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Re: Hare Krishna M.M & FAQ-38:Is it true that women are forbidden from reading certain Slokas and scriptures that sing...?

My take:
Do you know Gargi? She defeated Yagyavalkya in Shastrarth.
Again do you know Shudras Valmiki and Vyas?
Then why this propaganda?

Un touch ability

A syringe of half MM causes infection and refusing eating in 300 MM plate attracts crime vides Article 17 of the Indian Constitution. I have a question. Can you eat with your hand without washing it after toilet? Do you know the consequence? In absence of cleanliness Red Indians were devoured through Christians' created epidemics like plague, small pox etc. These epidemics were injected in India too during British rule. However, due to Aryans' long cherished cleanliness habits, Aryans survived. Now, when these epidemics would be injected now, it would devour Aryans easily. This is the worst contribution of Pakpita Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Observing cleanliness attracts hatred between lower class and upper class, however, commands of genocide by Jesus and Allah do not attract hatred in the very lower class!

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Radhe Krishna To All,

Good morning to all of u and have a divine blessed day ahead…..

"The path of Bhakti Yoga is enjoined for the age of Kali. Bhakti Yoga is an easy path. If you sing His names and glories, and pray to Him longingly from the core of your heart, you will attain Bhagavan ¬ there is no doubt about it"

Is it true that women are forbidden from reading certain Slokas and scriptures that sing the praise of the Lord? For eg., I am told that Adi Sankara's Sivananda Lahari is not to be recited by women.

Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji:

There are 72000 'naadi' (nerves) in the human body. A mantra, when chanted as an 'upasana',(Meditation) can cause an excitation in these nerves.

In God's creation, Men and women are equal in all respects. However, women undergo phases in life like pregnancy, child-birth etc. In addition, they are, by nature, more soft and tender, which makes them more loving and affectionate. So they may not be able to bear such excitations, whereas, it can be borne by someone who has renounced the worldly life.

However, there is no harm when these mantras are not chanted as an 'upasana'.

Beyond this logic, there does not seem to be any other reasons

Regards & Chant
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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