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Re: [aryasamajonline] Copy of Plaint filed against SARYARTHA PRAKASH

Dear Shri Anil Ji,
Do you know that you are fighting the symptom and not the source?
The real culprits are Democracy and the Indian Constitution.
Read the attachment. Alternate brouse
Yours faithfully,
Ayodhya Prasad Tripathi, (Press Secretary)
Aryavrt Government
77 Khera Khurd, Delhi - 110 082
Phone: (+91) 9868324025/9838577815
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On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 11:20 AM, Anil Arya/Cent.Engg/PL3 <> wrote:

nameste vimal ji,

aapne sab se pahle aapne stand ko sabke samne rakha, es ke liya aap badhai ke patre hai.

aap es ke liya sangharash kare poora arya samaj aapka sath dega.

jo bhi satyarth parkash ke liya karya kare use sabhi ko paksh pat rahit ho kar arya samaj ke hit mai sahyog dena hi chahiya.

hamari shubkamnai.

yogai sewa.

---anil arya. 9810117464

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From: []On Behalf Of Vimal Wadhawan
Sent: Saturday, April 05, 2008 7:28 PM
To: Dr.Kavita Vachaknavee;; PREMCHAND SHRIDHAR; Deen Chandora; ajay;
Cc: ACHARYASHRIDHAR PREMCHANDOFHOUSTON;; Ahilijatewarie TEWARIE; AMAR ERRY; ANUVRAT ARYA; ArunabhMD; Arya Vivek; ARYA PUTRA; Aryasamaj Gandhidham; Aryasamaj Shravah;; ARYASAMAJRELATED ARYAGLOBALCONTACT; Ashegan Pillay; ASHIS ACHARYA; ashok arya; Ashwini Kumar; AyraSamjNyVeerMukhi AryaSamjNyVeerMukhi; Brig.Chitranjan SawantNoidaIndia; Capt.DEvrattran Capt.DEvrattran; Chanderbhan Arya;; DharamveerKhanna; Dharmveer DRDharmveerof Ajmer; Dhirendra Sharma; Dr ved partap vaidik; Dr. HarishChander Drharishchander; Dr. Ravi PrakshArya Ar. Arya; DR.RAMESH GUPTAOFNJ; Ganesh p; HARISHCHANDRA; Hemant Vashi; Indrani Ramprasad Pundita; k arora;; Mukt a Chandora; Om Arora; Pandit Sahadeo Hariprasad; PREMCHAND; Prof.Rajendra Singh; Prof.Ved Sharavah Shravah; Rahul OFTANKARAPATRIKA; Rajesh mrKerala; RAMNATH SEHGAL; RAVI PRAKASH ARYA; REETASINGH; ROOPCHANDRA RAJPUT; SARVADESHIK SABHA; SATHYAVRATHA; sathyavratha; Satish Kapoor; SATISH PRAKASH; Satish C. Bhatnagar;; Shashi Tiwari; Shyam Nandan; Tikaldhari Maharaj; TILAKDHARIMAHARAJ MAHARAJSURINAM; Turooluta Vashi; VagheeshOFETAH AcharyaEatha; VD;; VIJAY KAPOOR; Virendra Arya; VIvek Arya; VIVEKSHENOY; Vishrut Arya
Subject: [aryasamajonline] Copy of Plaint filed against SARYARTHA PRAKASH

Dear Arya brothers and sisters

Sarvadeshik Sabha welcomes this challange and has girdle up the lions to fight jointly and unitedly with all might.

Shri Vimal Wadhawan Arya, Advocate and former Secretary of the Sarvadeshik Sabha has been directed by the Sabha President to initiate all that is necessary.

Copy of the plaint received from the court is enclosed for your perusal. All are requested to send their comments which are useful legally.

Persons staying in Delhi who can take up one or the other responsibility according to their capabilities may contact Shri Wadhawan at 09968357171

SAPS is shortly convening a grand meet to further the cause.

