Sunday, August 31, 2008

Re: [IndianVoice] Re: Comments to editor about Shabana Azmi

Slaves have no right. Muslims have opted for servility of Allah. Shabana may note!

Koran and Bible are compilation of commands of Allah and Jehovah. Both have to establish their kingdom in the globe through tyrant rulers. Some are telling that this war is for oil. Some are telling that USA is policing the world. But I say, this war is to eradicate Islam and establish kingdom of Jesus for his second coming to rule upon earth. I feel pity for the Muslims who are the slaves of Muhammad and SATANS as per Bible. These economic and religious slave Muslims are going to hell in graves since the advent of Islam. They would remain there till the Day of Judgment. Do they know who their tormentors are? The sheep and the religious and economic slaves of Jesus, who incidentally are their own cousins, are their tormentors. Do they know why? Because of their lust for booty and sex! So long as they believe in criminal Allah, they cannot survive. The reasons for their defeats are manifold. Muslims are less in population and inferior in war technology. Moreover people of their own faith are assisting their enemies. They must switch their faith into Vedic Panth. They have no choice.

With the compilation of the dreaded predator Indian Constitution, by the Britons' Congress party citizens of India have lost their right of life and liberty of faith vides Article 29(1) and right upon their properties vides Article 39(c) since November 26, 1949. No worship place and culture can survive. [ (Bible Deut. 12:1-3) and (Koran, Bani Israel, 17:81)]. The property right, provided to the citizens vides Article 31 of the Indian Constitution, which could not be snatched even by Britons and constitution committee was snatched through the first amendment of the Indian Constitution, by the dreaded parliament in collusion with corrupt extortionist judiciary of that Democracy, whose proceedings start with the extortion of Rs. five towards 'Bhent'. (Shankari Prasad Singh Deo v UOI, AIR 1951 SC 458: 1052 SCR 89;) (Hiralal J. Kania CJ and 4 other JJs. Date decided 5-10-1951). The chastity, honour and dignity of no woman is safe. (Bible, Isaiah 13:15 and 16) (Koran 4:24; 23:6; 33:50 and 70:30). No court can sit into judgment against Bible and Koran. (AIR 1985 CALCUTTA HIGH COURT, 104).

Even election is not for the rescue of citizens, because no voter can change either Article 29(1) or 39(c) or claim restoration of Article 31 of the Indian Constitution. Thus, one votes to decide as to who would plunder the subjects, whether Atal or Mulayam or Rahul or Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi or Mayavati? Citizens vote to agree as to under whose regimen one's properties would be usurped, one's women would be raped and one would be slain!

That is what the Christians and Muslims did so far. The rights to enslave and conquer alien lands, slay the native inhabitants, rape their women, burn, and desecrate aliens' worship places have constitutional support! I feel pity for the human race. Would the humanity survive?

Note! Aryavrt is fighting war against immoral usurper and lethal cultures. Our Bharat had several warriors, social reformers, saints and even kings. None of them fought against the root cause of human miseries viz. Christianity, Islam, Socialism, and Democracy. These cultures are invented to rob and enslave one and all. These cultures must go else human race won't survive.

Can any body dare to support our human cause? If not, how can one survive?

Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
Phone: (+91) 9868324025/9838577815
If you feel that this message be telecasted, donate us. Rush your contribution in the account of Manav Raksha Sangh Account No. 016001020168 ICICI Bank Ltd. Else keep ready for your doom. Remember! Whoever you are, you won't be able to save your properties, women, motherland, Vedic culture & even your infants. Choice is yours, whether you stick to dreaded usurper Democracy & get eradicated or survive with your rights upon your property, freedom of faith & life with dignity?

On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 8:07 AM, <> wrote:

Indian democracy unfair to Muslims: Shabana Azmi

17 Aug 2008, 0037 hrs IST,TNN

NEW DELHI: Although Muslims are safer in this country than in other parts of the world because they have a stake and space in Indian democracy, Indian democracy is unfair to Muslims, says Shabana Azmi, actor and former MP.

