacked by self serving, non accountable political servant wrongly called Leaders/Netas and public servants (I.A.S Bureucears), it is now time India should have SOCIAL Watch Keepers (Samajik Chowkidars) who should shout on top of their voices "JAGATE RAHO"- Keep Awake
Country now needs social chowkidars andnot Leaders/Netas/ cononial models of IAS bureacracy 
2. Being happy does not mean every thing is perfect. It only means we have decided not to see beyond the imperfections.

3.  Vedic  Prayer to the formless and ineffable Supreme Reality Brahman

"Give us power not to become insenstive and silent spectators to social and political evils and bestow us the necassary WRATH to fight these evils (Rig Veda 1-97-8)"

Dear Sovreign Citizens of India,

If Not Now.... When?

Subject: Six decades of Independence and "We" the Sovereign Citizens of India are yet to wake up in the Heaven of Freedom and Swaraj (self rule) is no where in sight.:

The evil effects of six decades of Indian brand of Socialism, pseudo Secularism, insenstive self serving IAS bureaucracy and purchased/fixed/caste vote bank policy are largely as below.

1. India is now perceived as a highly corrupt state and a country of contrasts in various Human Development Indices. Out of subsidies, loan waivers and other government contracts and deals, over 140 Billions US dollars are alleged to be lying in Swiss Banks plus in other banks and secret places.

2. India is considered as a nearly a Failed State by the World Development Report 2009- very close to failed states like Pakistan, Afghanistan. Burma etc. From about the 6oth ranking a few years ago. it is now 78th ranking amongst sustaibale States of the world. In Asia only three States Japan, Singapore and South Korea are below 40. China is more sustainable than India. IT is HIGH Time to think about our social, civic, political and even spiritual Imperfections.  

Both internal and external terrorists and security threats are increasing and about 1000 tainted MLAs/MPs are getting elected through their fixed/purchased vote banks against almost nil in our first General Elections in 1950's. This number is increasing with every general election. 

2-A With each Pay Commission our defence forces are getting demoralised and the rusted steel frame of our IAS bureacracy is being pampered.

3. The terms like accountability, transparency and welfare have lost any significance in our democracy, political and bureaucratic culture and systems. The guiding principle is to make hay while the Sun shines.

4. It has led to over centralization and has ruined our local governments. All the urban Municipal Committees/Corporation/Councils have become weak and ineffective and some of them are even Dummy as elections are deliberatly avoided for the Councilors/Mayor. The "dog in manger" policy is clearly visible amongst political leaders and bureaucrats. Neither do any thing nor allow the People of India to do any thing in their civic, social and community welfare activities.

5. Instead of destroying old feudal culture, it has further encouraged maibaap culture and made people insensitive and silent spectators to social, moral and political evils.

6. The strong steel frame of administration of early 1950's is now fragile, highly rusted, outdated, non functional, insensitive and non transparent.

7. It has encouraged pedigree rule which is fast spreading in the centre and states of India.

8, Politics the noblest Endeavour has now become dirty and mafia politics. The industry and spiritual leaders have totally forgotten their social and national duties/responsibilities and are making no effort to make politics as a noble Endeavour.

9. It has killed healthy community life in India and has become cause of rise of fanaticism and fundamentalism in religions/sects/cults.

Many other social, moral and physical environmental ills are also attributed to India brand of socialism, secularism like political bribe from the public funds, anti national appeasement policy,  etc.The ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits in an independent India is well known to most of us

Time has come to BURY this kind of socialism before Indian states break into independent states like former USSR whose model we adopted as NEHRUVIAN Indian Brand of Socialism- cause of all our evils. By burying this all other evils will start disappearing or at least start getting diluted.

A large number of vigilant groups in India have become aware to bring social, political and social and administrative reforms in India at the earliest. They are providing common platform on Freedom, swaraj and world best available policies. Their Freedom Teams are having members who respect views of others. They know diversity of 'thought is a reality' and respect this natural diversity. However, this natural right of Free Will needs to be balanced for the prosperity and strength of the country.

Many of these groups are requesting the determined millions of soldiers to join this war of liberating India and even become Leaders in this sacred peaceful democratic war of liberation. They are all aiming at politics for secure, prosperous and fully democratic India.

One such group is Freedom Team of India. Please study carefully their objectives, strategies and dedicated activities on the following website and IF fully convinced join as Leaders and even take the commands. Kindly feel free to supplement their aims, objectives and strategies through open discussion/suggestions etc. 

Kindly forward this e-mail to millions of others who are convinced for early attainment of swaraj and Freedom in India. The existing six decades of Independence is only a prelude to self governance and freedom. Unfortunately we are just struck with Independence i.e. change of white rulers to self serving brown rulers who have found certain loopholes in our feudal culture, traditions and insensitivity and are keen to become hereditary monarchs of India/some states/zones by freely encouraging undemocratic pedigree rule in India through their purchase/fixed vote banks finding about 40 crores of rich/middle/intellectual class as not taking interest in the political activities of the country. There is an urgent need to wake up before it is too late. These 40 crores can make politics once again as the noblest Endeavour..........P.K.Sab

P.S Lately Indian brands of socialsm and secularism are proving to be anti majority religion also

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