Prof. Swatanter Kumar, Secretary, SAPS 09719004451


In the Court of Sh. Satish Kumar Arora,
Civil Judge, Delhi
Civil Suit no. _______ of 2008

Amended Memo of Parties

In Re :
1. Usman Ghani
S/o Late Wali Mohammad Razaul Haq
C/o Kherunisha, T-510, Chamelion Road,
Sadar Bazar, Delhi
2. Mohammad Khalil Khan
S/o Late Sh. Abdul Aziz
R/o T-510, Chamalian Road,
Sadar Bazar, Delhi-110006
... Plaintiffs
1. Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha
3/5 Mahareshi Dayanand Bhawan
Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi
Through Its President
2. Udgeetha Prakashan Samistha
14/3/178, Goshamal Hyderabad
(Andhra Pradesh)
3. Rama Krishana Press (English)
Abid Road, Hyderabad-500001
4. Vijay Kumar Govind Ram Hansa Nand
4408, Nai Sarak, Delhi-110006
5. Prince Ofset Printers (Urdu)
1510, Pataudi House Darya Ganj,
New Delhi
6. Sarvadeshik Press (Hindi)
1488, Pataudi House Darya Ganj,
New Delhi
7. Solicitor General
Govt. of India
Supreme Court New Delhi
.... Defendants