In an interview to a private TV channel, Azmi said, "I think there is not enough understanding of the fact that in a democracy how you treat the security of the minority must be a very important part for the success of a democracy. You can't only make token gestures and actually let them be in the state that they are as the Rajinder Sachar Committee report shows. So what happened is token gestures are made but real issues are never addressed."

Shabana Azmi said Indian politics has been unfair to Muslims and despite Indian secularism Muslims are discriminated against.

She said she couldn't buy a house in Mumbai because she was a Muslim. "I wanted to buy a flat in Bombay and it wasn't given to me because I was a Muslim and I read the same about Saif (Ali Khan). Now, I mean, if Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi cannot get a flat in Bombay because they are Muslims, then what are we talking about?"

Questioned about the Kashmir violence having a wider communal ramification elsewhere in the country at present, she said, "That's why I am so distressed over what is happening in Kashmir. For heaven's sake it should be brought to a stop and it should have been brought to a stop right when they started that nonsense."

But she agreed that it was the responsibility of the Muslim leadership to change the image of their community. "I don't think that the Muslim leadership has bothered to clear the air about what Islam actually is."

Comments to the editor

meghal patel, london, says: if she feels that indan democracy is unfare towards muslims then she can go to pakistan
[17 Aug, 2008 0136hrs IST]

Aditya, London, says: Even educated and strong muslim are talking like this, then there is no hope for them and in particular India. Indian should learn from U.K., which has significant proportion of Muslim.
[17 Aug, 2008 0152hrs IST]

A. Raj, Delhi, says: Just because a realtor or a land/flat owner refused to sell her a house she should not blame the Indian democracy being unfair towards Indian muslims. There must be something wrong with her, otherwise how is it that so many muslims are owning houses in every posh localities in Mumbai and other metros. Her remark is childish, immature and I won't hesitate to describe it as a crime against our nation. She should be made to apologise for her irresponsible statements even after enjoying all the goodies the country had offered her. She enjoyed being a member of parliament courtesy some selfish shortsighted politicians. Shame on her. Once upon a time I used to like her as an actor, now I lost all regards for her.
[17 Aug, 2008 0151hrs IST]

RN, Delhi, says: I would like to bring a fact to the notice of Madam Shabana ji, that the word "Actress" is a feminine of the word "Actor" as "Woman" is to "Man". By claiming herself to be an 'actor' instead of an 'actress' she is denying herself to be a 'Woman'.
[17 Aug, 2008 0151hrs IST]

Prasad Dudhgaonkar, Chennai, says: Utterly rubbish statements. Unexpected from somebody like Shabana Azmi. Some of the statements are provocative. Statement about present violence in Kashmir is vague and the statement about Mumbai is a blatant lie. Only sensible statement is the last one. Shabana, you have let us and our affection and our respect for you down. But remember, this very democracy will give you enough time to correct your current stance. Your expression of thoughts itself is a testimony of the fair treatment everybody gets in democratic India.
[17 Aug, 2008 0150hrs IST]

DR BUSHAN BHAN, UK, says: There you are, it had to happen from hourses mouth. Muslims not safe here. Yes, I am a Kashmiri pandit born and brought in Srinagar. Where was she when we were ethenically cleanesed. Bravo. two cheers for the madam.
[17 Aug, 2008 0150hrs IST]

Salim Ibrahim , Dubai, says: Mrs Akhtar why only you are facing problem in buying house in Mumbai. I (Muslim) had purchased a flat just a month ago. Ppl like you are spoiling the name of community for you own selfish need. ( Now u must be contesting election from some seat). For God sake plz don't drag the community. I'm very happy to be in India and would like to die as an Indian. This is the place which gave the recognition. In fact same applicable for you also. Had you been the other side of the fence no body would be knowing you either
[17 Aug, 2008 0150hrs IST]

