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Democracy invented to eradicate Vedic culture

Reply to Shri Devinder Thakur . His letter is in the bottom for perusal
Dear SDT,
My heartiest blessings!
I am fighting a cultural war. At the moment, therefore, I am replying every comment. Carefully note! Unlike Gita, giving human race, freedom of faith, (see 7:21), Allah to a Muslim, including Kalam, commands to eradicate all non Muslims nations and their cultures. (Koran, 2:191-194 & 8:39). Ghost & bastard Jesus commands Christians to slay those who do not accept Jesus their ruler. (Bible 19:27). Pope & his Missionaries must be shot dead as per the commands of Jehovah. (Bible, Deut. 13:6-11) that a Muslim is no more Muslim, rather has no right of life, if s/he tolerates other faiths or other kingdoms. There is death penalty for renegades. (Koran 4:89). (Bible 19:27). Moreover, both have been given unfettered fundamental right to slay us. [ Indian Constitution Art 29(1)]
It is true that they (President Kalam & super PM Antonia Maino) have been allotted their duty to do. Nay! They (President Kalam & super PM Antonia Maino) have taken oath to do their duty. That duty is to help minorities conserve the cultures of genocide, plunder and rape of women. [ Indian Constitution Art 29(1)].
My quotations from Bible, Koran & the Indian Constitution horrify you. However, you fail to question Kalam, Antonia, Hurriat, Hammas, Hezbollah, judges, Communists, Democrats, Muslims and Christians. They cannot blame me, instead they have to blame their democracy, their faiths, their Allah, their Jehovah, their clergy and their leaders, who purposely deceived them and are still deceiving them. If they still do not relinquish their criminal and immoral faiths, they are left without any excuse. They must note that Marx, Allah and Jehovah are their own enemies. They have initiated war against humanity and even against Muslims and Christians since their inception.
Muslims & Jews may note! Vedic culture is their Buffer. They are alive because Vedic culture could not be eradicated. No sooner Vedic culture would be eradicated their Allah & Islam would be eradicated by Christians within short time. Muslims and Christians may relinquish their criminal faiths if they wish to protect human race. Aryavrt Government has been founded to protect moral values & human race. Support Aryavrt Government & join Vedic Panth if you wish to survive with honour & dignity. You have no choice.
Who am I to tell them thief, man eater, Kasai etc.? These are the verses of Bible and Koran. Why don't you question these books, which have been beyond judicial purview? Look! There is judgment of a judge. (AIR, Calcutta, 1985, page 104). And note! Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Who would stop Kalam & Antonia Maino from inflicting doom?

Whether their religions Islam & Christianity? Their religions give them salvation in lieu of genocide of human races. (Koran 8:39) & (Bible, Luke 19:27).
Whether the society? She has voted Kalam & Antonia Maino to rule!
Whether the police? She is duty bound to protect Kalam & Antonia Maino!!
Whether the judge? The judge has taken oath of faith & allegiance to uphold the Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution & law fabricated by Antonia Maino and Congress of Christians!!!
You are on cross road & have no choice. You are given an Indian Constitution to ensure your Genocide & eradication of Vedic culture. ARYAVRT wishes to get you rid of it. Are you willing to face challenge?
Our Vedic culture, our Bharat and our women are in unprecedented danger due to the presence of Antonia Maino. Apex court that has taken Zahira case suo motu must act.