Amended Suit for Declaration with Consequential Relief of Perpetual Injunction

1. That the plaintiffs are citizens of India they are permanent resident of Delhi. The plaintiffs are loyal to GOD. They have full faith in Mohammadam Religion. They have full respect to secular aspect of constitution of India.
2. That the plaintiff are engaged in the work or spreading religious literature to promote religious and spiritual feelings among the citizens. The plaintiffs are devoted to promote freternity and religious harmony among the all sects of Indian Communities.
2A. That the plaintiffs are Human being first, and their life is governed with certain established code of ethics professed in society as Hindu, Muslim, Christian. Budha, Sikh Jain and so on so forth.
2B. That the book Satyarath Prakash Exclusively deal in Chapter 11 to 13 against Aryavart, Charwaks, Buddhism, Jainism etc. The plaintiffs being muslim on many occasion follow Hindu ideal in larger intest of humanity as such critism and derrogatory publication as contained in Text, of SATYARATH PRAKASH are obnoxious, unwarranted and against the Spiritual attainment/ realisation of Sidha Punish in this world/universe.
3. That the defendants are publishers of a book named Satyarth Prakash @ Light of Truth written by Maharashi Dayanand Saraswati the author of this book and founder of Arya Samaj. This book is being sold on its material/ production cost and distributed free of cost to general public by the defendants. Defendents No. 3 to 6 are printer of the book.
4. That book Satyarth Prakash was written by its author Maharashi Davanand Saraswati in Sanwats 1929 Vikrami - before 135 years ago accordingly. This book was written by its author to establish vedic principals of school of religions among Hindu community. Text of this book is divided into fourteen chapters. First Ten chapters are regarding the introduction of vedic scriptures and last four chapters are criticism on the principles of other religions.
5. That in the critizim on other's book of religion author of book has used very hard, obnoxious defamatory and objectionable language. Chapter 14 is regarding critisim on the principles of Mohammad on religion. This chapter is divided into numbered paragraphs. These paragraphs are the Aayats/Verse of Holy Quaran Sharif the religious book of Mohammadan Community to which plaintiffs belong. In the criticism of paragraphs Critic Author has used very defamatory and objectionable words regarding prophate Mohammad Saheb. These paragraphs of book are very injurious to the faith and religious feelings of plaintiffs and all members of Mohammadan community and unbiased.
6. That the plaintiffs have obtained permission, opinion and direction from (i) Mufti Mohammad Mukarram Ahmad Shahi Imam Shahi Masjid Fatehpuri, Delhi, (ii) Mufti Shiya Muslik Shri Sayed Ali Taqbir Jama Masjid Kashmere Gate Delhi, (iii) Mufti Abdul Majid Alsalfi maslik ahly hadis Madarasa Darul Kitab Sadar Bazar, Delhi -110006 (iv) Mufti Mohammad Raqib Madarsa Aminia Darul Iftah Islamia, kashmeri Gate Delhi -6, to-act upon the publicity of book Satyarth Prakash @ Light of Truth. These persons are the representatives of all Mohammad on Community of whole world/muslim countries. This is the opinion of all Mufties that Publication of book should be prohibited taking recourse of court of law.
7. That objectionable substance in above mentioned paragraphs no. 143 (In English edition) corresponding para no. 145 in Hindi Edition), 159 in English Edition corresponding para 161 of Hindi Edition of Chapter 14 of Satyarth Prakas is given below :-
From para 143 of English Edition para 145 of Hindi Edition :-
143 - Why a prophet dast than hold that to be forbidden which god hath made lawful to thee, from a desire to pleaes thy wives, since God is lenient, and merciful, verily God is his protector. Happily if you put you both away, his lord is exchange will give him wives better than you, Muslims believes, devotly Penitent, obedient, observant of fasting, both know of man and virgin. (LXVI, 1,5).
Critic - If we reflect a little on the above, we shall see that God is but a servant of Mohammad to manage his affairs - internal as well as external. Two stories are told in connection, with the first worse. One is that Mohammad was exersively fond of Honey and water. (Syrup of Honey). He had many wives and one day he was delayed while taking this drink in the house of one of them. The delay rather irritated his other wives. Mohammad than swore that he would never again drink Honey and water. The second story is that one night Mohammad was to go to a particular wife of his. She was not there. Infact, she was gone to her father's house, Mohammad therefore, sanctified a female slave of his. when the wife referred to come to know of this, she become angree with prophet and made him swear that he would never do such a thing again, while he asked her to bind herself to observe secrecy, she promised not to disclose the matter to any one. But then he went to any other wife of
his and narrated the story to her. God then inspired Mohammad with this verse.
"Why dost those consider that to be forbidden which God hath made lawful?" etc. let the wise declare if ever God acts as an arbitrator of household affairs of any man. And as regards Mohammad' character. Sufficient light is thrown on it by the aforementioned stories, for how can a man who is the husband of many wives, be a either a pious man or a prophet? Again he is not partial, and therefore, sinful who, actuated by partiality, disgrace one wife and Honours another. And how can he, who not being contents with many wives, cohabits with his slaves be moral God fearing and pious some one has well said.
"the debauchcee is not afraid or ashamed, (as his turpitude)"
Even the God of these people acted as a judge deciding disputes between the prophet and his wives. Let the wises now say whether the Quran is written by God or it is the work of some ignorant, and selfish fellow. Again from the second verse it appears that when a wife of Mohammad got angree with him. God threatened her by saying that if she continued recalcitrant and Mohammad divorced her on that account. He would give him better wives, who had not had any sexual connection with any man before. Any person with a grain of sense in him understand whether these are the doings of God or of a being who is bent upon gaining his own selfish ends. These things clearly show that God said nothing of the sort, and that it was Mohammad, and not God who said anything suited to the occasion to serve his selfish purpose and attributed all these things to God. Not only us but all thoughtful men will say that (the Mohammadan) God was a procurer of wives for Mohammad. That there two store
is are the preparation of author of the book.
8. That these Store is are false and never heard by any one. The word procurer of wife is translated as Nai in Urdu.
Now paragraph No. 159 of English Edition that is para no. 161 of Hindi edition of chapter 14 of book Satyarth Prakash is given under.
159 - Verily, we have caused it to descend on the night of power. And who shall teach the what the night of power is? There is descended the angles and the spirit by permission of their Lord for every matter.
Critic - If while of Quraan was revealed in one-night, how can the assertion that a particular verse was revealed at a particular time be true? When the night is dark everybody know it to be so without being told. We have already said that there is no up and down in space, but it is said that the angels and the Holy Ghost of the Command of God come here to manage the affairs of this world. This clearly proves that God is confined to a certain place. So far the Quraan has talked about God the angels and the prophet now we have got the mention of a fourth being named the Holy Ghost. One does not know that is meant by the Holy Ghost. The fourth in on addition to the three person ages believed in by the Christian, namely, God, the son, and Holy Ghost If you (Mohammadan) argue that you do not believe these three to be God. Let it be so, but if the Holy Ghost is quite different from others. Should the other three be alleged Holy sprites. If they too are Holy spirits why is only
one particular person called Holy Ghost. Again God swear by night and day, by Horser and other animals, and by the Ouran, Surety, Swearing is not resorted to by the good.
We lay this criticism on the teachings of the Quraam before all thinking people. Let them decide for then selves as to what sort of book it is.