Hindu Muslim, America, says: What the heck she means by "unfair" -in what sense? I doubt about the statement that she cant buy a house just coz she is a muslim. How can Shahrukh, Amir and Samlan buy all the property they want to in Mumbai and around India. If they can do it why cant she do it? Such statements are irresponsible and will increase communal tension, will add to it and never decrease the gap we have beween hindu and muslims. Her statement will have simple good muslims also thinking about if they are treated differently and most times people might feel she is correct, thats the way human thinking works. Look at what happened in Srinagar on Aug 15th. Are those not muslims? Who do it all the time to this country? You get what you do as a community be it Hindu or muslim.
[17 Aug, 2008 0149hrs IST]

Neo, India, says: You yourself dont know who you are. A muslim living in India or an Indian muslim ? And remember violence never leads to anything, hatred will only cultivate more hatred. Its all in your hands now, what kind of world you wish to live in.
[17 Aug, 2008 0146hrs IST]

RN, Delhi, says: I am sorry to say that for the past 61 years of Indian independence, each and every polititian has spent all the time wooing Muslims. Had this time be spent for the country, we would have been better off. I am saying so because it is a fact that muslims are better off here than even in countries where they are majority citizens and still people like you crib about your state.
[17 Aug, 2008 0144hrs IST]

Johnny, India, says: I am a minority in India being a Christian and I truly do respect and enjoy the democracy the Indian Goverment has bestowed on us. Which Islamic countries allow you such freedom???? You tell me..... Shame on educated people like you talking this. Shabana please relax and keep your opinion for yourself. JAIHIND
[17 Aug, 2008 0144hrs IST]

Yogesh, Germany, says: Just because of not owing the flat in Mumbai one cant question the state of muslims in India. We Indians dont need to explain the sacrifices made by the leaders.I can rather say its the question of ego rather than of any community. After going in to politics human beings have tendency to make a strong statement. As Shabana Azmi might be eying some position in parliament she is making such baseless statement.
[17 Aug, 2008 0159hrs IST]

Ash, Leeds, says: Shabana Azmi. There are no gestures in any democracy. There is only one thing that is rule of law which applies to any Ram, Rahim, Jasvinder or Joseph. Every person is born with head, ears, body and brain to do and achieve whatever he can with it. A state has no stake in what minorities do with their way of life and where it leads an individual to either be a terrorist or a missile man.
[17 Aug, 2008 0159hrs IST]

Sheila N, Andheri(W), Mumbai, says: Shabana: You come out of your hole only when there is a scratch on the Muslims. However, when Hindu's are dying you seem to enjoy the plush environs of your drawing room. Today is no different and you are no different from an islamic zealots, we find dime a dozen.
[17 Aug, 2008 0159hrs IST]

desi babu, USA, says: What is she talking about??? We are talking about democarcy of a country which has seen Muslim President\Vice President\Speaker\CM etc....which other islamic country has made Hindu President? ---- Is there any Islamic country who has given this post to any hindu or sikh or christan? We are talking about a country whose current President is Women and PM is Sikh.- Is there any Islamic country who has given this post to any hindu or sikh or christan? We are talking about a country who loves all Muslim stars - Saif, SRK, AAmir, Fardeen, Salman etc... We are talking about a country whose whole neclear Power statergy was in hand of muslim - Former Presidenet - Mr Kalam We are talking about a country who loves their cricket stars - Irfan, Azhar, Yosuf, Zaheer Kaif.. countless name...How many Hindus are selected in Pak team? Only one ... Daneesh Kaneera We are talking about a country who has given a shelter to a muslim women who was outcast by muslim men - "Taslima Nasrin" We are talking about a democracy whose Air Chief was Muslim - I.H. Latif (78 to 81) -- Is there any Islamic country who has given this post to any hindu or sikh or christan? We are talking about a country whose Major Gen is Muslim - Amin Naik.. Is there any Islamic country who has given this post to any hindu or sikh or christan? I cannot believe that she cannot purchase house in mumbai, may be there could be some other reasons which she is not willing to explain or hide. All other muslim actors - like SRK Aamir Fardeen Salman etc etc lives in how r they living? Are they renting some appartment or bunglow? Hard to believe..
[17 Aug, 2008 0158hrs IST]