Judge them against their performance?
Albeit, if it does not horrify you. Self proclaimed ISI agent Abdullah Bukhari was set free during the tenure of Kalam, Advani & Atal. Law could not take its course. MS Rohilla, MM Tis Hazari resigned for issuing NBW against Bukhari. No Muslim or Christian could be arrested for hounding Kashmere Hindus and Riyangs of Mizoram from J&K and Mizoram. Law could not take its course. Muslims & Christians are usurping the victims' properties in full knowledge of Antonia & Kalam both. Law could not take its course. However no sooner the victims were Zahira & Bilkis, apex court chief justices VN Khare & RC Lahoti took their cases suo motu during the tenure of very Kalam and Antonia. Moreover Apex court’s chief Justice V.N. Khare had warned the Gujrat Govt. that he cannot remain a silent spectator to its in action in Best Bakery case. Khare had also said to Modi, “you have to protect people and punish the quit if you can’t prosecute the guilty." Could this apex court indict Nagaland, Mizoram, and Kashmir Govts and ask their CMs to quit? The Judiciary did not act. Law could not take its course.
May the apex court note! The people of these states have been hounded out from their motherland and languishing in refugee camps in their own mother land ie for less than what has been in Gujrat!
The very Kalam, who remained silent spectator in cases of Aryans, says in Afzal case that law would take its course.
How great?
Muslims & Christians do not feel ashamed that their gods make them corrupt & immoral!
I feel pity for human ignorance. Peace is taboo in Islam. Allah commands, (Koran 2:216) “Fight until persecution, which is worse than slaughter, (Koran, 2:191) is no more and religion is all for Allah.” (Koran 8:39). Thus, Islam, camouflaged as secular, is a religion of the sword with the blade forever at the throat of every unbeliever. Those Muslims, who did not adopt crusade (Jihad) and observed peace have been consigned by Allah to their grave hell, since the inception of Islam. They would bear the punishment till Qayamat i.e the Day of Judgment. However, those who plundered, murdered, raped women of non-Muslims, became Ghazi if survived and secured instant supreme heaven (Firdaus) if slain. Allah is fraud. Allah promises heaven but consigns Muslims in hell till The Day of Judgment.
Allah's good Muslim is a Jihadist i.e. crusader of Islam, a man who leaves his home, sacrificing his wealth and life, fighting in Allah’s Cause. (Koran, 8:72). That cause is destroying all faiths save Islam. Look! This is secularism. Allah says they will be rewarded with stolen booty (Koran, 8:1 & 41) & women to rape (Koran, 23:6) if they survive or with a heavenly BROTHEL (Koran, 37:47-49 & 76:19-21) if they die. Bad Muslims, on the other hand, are peaceful. Allah calls them “hypocrites” because they are unwilling to fight. (Koran, 3:167). He even says that peaceful Muslims are “the vilest of creatures” and that hell’s hottest fires await them. If you are a peace-loving Muslim, may note, your Allah hates you. You Muslims have no shame that you submit to dreaded assassin & robber Allah. (Koran, 8:1 & 17)
Good Muslims are those, who read Islam’s scriptures the guide of criminals named secular Koran & secular Hadith, planned, funded, staffed, executed, and celebrated the terrorist attacks of 9th September, 2001 upon World Trade Centre. They proudly told the world about their plan — terrorize the human beings into submission. (Koran, 8:12 & 13) Muslims boldly proclaimed why they were going to do it—for the eradication of non-Islamic faiths. (Koran, 8:39) Muslims even told us who good Muslims were? But, Kafir non-Muslims ignored their announcements.
Similarly, Jesus is a ghost fabricated by Christian rulers to rule upon the world. In Bible, Jesus himself commands his sheep, “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them bring them here and kill them in front of me.” Bible, Luke 19:27. Jesus further says in Bible, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." (Bible, Matt 10:34). & that he has come on the earth to bring fire. (Bible, Luke 12:49).
One, who deposes faith in Christianity, may note that one loses manhood to become sheep no sooner one accepts Jesus one's saviour. The father of Jesus named Yahweh/Jehovah is scared of wisdom in man. (Bible, Genesis 2:17). This is because Yahweh is Satan. A man with wisdom would understand that these acts of murder, plunder & rape are crimes & sins both and would not succumb as such the first condition of Judaism is that one must not have wisdom and must be ready to slay & rob non Jews & rape their women. Yahweh is brain child of Moses. Moses invented Yahweh/Jehovah to enslave the humanity & steel the possessions of the humanity. In lieu of accepting servility of Moses, the followers of Yahweh/Jehovah have been granted three incentives by Moses to conquer the world for the prosperity & propagation of his faith Judaism viz. (1)His followers would ravish women of their choice in front of the eyes of the men of victim women; (Bible, Isaiah 13:16), (2) would usurp the properties of victim & slay the conquered men (Bible Deut. 20:14) and (3) would demolish their worship places. (Bible Deut. 12:1-3) Moses died and left his dogmas behind towards legacy for Jews. Jews became victims of their own dogmas invented by Moses and a new prophet Jesus was invented to rule upon the world of sheep, who willingly relinquished manhood in lieu of booty & sex. The quality of sheep is that it follows without applying mind. If first sheep would fall, all would fall in well. Ultimately last prophet Muhammad was born. He was illiterate. Satan Allah could not create a better messenger.
Our legacy of past and reality of present Muslims and Christians are detained here, in Bharat, to eradicate human race. Protect yourself from these vultures.

On 5/4/07, Devinder Thakur wrote:
Pujiya Shriman Tripathi Ji,

You are doing a grand job and we all admire and love your good work for the benefit of the Hindu Rashtra.and we respect you for it. All I pointed out to you was that Mr Kalam the President of India and Mrs Sonia Gandhi the President of the Congress Party, neither of them is there to preach Islam or Christianity or convert but to do a job of work.that they have been chosen to do Before them were Shri Atal Behari Vaijpayee Ji and Shree L K Advani Ji. They were there as very tall political figures and not as preachers of Hindu Religion. We may not agree with the appointments of these people on these exalted positions but nevertheless we should accept them and judge them against their performance of the duties they were appointed to do. And not on their religion or political complexion..

Any personal attacks like " a rapist of our women" or "a man eating thief Italian Maino" refelcts badly on the one who abuses rather than the one abused. To make such statements is not only uncivilised but tentamounts to spreading paranoia of hate and intolerance.. Muslims and Christians are a legacy of our past.and a reality of our present. They are living in our country because we are letting them live and they know it.. How we deal with this sizeable minority community in our midst will largely depend on our own political maturity and our statesmanship and not by behaving like Hindu Talibans. Look at what happened to the Talibans in Afghanistan. Did the world tolerate them. The straight answer is No. No extreme philosophy will last for long. Human beings will have to learn to live together in peace. Look at the European Union the amalgam of eternally feuding nations..


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