As for our opinion, we think that this book can neither work of God nor that of an lightened person, nor does it contain knowledge. We have pointed out some of it is many faults so that people may not be taken in and there by was to their lives. Whatever little truth it contains being in harmony with the teachings of vedas and other scientific works is acceptable to us as it is to other wise and enlightened men who one free from bigotry and religious prejudices. The rest is superstition and error. It increases the sufferings of human race by making man a beast and disturbs the peace of world by promoting war and by sowing the read of discord. Besides, the Quram is simply replete with useless repetitions. May God be merciful unto all men so that they may love one another, live together in peace and promote each others happiness.
But bear good tidings unto those who believe and do good works that they shall have gardens watered by rivers; so oft as they eat of the fruit thereof for sustenance, they shall say, this is what we have formerly eaten of; and they shall be supplied with several sorts of fruit having a mutual resemblance to one another. There shall they enjoy wives subject to no impurity, and there shall they continue for ever. (11.24).
Critic - the paradise as described in the Qoraan is in no respect batter than this word, because the same sort of things that are obtainable here are to be had there; the only exception being that men here die and are born again, whereas this is not the case with them in paradise, the women also here do not continue to live for ever, whereas in paradise they do so. We should like to know how these poor women pass their days till the day of judgement ? Of course it will be all right if the Mahammaden God extends His helping hand to them and thereby they manage to pass their days with comfort. Tut Tut! Tut! But this goes to show that the paradise of the Mohammedans justly resembles the Golok and the temple of the Gosaeens of Gokal wherein women are valued more than men. Similarly in the temple of God (paradise) women are valued and loved more than men by God. They live for ever in hearen but not men. How can this arrangement last unless God desires it? The Mohammedan God is
surely in danger of falling in love with these women! ! !
And he taught Adam the names of all things, and then proposed them to the angels, and said, "Declare unto me the names of these things if ye say truth." God said. "O Adam, tell them their names" and when he had told them their names, God said, "Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of heaven and earth and know that which ye discover, and that which ye conceal.
Critic - Could God ever deceive His angels in this way in order to impress them his Greatness? It was an act of sheer imposture on His part. No enlightened man could ever believe such a thing of God, nor would he display hauteur. Was it by these means that God, nor would he display such hauteur. Was it by these means that God wanted to display such quackery can only flourish among the savages but not among the civilized.
And when we said unto the angels, worship Adam, they all worshipped him exept Eblis (Satan), who refused, and was puffed up with pride and bacame of the number of the unbelievers.
Critic - This indicates that the Mohammedan God was not omniscient i.e., He was not cognizant of the three periods of time - the past, the present, and the future. Had he been omniscient, He would not have created Satan. Nor was God All powerful, since when Satan deliberately refused to obey Him he could do nothing against him. Now of only on infidel (Satan), could trouble God so much as to render Him helpless what will He and his votaries do when they will have to cope with millions (according to their own belief) of infidels? God increased infirmity in some and led others astray. He must have learnt such things from satan and Satan from God. "
Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. And they made their father drink wine that night: and the first born went inf and the first born went in, and lay with her father; let use make him drink wine this night also; and go thou in, and lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. Thus were both the daughter of Lot with child by their father. (XIX.32-34,36)
Critic - The vices of the Christians and others who are addicted to drink - the wicked drink that degraded men and women so much that even a father and his daughters have not escaped from being guilty of miscomputing themselves with each other-know no bounds. Good people, therefore, should not even think of drinking wine.
That the book Satyarth Prakash prohibits the study of books thoseare promoting sinful activities. In Chapter XI of book one Shlok is given from Rudrayamal Tantra about sexual inter-course with the woman of certain cast. Shlok is given in Satyarth Prakash is as under :- "Rajaswala Pushkaram Tirthan Chandali to Suyamkashi Charmkari Prayag Raj. Syadrajaki Mathuramata. Ayodhya Pukkashi Prokta. But containing such kind of substance book also involved in publicity of meaterid pleas have page No. 339 of English Edition of Light of Truth, "
10. That Govt. of India is making available the paper to publishers of book Satyarth Prakash in Urdu and concessional rates. This fact can be gathered from book of urdu edition.
11. That publication of Satyarth Prakash is likely to disturb peace and tranquility, public order. The allegation are baseless and liable to be stopped. It is written in Quraan Shari regarding revealation of it that this is the month of Ramzan to reveal in sky in one night and therefrom one angel Jibraal transit it time to time in 23 years and 4 months for all men on prophet Mohammad Sahib.
12. That book Satyarth Prakash was written by Mahrishi Dayanand Saraswati before 135 years ago at that time constitution of India was not enforced in the country. Now constitution of India provides guarantee to freedom of speech in its article 19 but with certain restrictions. Right of freedom cannot be used to defame any one, to outrage and wound the religious feelings of citizens and to disturb fraternity among the citizen. These acts are punishable under Section 295-A and 298 IPC.
13. That for last few months defendant is distributing the book Satyarth Prakash on production cost or free of cost in the area of Delhi and all over India. Plaintiffs got this book from the representatives of the defendant free of Cost in Hindi and English and in Urdu and read over the same. Plaintiffs feel that this book is, injurious, out religious and wounding to their believe and faith in their religious feelings.
14. That not only regarding Quraan Sharif but regarding Holy books of other religion also the language used by author of book is provacating anger among the communities.
15. That on 19.12.2007 plaintiffs approached and consulted with spiritual leaders of Muslim citizens their names are mentioned in para no. 6 of these present. These spiritual leaders represent whole muslim community of India and muslim peoples of all world. They have opinion and consulted that publicity of this book injurious, life being defamatory, insulting, outrageous and wounding to the religious feelings of all Mohammadans and liable to be restrain resorting the recourse of court of law.
16. That publication of Satyarth Prakash by defendant when will came to knowledge of people in Mohammadan then it can disturb the peace harmony and fraternity among the society and then loss and damage can not be calculated and compensated in the terms of money.
17. That there is prima-facie case against the defendant and in favour of plaintiffs, convenience of suit is also in favour of plaintiff.
18. That cause of action arose on 19.12.2007 when plaintiff came to know when the injurious contents of book Satyarth Prakash came to know about injurious contents of book Satyaarth Prakash to their religious faith believe and feelings and got consent from their spiritual leader to file present suit against publisher and printers defendants. Cause of action subsists continue with publicity of the book in present and future.
19. That this Hon'ble Court has jurisdiction to hear and entertain the present suit as cause of action to sue arose at Delhi within territory of this Hon'ble Court. Hon'ble Court has territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction in present case.
20. That the value of the suit for the purpose of jurisdiction and fixation of court fee is assed Rs. 130/- for relief of perpetual Injunction and Rs. 200/- the relief of declaration, on which prescribed court fee is affixed.