Raj, mumbai, says: how about Shahrukh khan m dilip kumar and thousand other has flat , banglow in mumbai , how about elected MPs are muslim
[17 Aug, 2008 0158hrs IST]

V, A, says: Please stop this. Its muslim leaders job first to clear the air and what is shabana doing? How many Hindus can buy house in Muslim socienty in Mumbai, It research is done she will be shocked. Why does all muslim leader have kept mum on amarnath land row (You cant even accept land being give for temp arrangements when yatra is on.)
[17 Aug, 2008 0157hrs IST]

G. Din, India, says: Wonder what Shabana has to say about the plight of Kashmiri Pundits? They lost what they already had, and were chased out of their homeland by Muslims. She couldn't buy a flat in Mumbai; they do not ever hope to return to their home and hearth. Come back, Shabana, tell us how you feel after they chase you out of India, if ever.
[17 Aug, 2008 0156hrs IST]

Amol, UK, says: Its rubbish...if minorities are not given priority then Mr Kalam would not be the President of India. Salman, Shahrukh and saif would not be so famous as they are today. So change your thinking.
[17 Aug, 2008 0154hrs IST]

pathfinder, USA (Indian Citizen), says: It seems Shabana has no idea what she is saying.. how many secular countries have muslim majority AND true democracy.. or how many muslim countries have democracy... If Indian democracy is not fair to Muslims then it seems muslims and democracy don't go together
[17 Aug, 2008 0154hrs IST]

Indian, Mumbai, says: why is Shabana not getting a flat is a question? But regarding muslims not getting a flat is because in mumbai people buy flats in a similar cultured locality. Hindus stay together. Muslims stays together. Other religions stay together. Mingling was possible before but since the riots in mumbai everything changed. People buying a flat in mumbai must definetely know this. The situation in going worse day by day. The only solution is total forgiveness.
[17 Aug, 2008 0152hrs IST]

Concerned Indian citizen, India, says: She has convinently foregotten that the media spotlight, support and appreciation that she has received from the Indian people. And is trying to bring a petty issue and maybe a personal reason of not getting a flat as a problem with the entire country. In one stroke she has insulated the entire nation and all the people who supported and respected her.
[17 Aug, 2008 0144hrs IST]

Psharma, California, USA, says: Shabana Azmi is talking nonsense. Even the recently developed areas of Bombay have lots of muslim flat owners and new masjids. Has she ever compained about the plights Kashmiri Padits? Has she protested about the Amarnath land issue?
[17 Aug, 2008 0143hrs IST]

Viraf Mehta, Mumbai, says: Hearing such a statement from a person who has achieved so much fame in India in spite of being a Muslim, is to say the least, a betrayal.
[17 Aug, 2008 0143hrs IST]

Harshad, Mumbai, says: I think its is unfair of a person who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that India provides, and then questions the manner in which it is provided. If Shabana Azmi feels, that the Indian democracy unfair to Muslims then where has she been all these years, sleep in comfortably in her bed and making these irresponsible statements..If she feels, Indian democracy unfair to Muslims, what has she done to change it? Answer is simple ZERO, NADA, NOTHING, ZILCH... and besides no one is stopping her from leaving the country and settling in some cozy country like our dear neighbours Pakistan or the Gulf Countries for ever.. She is just a typical person, who has passed her days of prime even before the current generation had started drinking milk and wants some cheap publicity to re-live the old days..
[17 Aug, 2008 0143hrs IST]

Anthony, Charlotte, says: Shabana Azmi if just for being selfish & secure in INDIA u want to live in INDIA than u all are selfish. Go to ur muslim countries if you don,t respect country before ur religion.
[17 Aug, 2008 0142hrs IST]

Pranab K Debnath, Kolkata, says: We the Kolkatans invite Ms. Azmi to come and live with us in Kolkata. We, people from different religions, regions and social status live here in harmony and peace. After all, Mumbai is not the whole of India and what happens in Mumbai does not necessarily decide whether we are democratic or not.
[17 Aug, 2008 0141hrs IST]

Gourav Jain, bhubaneswar, says: really didnt hoped this frm someone like sabanaji's stature. this show all muslims see through the glass of islam.......if she didnt got a flat in mumbai then what has her being muslim have to do. How can She say Indian democracy is unfair to muslims Infact Indian democracy has allowed to have their own law and they are free to follow their religios believe in their own way. If she is saying about the backwardness of muslim community then who is to blame Indian democracy or Indian politicians or Muslims themselves. If muslims dont want to send their childrens to schools to get modern teaching instead they send them to madarsas to train them in principles of quran then who is to blame.sending their children to madarsa will not train them to compete in this era not it will train them in any field by which thy can ern their livelihood. sabanaji should actually go to poor muslims and she should try to make them understand that modern teaching is not againt islam instead of pointing fingers towards Indian democracy or Indian Politicians. Only Muslim community has to Introspect where they have gone wrong. And they are also not the minority community in India , they are the 2nd largest community. Their are still smaller community in India viz Christianity, Jainism,pharsis. In India their is no special provisions for any of them but still they are the most advanced communities.How come, because they have taken part in the development of the country and have not diffrenciated themself from others. Muslims should come out of their inferiority complex and should actually take part in every thing from education to politics to entreperneurial ventures and in all the way they can contribute to their nation they should. Only then they will develop. And if they will think that someone will come and give them every thing then it will never heppen because In this world One has to fight for one's own development.
[17 Aug, 2008 0141hrs IST]

nitesh, london, says: here u go............u give them everything they want but still these poeple wont stop complaining.......
[17 Aug, 2008 0140hrs IST]

rohit kumar, london,? says: If it is unfair to Muslims in India then why you do not go where it is fair to Muslims. Is the democracy is fair for Hindus in any Muslim country? India is the only country where Muslims get the best treatment as compared to other religions. Is there any country in the world that provides Huz subsidy to muslims. when a poor muslimn like abdul kalam can become a famous scientist and then president, why can not other muslims progress in their lives? Instead of listening to mullas and their stupid leaders,if they focus on getting good education for their kids atleast their coming generations will progress. Where were you when the Kashmiri muslims were protesting about the land transfer to the Shri Amarnath Ji. Where were you when innocent people were being killed in Jammu regions of the country. You in yourself are biased. You will not oppose the Kashmiri muslims with black flag on the independence day of our country and carrying the flag of Pakistan. For your kind information none of the Hindus in Jammu protest was against the country it was against the protest of the government policy where in Kashmir it is anti-Indian. They will eat, drink, live in India but sing for Pakistan. We can not tolerate such anti-nationals in our soil. You in yourself are pseudo-secular. Unfortunately, in this country whosoever abuse Hindu religion he is known as the progressive. Shame on the dual nature being followed by you pseudo-seculars.
[17 Aug, 2008 0136hrs IST]

sanjay, mumbai, says: Shabana Ajmi should stop blaming others. When u have problem at home u do not blame neighbors. The development of India is a development of different communities in India. The different caste in Hindu communities has theirs own program for community development, like schools, collages, scholarships, marriage burro, est. u look at different schools and collages in India u will find they all developed by people and not by government. Government gives only running cost of teachers, the capital cost and other sundry expenses has to be done by school. I do not see this work in Muslim community.
[17 Aug, 2008 0138hrs IST]

sunras, ca, usa, says: Mumbai is unfair to UP, and Bihar people too. What do you read out of it Ms Aazami? Indian democracy is unfair to every powerless & moneyless Indian. And it is because of MPs like you who enjoy most security and luxary and ordinary Indians gets abuse, boots and bullets. Unfairness has nothing to do with the religion, it is region and money related.
[17 Aug, 2008 0136hrs IST]


I think Shabana is right to the extent that Muslims are safer in India than in any other Islamic nation. But
when she points out discrimination, she forgets how these other Islamic nations are treating their minorities.
India's Hindu majority chose a Muslim President 3 times since Independence. Where in an Islamic nation do we have a Hindu person at high post, forget about being President or Prime Minister. If Hindus were discriminating,
India's?Bollywood won't be dominated by Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Khan and other Khans.

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