It is therefore before this Hon'ble Court that the suit may pleased be decreed in favour of the plaintiffs and against the defendants passing decree of :-
(i) PERPETUAL INJUNCTION:- Perpetual Injunction may pleased be passed in favour of plaintiffs and against the defendants restraining the defendants from publishing-printing, distributing the book Satyarth Prahash @ Light of Truth or in any other name.
(11) Declaration :- Declaring that publication, printing, distribution of book Satyarth Prakash is injurious to the religious faith and feelings of Mohammadan Community having objectionable comments on Prophet-Mohammed Sahib.
Any other further relief may pleased be granted to the plaintiffs for which they may pleased be deemed worthy off.
In the interest of justice.


I, the above named plaintiff, do hereby verify that the contents of paras No, 1 to 17 of the plaint are true to my knowledge and para No. 18 to 20 are correct on information received and believed to be true. Last para is the prayer of the Hon'ble Court.
Verified at Delhi on 16th day of Jan., 2008.


"Dr.Kavita Vachaknavee" < kvachaknavee@ <>> wrote: Namaste

pichhale kuchh din se Satyaarth Prakaash ke viruddh dayar kiye gaye case ki baat chal rahi hai. shayad bahut se logon ko ashcharya na ho ki yah jo case kiya gaya hai vah Agnivesh ji ne karvaya hai,aisa adhikansh aarya samaj ke vidvan ,karyakrataaon va anya logon ka man na hai.

pareshan hone ki bahut jaroorat nahin lagti hai, kyonki aisi kucheshtaon ka virodh karne vale asankhya aarya abhi Bharat desh mein hain aur ve chup chaap apna kaary kar rahe hain. kuchh aur bhi kanooni cheejein hain jinka abhi sarvajanik roop se khulasa karna uchit nahin jaan padta. vaise aarya samaj ke sabhi sammanit vidvan aur ganmanya log is disha mein jute hain,sahayogi apni sevaein dena chahte hain, islie satya ko ek jut ho kar rahan hi chhiye.

- K.V.

"Brig Chitranjan Sawant,VSM" < upvanom@yahoo. <> com> wrote:
Namaste Arya Vrind.
Well, a plaint 8is filed in a Delhi court asking for a permanent injunction against publishing the Satyarth Prakash. I think that Ajay Ji, who is a co-defendant in the case, may please make a copy of the plaint available to those Arya Samajists who are prepared to contest the case in the court of law. Thereafter, we may invite Arya legal luminaries to volunteer to contest the case. A Delhi based lawyer may be an asset. Thereafter, we put forward legal pleas in consultation with other Defendants so that interests of like-minded people do not clash.
I take this opportunity to volunteer to plead in the concerned courts of law on behalf of the followers of the Vedic Dharm as enunciated by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. May I mention that I am a qualified Advocate registered as such with the Bar Council of Delhi. It needs no underscoring that I shall plead our case sans a legal fee.
Suggestions on legal issues are most welcome.
Brigadier (Retd) Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

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